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6 Practical Reasons Why You Need Smart Luggage

Upon learning about smart luggage, your primary reaction would be, “Why would I need one?”

Well, honestly, a suitcase with brains does sound like vain and lethargic. However, if you’re dealing with travel anxiety, having one helps you cope up — a lot. Here are 5 reasons why you might consider buying one soon.



1. Increase Security With Location Tracking and Access Alerts


Smart Luggage with App


Everybody knows that you have to be vigilant when you’re traveling. Never take your eyes off your luggage and don’t agree if somebody asks you to look after theirs.

Safety is one of the concerns that you’ll have taken care of when you travel with a smart luggage. They’re equipped with advanced lock features, some like the Planet Traveler Tech Case even has a biometric lock. When paired with their respective app, you can enable the proximity or anti-theft feature and you can trace your luggage anywhere in the world anytime that you need to.

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2. Avoid Baggage Fees With a Built-In Scale


Smart Luggage with Built In Weighing Scale


Checking in without having an idea of how heavy your luggage is might costs you a portion of your travel allowance. You don’t want to pay for extra baggage fees, do you?

Smart luggage like the Bluesmart Carry-On Suitcase avoids such surprise expenses before you fly. They have built-in digital weighing scale that tells you whether you need to trim down your packing or not. The digital scale usually goes into the handle and you just have to lift your luggage a little off the floor and you’ll know its weight already.

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3. Keep Your Devices Charged With a Built-In Power Charger


Smart Luggage with Battery Charger


Smart luggage are like rolling external batteries. You need one if you’re a heavy gadget user. You know how it is on airports. It’s hard to get a slot on the charging station and if ever you do, you need to stand on a corner and wait on your smartphone. And if there are a lot of people waiting, do you have the boldness to charge your laptop?

Anyway, smart luggage have external USB ports. Some brands like the Bluesmart Black Edition even has charging compartments that can help you juice up conveniently whenever, wherever. Their charging capacity is serious too; some can charge your smartphone for over 6 times. That’s more than what your 20-hour flight calls for, I hope.

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4. Work On The Go With Traveling Work Station


Smart Luggage with built-in work station


Are you a digital nomad? I know that you’ve started to like smart luggage for their charging portability feature, but wait until you hear this. You can transform some into traveling workstations if you need to!

The Barracuda Smart Luggage can be your instant coffee shop table. With its ingenious laptop tray that has a beverage holder (you live for coffee, they know), it’s a decent workstation that you can set up in minutes, just about anywhere.

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5. They Can Follow You Like a Puppy



No, this is no joke. There are actually robotic suitcases that follow you around, because why not? If you don’t want to deal with the hurting wrist the day after your travels, this is a great option.

This type of smart suitcases, I envision, would be perfect for a parent who are traveling with their kids too. If you’re a mother or father that needs to travel with your children alone, having this nifty luggage would be helpful. You carry the baby, then you need the other hand to do stuff like open doors. How can you carry your luggage?

These robotic suitcases like the Travelmate Robotic Suitcase are safe to use in crowded areas. They have sensors that avoid obstacles and people. You can even place the baby’s bag on top of one. I’m sure your robotic suitcase won’t mind carrying that one for you.



6. Save Space With a Collapsible Suitcase


Collapsible Smart Luggage


Smart luggage are not just smart while you’re traveling. When you get home or to your destination, they know how to place themselves. Since they’re technically not usable while you’re already settled in, they can collapse themselves for the meantime so you can make room for your things. You can then place them under the bed. Or hang them in the closet perhaps, but you still get more room for clothes. A great example for this is the Neit Smart Hard Case Luggage.



Smart luggage not just smart, they’re so considerate too! I told you, they are not bought just so you get the most tech-savvy traveler award in the airport. They address actual travel issues so you can have a stress-free and convenient trip.

So, are you ready to check which smart luggage is perfect for you? Here, we’ve put together a guide to help you narrow down the perfect smart luggage for you.


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