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8 Things You Need to Make Your Dumb Garage “Smart”

Want a smart home or smart garage? Don’t know where to start? No problem.


If you’re building a smarter home, you should always start in the garage.

One of the first things you can do is install a smart garage door opener. They can be controlled remotely, from a smartphone, as well as a conventional remote.

There are several benefits to having a “smart” garage door, namely when it comes to security.

Have you ever left home only to realize that you left the garage door open? Or worse, you can’t remember whether you left it open or closed? With a smart door opener, you can check the status on your phone. You can also close it even while you’re away.

But the garage door isn’t the only “dumb” thing you can make smarter in your home. There are smart tools, light bulbs, and parking sensors! You can even upgrade door locks and doorbells.

If you’re looking for some of the best smart garage devices, keep reading!



1. Store Your Stuff and Save Space with an Overhead Storage Rack


Fleximount overhead storage rack for smart garage


You can raise and lower the rack with a hand crank (included) or a power drill.


Many items end up in your garage, like bikes, yard tools, equipment, power tools, car accessories, and more. Over time, they can take up a lot of space.

Storage bins, for example, create clutter when you have several, even if they’re stacked. But what if you could store them out of the way?

The Fleximounts Overhead Garage Storage Rack can do precisely that. The fasteners mount on the ceiling, while the shelf suspends from strong steel cables. You can raise or lower the rack easily, whether to access the bins and stored items or to get them out of the way.

Pretty cool, no?

It’s an efficient way to make use of wasted space, especially if you have high ceilings in your garage. Although it doesn’t include a smart garage control feature, like Bluetooth, it’s super convenient. It can be raised or lowered with the hand crank, which is included. You can also connect a power drill to speed up the process.

Imagine hanging tools, storage chests, or materials like wood? With several of these, you could totally declutter your garage, which let’s face it, you’ve probably been wanting to do for a while now.


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2. Locate Your Lost Tools and Items with a Tile Sticker


Tile Sticker on power drill for smart garage


You can use a Tile Sticker to locate anything, like tools, equipment, or car keys.


Ever lose anything in your garage like extension cords, tools, or something else? When it happens, you may lose hours searching for those items. What if you could find them much, much faster?

The Tile Sticker is a Bluetooth-enabled smart tracker that you can sync with your phone. Why? So, you can ping items that you have misplaced around your home.

Just stick it to the item you want to track — using the adhesive patch — open the app, and you can activate an alarm. It will ring the device as long as it’s within 150-feet. When you’re outside the Bluetooth range, you can use the Tile network to find an item. The crowd feature is nice if you’ve left an important item behind somewhere, like your keys at a bar.

They come in packs of 4, and they’re compatible with both iOS and Android.


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3. Use Your Water Heater More Efficiently


Aquanta networked water heater controller for Smart Garage


Use your mobile to check how much hot water you have with Aquanta.


Not everyone’s water heater is in their garage, but that’s okay. Wherever it is, you can install the Aquanta Networked Water Heater Controller to enhance your hot water experience. It can help you conserve water by turning off the heater when it’s not in use.

It also learns your family’s water usage habits so that you get heating based on your daily schedule. Remote access means you can check stats, monitor device status, and configure settings from a smartphone app. You can also check how much hot water is available in the tank, which is not possible in older systems.


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4. Park Safer and Avoid Hitting Your Belongings with a Smart Garage Parking Assistant


GoodChief smart garage laser parking system


The GoodChief laser parking system shows you when to stop.


Tired of that tennis ball suspended from a string? Have you or your spouse ever pulled too far into your garage and hit your belongings or even the wall?

The GoodChief Universal Laser Line Parking Assist is a neat device that helps you optimize your garage parking. It connects to your garage door opener – replaces a bulb – and indicates when to stop your vehicle. When you open your garage door and the light turns on, so does the laser.

There are 2 lasers built-in, and a 90-degree split allows you to guide 2 cars from one system. Instead of creating small dots, the lasers project a line which makes it much easier to tell when it’s time to stop.

GoodChief claims it is both “easy to program” and “simple” to install.


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5. Turn Your Man-Cave into a Home Theater Room


Bomaker WiFi Mini Projector


The Bomaker WiFi Mini Projector will play media from phones, laptops, and more.


Some people treat their smart garage as an extra room and choose not to park their vehicles inside. If you’re one of those folks, you may be considering what to do with all that extra space. Why not turn it into a home theater room or entertainment center?

The Bomaker WiFi Mini Projector has wireless networking support built-in, so you can stream content from devices like your phone, tablet, and more. It has a brightness rating of 200 Lumens, which is decent for a small projector. It outputs at a resolution of 1280×720 and with a contrast ratio of 9000:1.

You don’t necessarily have to confine the device to your garage, you can move it anywhere. But wouldn’t it be cool to have a large, movie-theater type screen in your garage? Pair it up with a surround system and some great seating and you have yourself a great little man-cave, she-shed, or kid-cove.


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6. Let a Robot Take Over Your Chores


Husqvarna Automower 315x smart garage tools

The Husqvarna Automower will leave its dock and trim your grass, all on its own.


