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Best Bathroom Lighted Vanity Mirrors for Makeup

Vanity mirrors. Why get them?

They’re more than just luxury items that you can skip.

Bathroom mirrors with light are more than just luxuries. They have a positive impact on the quality of your life and lift your overall well-being. It will enhance your mood every time you’re in your bathroom and help you relax. Also, lighting that mimics natural lighting will help you get better results with your makeup.

And there’s this proof: buying things can lead to happiness.

So let vanity bathroom mirrors be one of these things.


What is a bathroom mirror with lights?

It’s exactly that–a bathroom mirror with LED lights.

They are for letting you see your face better in your bath, whether you want to take a closer look at your face during a shave or put a makeup on.


Why you need a bathroom mirror with lights

So you don’t strain your eyes too much and you avoid bumping with the mirror and doing awkward poses just to get your thing done. It is also an instant bathroom style uplift.


How much does a bathroom mirror with lights cost?

The ones that we have picked out for you will cost you somewhere around $20 to $300.

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Why should you trust Ideaing?

Since 2013, our team at Ideaing holds extensive background in technology, from electrical engineering to product managers at Fortune 500 companies. We pride ourselves in providing truly objective incite into our reviews and recommendations. Our expert panel of product experts spend thousands of hours researching, analyzing and testing products. After our extensive research on over 50 of the top bathroom vanity mirror lights on the market, here are our 6 best picks for most people.


Best Vanity Mirror With Lights – 2019


We’ve curated a list of the best bathroom mirrors there are. Use it before you go shopping for one.



1. Simplehuman 8″ Sensor Mirror with Brightness Control: Best of the Best

Simplehuman Stainless Steel Sensor

Now your makeup is going to be flawless! 


When you apply your makeup, do you always have to move closer and closer to the mirror that you end up with crossed eyes for a few minutes? And with your face leaving a noticeable oil patch on your mirror? That’s no fun!

Putting up a perfect eyeliner or examining your pores shouldn’t be this hard! Actually, it will be super easy if you have the Simplehuman Stainless Steel Sensor Mirror. This little guy here can provide you with up to 5x magnification, giving you exceptional detail while still allowing you to see your entire face. It also simulates natural sunlight so you can see the subtle variations in your makeup. Hey, you gotta nail the perfect hue! Need to adjust the brightness, give it a few touches. It also comes with an adjustable back tilt so you can have the most comfortable view.


Why You Should Get It

If you’re always going too near the mirror and you’re having a hard and awkward time while applying your makeup, it’s time to get this Simplehuman Sensor Mirror. Experience smooth and enjoyable prep up time!



  • Simulates natural sunlight
  • Touch-control brightness
  • 1x to 5x magnification
  • Surgical-grade LEDs
  • Maximum adjustability on the back tilt



  • Light doesn’t stay bright enough


2. Simplehuman 8″ Sensor Mirror Pro with WiFi: Best with Magnification

Simplehuman Sensor Lighted Makeup Vanity Mirror Pro

Bordering obsessive about your eyebrows? You seriously need this.


Are you one of those girls who just have to have 100% perfectly done brows every time? Then, you will drool over this mirror. The biggest selling feature of the Simplehuman Sensor Mirror Pro for most would be the smaller magnetic mirror that clips on the front and is neatly hidden in the back when not in use, making it an ideal solution for me who is bordering obsessive about eyebrows and dwindling close up vision.

Plus, you get to adjust the brightness. Go for the natural sunlight for the most color-correct and flawless makeup lights. And if your bath or bedroom has some dim, yellow lights, you can adjust the color temperature of this mirror to compensate. About the adjustments, you can use the app to safekeep your favorites light scenes!


Why You Should Get It

If you want eyebrows on fleek without the vision struggle, then get this. And if you can’t be bothered by on and off buttons, you’ll love this. The sensor will take care of the switching for you. It’s on by the moment you sit to do your make up. Sweet.



