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Ideaing has one mission - to help you live smarter. Our team is passionate about smart technology like nobody else on this planet and over the past 15 years our founders have been so obsessed with technology and shopping, having previously created successful businesses to help consumers save money and make smart buying decisions. From smart shopping to smart living, a lifestyle that incorporates ‘smart’ is the DNA that fuels

Ideaing’s content have been featured across the internet on some of the most well known sites such as,, and many others, as well as been referenced and featured at some of the most prestigious learning institutions in the world like Stanford and Harvard.

At Ideaing, we rely on smart technology to take care of our families, organize our everyday activities, accomplish more each day, and live richer and increasingly satisfying lives. Smart technology gives us security, confidence, and balance - Security for our families, confidence in the value of our home, and balance between work and family. We’re committed to sharing the gift of smart technology with the world by introducing consumers to smart products, breaking down the tech talk and explaining functionalities in terms everyone can understand, and giving you a one-stop shop to learn and purchase the products you need to cultivate a more enjoyable life.

Why should you care about smart technology? It’s simple: Smart technology takes care of your mundane everyday tasks allowing you to focus your energy on living a more enriched and fulfilling life. By automating and allowing you to customize your manual tasks, smart technology grants you the invaluable gifts of increased time and freedom to place your energy into what matters most to you... whatever that may be.

Smart technology is here to stay, and it’s only becoming more mainstream. It’s not science fiction and it’s not even that new. Increasingly advanced technology has been around and evolving for decades but only now is it beginning to become available for mainstream use. Just like there was once a time when you had to get up and manually change the channels or volume on your television, in a few years you’ll look back at your time before incorporating smart technology into your life and laugh that you once you didn’t control your lights or fridge from your smartphone, hands, or voice.

We don’t believe in just providing product specs, we pride ourselves in providing solutions. Our team researches and thoroughly tests the smart products we showcase from straight out of the box setup and install guides to inspirational alternative product ideas. We’re dedicated to showing you the benefits of using and incorporating smart technology into your life. We’re not just writing to write or selling to sell, we ‘idea’ by creatively exploring what these revolutionary products can do for our lifestyles. And when you’re ready to buy, we steer you in the right direction, promoting only the lowest prices on smart products, be that from our own store or from our partners. From smart home devices and entertainment electronics to wearables and travel gadgets, we only recommend and sell products we’d recommend to our friends and family.

It is our pleasure to help and inform you on all the latest and greatest smart technology. If there is anything we can do better or any questions you have of us, please do not hesitate to contact us at any time.

Thai Than Nguyen

I’ve been a technology addict since I was 6 years old. I grew up when the original PC & Mac was the peak of its time. Technology has evolved since. Today, technology is smarter and I want to show you why I love smart technology. I use smart technology for virtually everything. From work, to play and from home to travel. It helps me. I perform better. I work more efficiently. It makes my life more convenient. It’s the way of life. My life. Ideaing was founded from these principals and I hope you’ll embrace & incorporate smart technology to your life. We’re here to help. Reach out to me directly on Twitter or our Contact form.

Dr. Anh Ngo, MD
Investor and Board

Clear. Simple. Easy. This is how Smart Tech makes my life. As an early adopter since the 1990’s, I am an avid advocate for technology’s integration in daily routine. It opens my doors, vacuums my house, and even makes my coffee. In some ways, I'm dependent on it. And yet, I believe I can survive without it - for a short while, at least. I hope our insights provide you with the tools, knowledge and inspiration to integrate these simple innovations in your everyday life.

Stuart Campbell
Editor in Chief

I love tech gadgets and DIY home improvement - so my love of smart home products comes naturally. There are so many things to do when customizing your own smart home, and I enjoy creating articles with tips, how-to's, top ten list, buying guides, and more so that everyone can make informed decisions on what products are best for them. I hope you enjoy our site, and if you want to swap tips or let me know of a cool home automation project you have going on, please let me know!

Dr. Sonja Bethune, Psy.D
Product Expert Author

Dr. Sonja Bethune has over 18 years of experience in the field of psychology fulfilling various roles, such as a supervisor, trainer, director, educator, and therapist at various psychiatric hospitals, schools, and mental health clinics in Southern California. In 2014, Dr. Bethune co-authored and published a book titled Online Instructor Sanity: Tips and Tools to Bring Joy to Your Online World, which provides online instructors encouragement, guidance, and teaching strategies. In 2015, she co-published a journal article in the Online Learning: Official Journal of the Online Learning Consortium titled Implicit Bias and First Name Stereotypes: What Are the Implications for Online Instruction?, which we investigated whether there is a relationship between implicit bias toward race or ethnicity and student first names. In late 2017, Dr. Bethune authored a critically acclaimed article on social media addiction titled Causes of Social Media Addiction & Illness, exploring various causes and effects of how social media impact our daily lives.

Aiza Coronado
Product Expert Author

As a tech copywriter who grew up with the internet, I remembered my heart skipping a beat every time I hear my dial-up modem screech. My fondness for tech led me to jumpstart my engineering career in the semiconductor industry. But then, my love for writing got the better of me and I compromised. I started writing product descriptions of tech products, found work with a SaaS company, and started publishing articles on OhGizmo. Here at Ideaing, I want to help you discover smart travel and smart body products that will make your lives awesome and convenient at the same time. And just a fair warning: Once you go smart, you can never depart.

Nicole Van Zanten
Product Expert Author

Nicole is a smart home enthusiast, loving products that are ideal for city and urban apartments. She is based in Vancouver, Canada. Working with globally recognized brands throughout her career, Nicole is a digital and social marketer at her core. Focused on building brands and delivering ROI through digital media and inbound marketing, Nicole brings an industry-leading strategic mind to each and every client. When she is not developing strategy and engaging online, Nicole is focused on endurance racing and hiking in the worlds most beautiful mountain trails.

