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5 Reasons Why You Need a Smart Thermostat

As winter weather begins to rear its ugly head, working out the best temperature for your home becomes increasingly difficult. When the weather outside becomes chilly, it is easy to constantly feel too hot or too cold inside. I’m personally always trying to find that perfect balance between turning on the heat in my house and leaving it as-is, and the resulting temperature swings are often a quick track to catching a cold.

The problem? An old thermostat might very well be to blame. Last century’s models are… so last century! Getting up to speed with a smart thermostat, which will learn your preferences and anticipate them, can keep you from having to pull the same sweater on and off thirty times just to feel comfortable in your living room!

Why are smart thermostats a must-have? Let’s take a look at five ways these devices will save you in a variety of areas.

1. Your home will always be at that “just right” temperature.



First of all, a smart thermostat like the Nest, Sensi Smart, and Honeywell can quickly learn your preferred temperatures and program them itself within about one week of use. This saves you time and creates a more comfortable living space.



2. Smart thermostats are environmentally friendly.



Smart thermostats also have the capability to shut off when you’re away from home, which saves on your energy bill and is better for the environment.



3. Seamlessly pair your thermostat with your existing smart home products.



These devices are simple to use and integrate with the rest of your smart home products seamlessly. You can set them up with voice activation through Amazon’s Alexa, giving yourself hands free ability to control your home’s climate. Pretty cool (or hot, if that’s your preferred temperature!)



4. They’re becoming widespread and in some cases even required!



Smart thermostats are becoming widely used, too. In cities like Austin, Texas they are actually becoming a requirement! They’ve even created a program–called PowerSaver, a program that directly partners with Nest that allows users’ home temperatures to be automatically adjusted up or down during high use periods.



5. They’ll save you money, energy, and time.



The potential to use devices like these to save on money and power on a national, or even global, level is fascinating. Grabbing one now will allow you to be part of this exciting new wave, converging technology with very practical solutions for our environment.



If you’re interested in getting a smart thermostat of your own, make sure to read more about them in this article! There are some truly excellent products on the market, to keep your home feeling comfortable no matter what it is like outside!

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