  • Dual magnification (5x and 10x)
  • Adjustable color temperature for color correction
  • Simulates natural sunlight
  • Smart features with an app
  • Motion sensor for automatic switching
  • Surgical-grade LEDs



  • x10 mirror can make some people dizzy



3. Fascinate Lighted Make Up Mirror: Best Trifold

FASCINATE Lighted Makeup Mirror

Vanity x 3


This Fascinate Lighted Make Up Mirror right here can turn any corner into your makeshift makeup vanity area. It has 3 panels: normal one, the magnifying ones, and a wide-angle one, giving you a quick way to focus on areas that you’re applying makeup too without making you lose sight of your overall face. Need to apply the eyeliner? Look to the left where you can 2x or 3x your eyes. Wanna see how the hues play together? Look in the middle. Now, how do you look a meter away? Glance at the wide-angle mirror.


Why You Should Get It

This mirror is ultra flexible and would be perfect for girls and women who would love to bring their vanity corners everywhere they go. If you’re a model or a Youtube star, this would be pretty handy.



  • 3-panel mirror that gives you detailed and wide-angle reflection
  • 21 built-in adjustable LEDs
  • 180-degree rotation
  • Touch sensor with dimmable brightness
  • Base comes with storage



  • Lights not bright enough



4. Simplehuman 5″ Mini Sensor Lighted Make Up: Best for Travel

Simplehuman Mini Sensor Lighted Makeup Travel Mirror

Make anywhere your own vanity corner


So you travel a lot and you find it inconvenient to apply makeup in dim AirBnBs. No worries. This Simplehuman Mini Mirror will keep you company so you can take beautiful selfies in all your travels.

For one, it is in a perfect compact size, small enough to fit snugly into your suitcase. It also has all the basic features of your vanity mirror at home–brightness control, natural lighting, on/off sensor, and 10x magnification. It’s also rechargeable and you can use it cordless. Plus, there are two height options so you can adjust depending where you are seated (you’ll never know what to expect especially if you’re more like the adventurous traveler).


Why You Should Get It

Love traveling, but can’t shake off your regular makeup rituals? This compact makeup mirror will help you cope up and will help you look good in all your travel photos! It’s a perfect addition if you’re a professional makeup artist who has out of town clients too. Clients can take a look at this mirror and see how they look.



  • Compact travel size
  • On and off sensor
  • Surgical-grade LEDs
  • Swivels to the perfect angle
  • 10x magnification



  • Only see small areas of your face at a time


5. Kohler K-99571 Verdera Voice Bathroom Lighted Mirror: Best with Alexa

Kohler H Lighted Smart Mirror

Do you want your prep up time with news? Or music?


For us ladies, makeup time is sometimes a sacred, relaxing ritual… or a quick, morning rush. No matter which situation you are in, the Kohler Bathroom Lighted Mirror will make your makeup moment personalized.  This vanity mirror can play music, recite the morning news, check the weather for you, and shut off your coffee maker for you.

Uhm, actually Alexa will do it for you. Alexa lives inside this mirror. And so does an integrated stereo sound system which can fill up your room with booming sound quality.

Of course, it has the qualities that other vanity mirrors have like adjustable brightness.


Why You Should Get It

Smart home enthusiast? This Alexa-enabled mirror is a must-have. If you’d like to put up a mood by playing a little bit of music without touching your phone, then this mirror will cater to your demand. Need extra hands to help you prep up in the morning? Just ask the mirror for the news, the weather, and to shut off your lights in your bath.



  • Seamless integration of Alexa
  • Well-designed with adjustable brightness
  • Built-in microphone for voice control
  • Integrated stereo sound system



  • Expensive


6. Chende: Best Value

Chende Hollywood Style LED Vanity Mirror

With the glitz, glamour, and the bright lights


With big bright lights surrounding your mirror, you’ll definitely feel like you’re a star. Just look at how this Chende Hollywood-Style Vanity Mirror.

The very reason for this is for you to be able to put on makeup that’s on point! These lights give you up to 4000k of brightness, just the amount of light that professional makeup artists recommend. Don’t worry though, you won’t be blinded by them. They’re soft enough not to hurt your eyes and even if you take a pretty long while to finish your makeup routine, these lights won’t strain your peepers.

When you’re done, these lighted mirrored also make a fancy selfie decoration and smart shooting light. So get those selfies ready!


Why You Should Get It

Get this is you like puttin’ on makeup like a pro. It has the perfect amount of light for putting it on. Makeup artists recommend it. Not only that, these mirrors make a really cute selfie backdrop. So instagrammable!