Briley Kenney
Product Expert Author

Briley is a tech enthusiast, and he loves all things electronic and gadget related. Currently, he writes for Ideaing, Vulgamer,, and a prominent SEO company. After outfitting my new home with a Wink Hub, Schlage Camelot lock, and My-Q garage door opener I realized my true love for smart homes. The rest is history.

Laura Hunter
Product Expert Author

Laura Hunter is a writer living in Los Angeles, California. She loves home improvement projects, and helping people learn about smart home technology! She is also a producer, writer, and actress living in Los Angeles, California. When she’s not making art, she works in marketing & web design. Laura is a proud SAG-AFTRA member and guest speaker at the SAG Conservatory, is the assistant editor-in-chief of Ms. in the Biz, and is the co-founder of New Girl Pictures.

Kara Kamenec
Product Expert Author

A former PCMag and Askmen editor, Kara is a commerce-to-content professional with a fusion of corporate and start-up, media, editorial, and marketing backgrounds, and over 9 years of experience overseeing editorial, social, web, and creative brand identities. Originally from the Midwest - and naturally an avid Michigan State University fan - Kara now resides in downtown New York City where she advises various editorial publications on their content strategies and oversees marketing for a handful of dating startups. As a tech blogger turned sex and dating columnist, she now dives into lifestyle editorial, providing commentary and advice on men's lifestyle and health, millennial trends, and, most frequently, dating and sex topics with bylines including those in PCMag, AskMen, Elite Daily, The Huffington Post, Yahoo!, and others.

Jade Cutler
Product Expert Author

I’m Jade. I’ve been a lover of the written word, travel, exploration and beautiful things my entire life, so it’s no surprise that I ended up becoming a writer myself. After obtaining degrees in Philosophy, Psychology, Women’s Studies and English Literature, I’ve freelanced professionally for the last four years, working on topics ranging from health and well being, to pop-culture, academics, fiction and everything in between. That said, technology is one of my favorite topics and that is what brought me to Ideaing, where I work as a writer and Smart Home and Entertainment specialist, based out of Denver, Colorado. Additionally, I love to find and learn about new technology, unique decor and generally anything that makes life easier or more interesting. Then, I enjoy taking what I've found and sharing it here with everyone so we can all benefit from smarter and more beautiful spaces within our own lives.

Christina Tynan-Wood
Product Expert Author

I have been covering technology for national magazines since before Sergey met Larry or Bill met Melinda. I've had columns in tech magazines (PC World, PC Magazine, Yahoo! Tech) and women's magazines (Family Circle and some that don't exist anymore). It has been wild fun watching from the from the front row as technology changed the world. I can't wait to watch as the Internet of Things transforms our homes.

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Automate everything about your home, controlling everything from a simple hub or app, to live happier, healthier, and safer. We research and provide smart home inspiration presenting only the highest caliber of products including those that allow you to automate the physical aspects of your home such as smart lights, doorbells, garage doors, and kitchen appliances as well as the ambiance of your home with smart home decor both inside and out.

Our smart home advice and shopping sections also include smart devices for energy regulation and air quality, security and personal health, networking, cleaning, and even smart devices for your beloved pets. Best of all these products and ideas don’t just allow for extreme customization, many of them actually save you money both in the short term when purchased direct from our store at the lowest prices on the web as well in the long term as the products outlast nearly all non-smart products you’re currently using.

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Smart Home

Traveling doesn’t have to be (as much) of as hassle when you integrate smart devices into your everyday, business, and vacation journeys. Whether you’re taking public transit, driving, or flying we hone in on the devices that make your trip more enjoyable offering up the very best smart luggage, bags, backpacks, and accessories.

But our coverage of travel doesn't stop once you get to your destination. We also review and provide innovative solutions for your everyday out-of-home activities and off the beaten path adventures with products such as smart mobile gadgets and action cameras. Wherever life takes you, we are dedicated to providing products and ideas that allow you to better enjoy the ride.

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Smart Travel

With our smart body advice and products we focus on more than just counting steps or calories; We focus on helping you live a healthier lifestyle both inside and out. We actively seek out products that improve everything about your body from your physical shape to your mental stantima. We provide unbiased insight into the plethora of fitness trackers and smartwatches available but also go a step further to conceptualize solutions for you based on your personal style and sport of preference.

From smart glasses and headphones to the latest smart healthcare solutions for your sleep, emotional health, and livelihood we believe that a healthy body is a balanced one. Our smart body sections have you covered for everything from weight loss and endurance training to increasing your mental energy and improving your overall wellness.

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Smart Body

Smart devices can and should add to your enjoyment of life, and we’re here to help you experience just that. Our smart entertainment advice and shopping sections highlight traditional technology products such as smart video and audio as well as the latest innovations in smart technology that make entertaining yourself and others more enjoyable. The smart gadget market, for both kids and adults is only starting to surface and we’ll be there to keep you informed and inspired with every new release.

Browse our smart entertainment sections to find the coolest gifts for others and the most mind-blowing gadgets for yourself. We cover everything from the how to setup the entertainment area of your dreams to how to incorporate the most mind-boggling smart gadgets into your seasonal fun both in and outdoors.

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Smart Entertainment

We have products in all areas of Smart Living, and we know you're definitely a Smart Shopper. We've designed our shop to have everything that's important to you: The best products, a streamlined shopping experience, and of course, the best deals.

Our customer service approach puts you first in your effort to keep up with the latest and greatest products and gadgets out there.

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