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5 Smart Backpacks You Need on Your Next Flight

I fly frequently, and if you’re in the same position, you know the turmoil of packing. When traveling, I do my best to only take carry-ons – no checked baggage or smart luggage. It saves time checking-in and waiting at the carousal, can save money on check-bag fees, and makes certain that your clothing will never get lost (which is so important on business trips).

So when I was on the search for new backpacks to take with me on my next flight, I knew it had to be a smart one. One that could charge my gadgets while protecting my gear at the same time. Sounds amazing, right?

That’s why I found 6 smart backpacks that you need to take with you on your next flight. No, you don’t have to take all six with you, but consider these options and find the backpack that works best for you and your lifestyle.


What is a smart backpack?

A smart backpack is one that has “smart” functionality, whether it is an associated app or charging stations with mobile connectivity. It’s pretty much magic.


Why You Need It 

If you’re constantly on-the-go, this is a backpack for you. If you’re always checking to see how much battery you have left on your phone, this is for you.

Or, if you’re simply looking for a backpack that will impress, you need one of these bags.



Smart backpacks are relatively new on the market. They range from $129 – $349, more or less.

Without further ado, here are the 6 Smart Backpacks You Need on Your Next Flight.



Best Charge Backpack With Tons of Storage


AMPL Smart Backpack

Not only is this backpack visually stunning, it comes with plenty of features and benefits. 


There’s something about a sleek backpack that I absolutely love. I have a very simple wardrobe, especially when I’m flying. Black leather jacket, pants and a short-heel boot. It’s like groundhog day every time I fly. So, when I have an accessory, like a backpack with me, it needs to be versatile for my wardrobe.

The AMPL is a sleek backpack that has plenty of room for your laptop, notepad, phone and other devices. Plus, it features built-in power for smartphones, tablets & USB devices.

The greatest thing I love about this backpack is that it has an associated app that features control charge levels on a customizable dashboard. This means that you can see how much power you have left for a charge, you can view the internal temperature of the pack, check the total combined battery charge and more.

The AMPL Smart Backpack will be available starting at $249 and can be reserved online here.


Why You Should Get It

You should get this backpack if you’re like me and love sleek accessories. And, if you’re like me, your devices are always running out of battery, which means you’re always on the look for the next charge. This is ideal for the user on-the-go, looking for a product that is sleek and packs a punch.


Key Benefits

  • Charge all your devices with a USB port in every pocket
  • Keep your gear safe with innovative shock absorbers
  • Your devices will remain dry with a water-resistant coating



Best For Strength and Durability



Need the absolute in strength and durability? This is for you. 


While I have the luxury of working behind a computer screen and rarely getting my hands dirty, others don’t – or perhaps they just don’t want to! Whatever the case might be, some of us are looking for the ultimate in strength and durability, and that’s exactly what the iBackPack offers.

It’s bulletproof (yes, you read that right), has leather handles, contains a compass, features a rubber base and has roman shield grips. It’s as close to a bag that can’t break as you can get. Which is ideal for your next flight. Have you see the way other passengers handle luggage?!?

By the way, this smart backpack, currently available on IndieGoGo for funds between $75 – $360, features an option that will include a Wi-Fi modem that empowers you to connect to the Internet at any time. Whoa. The product hasn’t started shipping yet, but we’ll keep a close eye on this one.


Why You Should Get It

This smart backpack is for the user who expects to rough and tough their bag. Whether you work outdoors, take transit frequently, or just aren’t great at taking care of nice things when on a flight (hey, that’s okay!), this is the bag for you.


Key Benefits

  • Military-grade straps
  • 16 USB ports
  • Car and wall chargers available


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Best for the Entrepreneur



Entrepreneurs are always on the go, so make your backpack work for you. 


Entrepreneurs are always moving, whether it’s from meeting to meeting, client to client, or flight to flight. That’s why you need a backpack that will work for you, from charging your devices in the airport lounge to creating a work station outside of the gate that is ideal for the CEO to the project manager.

