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The ABOX A6 is an Excellent HD Projector with an Affordable Price Tag

Projectors aren’t cheap.  Well, let’s walk that back a bit. Projectors that provide an excellent, HD-quality image are not cheap. You can always buy pico or pocket projectors but they’re often limited in terms of quality. If you’re planning to setup a true home entertainment experience in your living room, or even in your backyard then you’ll want something a bit more substantial.

Queue the ABOX A6, a portable home theater projector that offers 1080P HD video, at a display of up to 200-inches.


What is the ABOX A6 Projector?


abox a6 projector image

It may look like any other projector, but the feature-set is more than desirable.


Most “affordable” projectors are hit or miss when it comes to quality, features and even price. The problem is, you’re essentially gambling with money when you buy one because you never quite know what you’re going to get. You can peruse online reviews and videos but that isn’t always indicative of the experience you’ll get either.

The ABOX A6 projector is everything you need in a portable package. Right off the bat you get full-HD 1920×1080 HD video, with a 20,000,000 dot pixel count, 4,000:1 contrast ratio, and a 45 degree keystone correction. Plus, the entire thing can be adjusted to display on a 200-inch screen, and smaller is, of course, possible too.

What really gets my juices flowing, however, is the HiFi audio support. If you’ve ever used a budget projector before you know the sound quality usually sucks, swampy ass. The A6 offers “50 percent enhanced crisp sound” which honestly just means it sounds great. Plus, the cooling fan doesn’t put off a lot of noise which allows you to hear what’s going on better.


What Else Can the ABOX A6 Do?


abox a6 throw distance

As you can see, the throw distance has a lot to do with the quality of the image in regards to the positioning of the projector.


Seeing as this is a home entertainment device we’re talking about, there are a ton of other things it can do. The throw ratio, for example, is 1.36:1. That number alone should help explain the quality of lens we’re talking about here.

Some of the other features include:

  • 200 ANSI lumens rating provides a 4x brighter image than most comparable projectors
  • 3x wider color gamut
  • Works with Amazon Fire TV Stick and similar smart devices
  • Creates sharp 67″ to 200″ viewable screen for games, movies and more
  • Dual-HDMI inputs with Dual-USB that supports up to 4TB storage devices
  • Additional VGA and AV ports
  • 2-year manufacturer’s warranty
  • Two 8Ω3W speakers built-in with stereo surround
  • 50,000 extended lamp life


Where Can I Get One?


abox a6 bundle

The A6 comes bundled with several cords — including an HDMI cable — and mounting screws.


There may be several places you can buy the ABOX A6 but, unarguably, the best is right from the company directly. You can pick it up now for only $224.98 after using coupon code: ABOX10OFF  (regular price is $249.97). Act fast because the offer expires on 4/30. They often provide incredible deals on the projectors, meaning you can get them at an even better price. Not to mention, you get direct customer support from the company who made the projector(s). Your products are already registered for the included warranty, and if you have any problems you can exchange directly for a new unit.


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