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Here’s a Weird Toothbrush That Will Clean Your Teeth in 10 Seconds

Admit it, even for once in your life you have attempted to skip brushing your teeth intentionally because you’re too tired to get up from bed at night.

The recommended time for brushing your teeth is 2 minutes. That’s why adults encourage kids to sing “Happy Birthday” while brushing their teeth. You should only stop brushing when you have finished the song.

Two minutes is like forever when you want to sleep in your bed, so why not brush your teeth for 10 seconds tops if you could? Uhm, of course, you don’t do it with your regular toothbrush. That would be unsanitary.

The 10-second brushing time is only effective when you have this weird toothbrush called Amabrush.



Cool, huh? I thought there’s nothing that’s going to beat my electronic toothbrush when it comes to cleaning my teeth, but Amabrush might.

Using Amabrush saves you 100 days of your life and the anti-bacterial silicon also cleans 99.99% of bacteria in your mouth.

So far, Amabrush has met and exceeded its pledge goal on Kickstarter. If you hurry, you can still be a backer to this project with your toothbrush expected to be shipped by December of 2017.

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