That’s exactly what Lifepack did when they created their smart backpack. It’s designed with the entrepreneur in mind. Not only can you charge your devices (two at a time to be precise, with 6 full phone charges), it has two different compartments – one for the “life zone” and one for the “work zone”. In the “life zone”, you can fit things like clothing, toothpaste and deodorant if you’re spending a night away (or perhaps pulling an all-nighter). In the “work zone” you can pack your laptop, wallet, notebooks, headphones and more.

Lifepack will be available for $269 and is expecting to start shipping shortly.


Why You Should Get It

If you’re an entrepreneur, this is for you – but I’d also love the showcase the power solution so if you’re like me and show a lot of care for the environment, you’ll love this.

The Lifepack charges through solar power. With 4G solar technology, it uses the sun to generate power which, in turn, will fuel up your devices. Amazing. Charge up before you head onto your next flight.


Key Benefits

  • Retractable lock with a secure locking point
  • Drop-proof padding
  • Waterproof cover



Best For Versatility


poros tetra

Poros provides smart bags with versatility, from the office to your dinner date.


My biggest beef with some backpacks is a beef I also have with some wearables – they’re not versatile enough. Just like some of the wearables I come across, there are some backpacks that I just wouldn’t wear outside of the workplace. I would hesitate to bring them to dinner, and really, who wants to go home just to drop off a bag, only to turn around again? Or, better yet, why would you want to head the hotel after landing simply because you’re uncomfortable with the type of bag you’re carrying?

Poros solved this problem with their line of smart backpacks and bag. The Tetra, pictured above and reviewed here, is simple, yet versatile enough to bring to the workplace or out to dinner. Poros also has other bags like this one, that are ideal for a flight.

With Poros, they’ve created a product that offers plenty of space that can be used as a carry-on, yet offers a clean enough profile to head to your next meeting. It’s quite simple in terms of features  – it offers charging with a dedicated Lightning connector or Micro USB connector – but it’s versatile in terms of what it can carry and how you can use it.

The Poros Tetra is available for $149.


Why You Should Get It

The Tetra is ideal for the traveler who is just looking for a charge to get them through the day, along with a versatile, attractive bag to carry their gadgets (and perhaps an extra pair of clothing).


Key Benefits

  • Durable 1680D ballistic nylon construction
  • Holds a 15″ laptop within a dedicated padded sleeve
  • Charges your phone on the go


Best Of The Best Smart Backpack


CO.ALITION Colfax P (Power) Smart Backpack

It’s the backpack that takes the crown of “Best of the Best” here at Ideaing. 


We don’t take “Best of the Best” lightly, which means that we wouldn’t give it to just any backpack. Best of the Best means that it needs to have it all – from visual appeal to features and benefits. Which is exactly what CO.ALITION offers.

Originally seen on Shark Tank, the CO.ALITION Colfax P (Power) Smart Backpack has a plethora of features and benefits available – so much so, that it’ll likely take you days to explore it all.

In addition to a simple, sophisticated bag design, this has it all in terms of smart functionality. With integrated power cables and charging available, this backpack also features a wireless mobile hard drive. This means that you can can wirelessly view and upload files anywhere, while keeping large files on the drive and off your devices. This functionality is the ideal pack for photographers and designers.

The CO.ALITION Colfax P (Power) Smart Backpack is available for $229 and $249 here. This smart backpack is available now, and in a few options.


Why You Should Get It

You should get this smart backpack if you’re looking for a product that offers reliability that can be custom to you. With a custom pack color to choose from, you can also choose the power options that you purchase (either full charge, half charge or no charge).


Key Benefits

  • Tamper-proof buckles
  • Keep all your gear dry when the weather turns for the worse
  • Wireless mobile hard drive




As a frequent traveler, I’m always looking for new solutions to get me from City A to City B, whether it’s in the form of a backpack or a piece of luggage. I love backpacks because they’re easy to carry and have far more room than you might think. The smart backpacks listed here are a must to review if you travel frequently and constantly find yourself looking for your next charge. Whether you’re looking for versatility, strength, or simply a “cool” factor, you’re sure to find a smart backpack that will suit you on this list.

Would you consider purchasing or backing a smart backpack? Let us know


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