Let’s face it, chores suck. That includes doing yard work. But what if there was a robot that could do it all for you?

There are plenty of robot vacuums, but did you know there are also robot mowers? Yep, you read that correctly!

The Husqvarna Automower 315X is just one of many that will operate autonomously out of a charging dock. The mower come outs, trims your grass and tidies your yard, and then returns to its home. It has a variety of safety features to make sure it doesn’t chop up anyone’s feet. You can also control and interact with the device from a smartphone.

The Husqvarna Automower is electric so it saves you money on gas; not to mention how much time it can save you. It’s also water-resistant and can technically mow in the rain, but we wouldn’t recommend it — wet grass is notoriously difficult to cut.


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7. Automate the Lighting in Your Smart Garage


Neporal Multi-Panel LED garage light

This multi-panel LED is motion-activated and connects with a mobile app.


The Neporal Dimmable Garage Light is a smart garage LED that replaces standard bulbs. The aluminum body is super durable, and the panels can adjust to direct light as needed. It’s motion-activated, but it can also be controlled and dimmed via a mobile app. You can set up timers for the light, and adjust colors from warm white to bright white daylight tones.

It’s an energy-efficient bulb to boot, so it won’t use as much power and should save you money, especially if you’re replacing an old bulb.


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8. Control Your Smart Garage Door from Anywhere Using Your Phone


Chamberlain MyQ smart garage door opener system


The Chamberlain MyQ system is compatible with most garage door openers made after 1993.


You didn’t think we’d end the list without talking about a smart garage door opener, did you? Come on, it’s the most important device in the room!

There are several options when it comes to making a dumb opener “smart”. Alternatives include Garageio and the Garadget Smart Garage Door Controller.

Our recommendation is the Chamberlain MyQ Garage door opener system. Why? Chamberlain is a well-established brand, that’s compatible with nearly any brand opener – so long as they were made after 1993.

So, you don’t even have to buy a brand-new garage door opener. You can hook up the MyQ system to your existing opener, and control it remotely from a mobile app.

You can also control and monitor the status of your garage door from a web browser through the MyQ website.


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Read more about our favorite Smart WiFi Garage Door Openers.



—  Smart Garage Buyer’s Guide & FAQ  —


What Should You Look for When Buying Smart Garage Devices?

While having a smart home often means outfitting it with the latest and greatest tech, that’s not always the case. Sometimes, it’s more about choosing efficient tools and solutions, which is how it should be when you’re building a smart garage.

You’ll notice, for example, that not all of the devices we chose offer mobile connectivity or smart automation, both of which are common features of smart home tech.

Here are some features you should watch out for when you’re looking at smart garage gear:


Functionality – Does the gadget, device, or tool offer convenience? Does it speed up an existing process or making doing something easier? Smart devices should enrich your life, not weigh you down.

Installation – Is the system easy to install? Do you need to hire a professional, plumber, or an electrician to get the project done? Some solutions are DIY-friendly, and others are not.

Additional Features – Does the device come with a free mobile app and remote access? Does it offer extra features or support? Will you need any other accessories?

What to Know – What else should you know about a device? For instance, with the Husqvarna Automower you need to install boundary markers to show it where to mow.


The Best Smart Garage Devices FAQs

Are you planning to get some smart garage tech? Then pay attention, because here are some of the most common questions and answers people have about building a smart garage:


Q. Is Tile the Best Tracker? If Not, What Is Better Than a Tile Tracker?

A. Tile is “one” of the best, yes, but it’s not the only reliable and functional tracker on the market. There are many others, some that offer more features, and others that have a more affordable price tag. Even the Tile brand offers several tracker types, from the original to the Tile Slim.

Apple just announced a portable tracker called AirTag.


Q: Are There Any Smart Garage Control Systems?

A: The most common smart garage controller is a smart door opener, which you can use to open and close your garage door from a mobile device. Other systems might include smart lighting, smart audio, and even smart storage solutions.


Q: What Are the Best Smart Tools for Home Use?

A: While Black & Decker does have some Bluetooth-enabled tools on the market, they don’t appear to be popular. However, you can find smart measuring solutions, smart security cameras, smart doorbells, and smart lighting, among a few others.


Q. What Is the Smallest Bluetooth Tracker?

A. The Tile Slim is the thinnest model, and fits neatly inside a bag, pocket, or wallet. The Honey Key Finder is also pretty small.


Q: Can I Make My Garage Door Opener Smart?

A: The best way to add “smart” and mobile support to an old garage door opener is to install the Chamberlain MyQ system. There are other options, however, like GarageIO or Garadget.


Q: Can Smart Garage Door Openers Be Hacked?

A: Yes, smart garage door openers can be hacked, like any device connected to a network. Older garage door openers with a fixed code are easier to take advantage of. Most newer door openers have temporary or rolling codes.



In most cases, smart garage devices can be extremely helpful. The best ones will make your life easier, by helping you park your car, saving you money on water usage costs, or automating your lighting. If you’re on the fence, why not start with a smart garage door opener?

What do you think of our list? Would you include these in your own smart garage, or would you choose other devices? Let us know in the comments!



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