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8 Weird Smart Gadgets That You Need

With CES 2017 over and done, we once again are on the search to find new tech to rave about, to obsess with, and in some cases, to snort at.

From vibrating jeans to voice-commanded robovacs, there will be those gadgets that will strike you as bizarre and will forever stay in your memory.

Here’s a roundup of the 8 weirdest smart gadgets that blew our mind, made us scratch our head, or just simply made us laugh.



8. Deeper Smart Fishfinder 3.0


Deeper Smart Fishfinder 3.0


This product is for the a special kind of geek-outdoors-man hybrid who’s into fishing. For those that fish for a living or do fishing as a hobby, this allows you to see real-time images of underwater activity and what lurks under your boat! The Deeper Smart FishFinder can be a pretty nifty gadget to have. No more waiting for a long time for the fish to show up. No more catch-less fishing adventures.

I honestly think it’s kind of creepy though, after having seen news of purple mud monsters and other bizarre sea creatures that were only discovered lately.



7. PhoneSoap Sanitizer and Charger


PhoneSoap Sanitizer and Charger


You probably already know that your smartphone may be dirtier than your toilet, that’s according to studies. That’s why you might want this PhoneSoap UV Sanitizer. Contrary to its name, it doesn’t actually use soap to clean up your phone; it utilizes UV rays.

This bed will not only kill the bacteria on your phone but will also charge your phone. It can cradle phones and phablets up to size 6.8″ x 3.74″ x 0.78″.



6. Bruno, the world’s first smart trashcan



Bruno will eat up your home’s trash, seriously and literally. It has a vacuum mouth at the bottom, saving you from bending to gather up the trash up to the last dog hair. This will suck all dirt into a powerful vortex and safely put it inside Bruno bags a.k.a. trash bags. You can even schedule Bruno to remind you to take the trash out during trash day. It’ll also beep you if the bags running low.



5. Kuvée



I think I’ll never have to smarten up the way I do wine, but I was proven wrong when I first laid eyes on Kuvée. It’s a system which lets you enjoy wine whenever you want (without a single drop to waste) and it keeps your wine fresh for 30 days!

It also offers conversation starter ideas with its connected dispenser, which displays details about the wine that you’re drinking and suggest excellent pairings. You can even rate the wine straight from the bottle!




4. Vinci, Headphones with AI


What? — Oh, I’m sorry. I was talking to my headphones.


Your smartphones aren’t the only things that are going smart. Headphones are too. It doesn’t even need your smartphone to do its thing.

Just tell Vinci what songs you’d like to play while you run, read, or just chill. Much more than a music assistant, Vinci is like the Alexa of headphones. You can ask him about the weather, ask for random facts, your heart beat, and more. Weird, but totally nifty.



3. Pavlok, the Bad Habit Kicker



If you have a bad habit that you’d like to break, Pavlok can zap it out for you. It will literally zap you by sending zaps and vibrations so you’ll be more mindful.

Pick out your bad habit. Set up the magic (follow the guide) and Pavlok will zap you every time you’re doing that bad habit. This way, your brain creates an aversion, pairing a zap with that habit. It’s like having your own mom follow you around and tap your hand every time you’re doing something undesirable. It can be annoying, but effective, according to the people who have actually used it.




2. Moley, the robotic chef



You’d probably think that a robotic chef would have only lived in the Jetson’s space home, but as of today, having one in your home is totally possible. The robotic chef goes by the name of Moley and it can cook up to 2,000 dishes!

Eating home-cooked meals is impossible for a lot of working people, but when you have Moley, you will never starve on days when you’d rather slack off. You can also say goodbye to fast food.

Moley is actually just a pair of hands that moves like the human hand. It takes cues from pre-installed recipes. We have actually dedicated an entire story on Moley and you can read it right here.



1. my.Flow



The concept of tampons is weird enough. How much more weird is the idea of a women’s down-there wearable? my.Flow is a wearable which helps you monitor the fullness of your tampon for hygienic and medical reasons.

Before you freak out, nope, the companion tampon from my.Flow doesn’t have any circuitry, batteries or any electronics. There’s the monitoring device that you can clip on your pants or shorts and there’s the tampon string that you need to insert into it. You can use the tampon as an ordinary tampon.

It’s important for women, especially those with Abnormal Uterine Bleeding, to track their menstrual flow. This is what my.Flow can provide.






These gadgets may be eccentric and funny at first, but we cannot deny the fact that they do have their purpose, solving the problems that we always had in an unconventional way. Some may have a lavish, expensive solution. Some are pretty interesting with aesthetic purpose like this first smart hairbrush. Which gadget did you find the weirdest?

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