  • 10 Hollywood style dimmable LED lights
  • Easy to install, takes a few minutes
  • Smart touch dimmer
  • Also great for decoration and shooting



  • Some users say the stickers don’t hold the lights up




The Best Bathroom Mirrors With Light


Here are the best bathroom vanity mirrors with light compared.




—  Vanity Mirrors Buyers Guide & FAQ  —


What To Look For When Buying a Vanity Mirror

Vanity mirrors are not just for putting on makeup, they also help you take better care of your eyesight and prettify your bathroom or powder room. If you’re about to buy one, make sure that you have double checked on these factors so you end up with a mirror that satisfies your needs.


The lights – Most lights that are attached to the vanity mirrors are LEDs that are dimmable, but they vary in style. There are ones with light bulbs lining the front exterior of the mirror, and then there are ones whose lights are basically light strips pasted on its back. For the latter, you can only expect a dim glow from the back of the mirror. If you put on makeup, it can be a little straining for your eyes if the lights are at the back of the mirror.

And lighting options – Depending on your bathroom or powder room setup, you will want to take note the types of lights used. If you have plenty of natural light seeping into your bath, you’ll not really need those bright LED lights, but if you have a dark room with small to no windows, then it’s best that you go with bright LED lights that can mimic the daylight. This way, you can control how heavy your makeup should be and you wouldn’t strain your eyes too much while doing it.

Style and installation options – Big fan of interiored baths? You’d enjoy picking out a vanity mirror that would complement your taste and your existing room design. There are plenty of mirror types–round ones with extendable arms, glam ones with oversized light bulbs, and the simple ones with light strips at the back. With the rectangular ones, you can also check first if you can install it horizontally (if you wanna cover 2 bathroom sinks) or vertically (if you want to see yourself from head to toe). You’d also have to know which mirror height you’d be most comfortable with.

Extra functional options – You know annoying how foggy mirrors become when go for a relaxing warm bath. You’d have to deal with a blurry version of your reflection and you. You’d have to keep an extra towel just for the mirror to keep it clear and you have to wait for a while before you put on makeup. It’s not exactly a good way to start your morning. So if you’re keen about fogging, then get those who have an anti-fog feature so you don’t have to worry about it.



Vanity Mirror FAQs

You still have a lot more questions about vanity mirrors after reading the factors up above, so we have compiled the most common questions from buyers like you about these shiny new things.


Q: What kind of lighting is best for applying makeup?

A: Natural light is the best kind of light for makeup, so if you don’t have a window on your bath or powder room, you can pick a vanity mirror with LED lights. LED lights have a warm, white light and it’s the only type of light that closely resembles natural light. You also have to pick vanity mirrors with lights at the front if you are getting it specifically for makeup application. Some mirrors only have backlight and aren’t suited for the activity.


Q: Is LED lighting good for applying makeup?

A: Yes, it is. It’s the next best thing after natural lighting for makeup application. That’s why most vanity mirrors make use of LED lights.


Q: How bright should vanity lights be?

A: Vanity lights should be bright enough to light up your face when you’re about 1-2 feet away from the mirror. Don’t expect it to light up the entire room, though.

  • If you want to light up the whole room – Vanity lights wouldn’t be able to light up the whole room completely. So if you’re expecting your vanity lights to be the only source of light for bath, you may get a bit disappointed. You have to install additional lighting fixtures over the ceiling or on the wall to complement the lights.


Q: What color temperature is best for makeup?

A: Makeup application is best done in a room with a color temperature between 4800K and 5000K, a temperature that resembles the noon daylight. The higher the Kelvin number the whiter the light. Take a look at the temperature below.



  • Yellow lights – causes you to apply more concealer than you actually need. You’ll look more tired.
  • Red lights – makes you appear healthier and will make you underapply concealer. You’ll miss some brown spots.
  • Fluorescent lights – makes your skin look washed out. The result? You might apply too much blush.



Q: How high should a vanity mirror be?

A: Here’s a quick tip: The mirror should be positioned so that the top of the glass is a few inches above the eye level of a person, preferably the tallest one in your family. This said, there’s is no standard height from where the mirror should be plastered on the wall. It all depends on the height of the people who are going to use the mirror.

  • Example: If your family’s average height is around 5 feet, then the mirror should be hung si its center is five feet from the floor.

Q: Can vanity lights hang over mirrors?

A:  Yes, they can, but getting the right position can be a little tricky. You don’t want the mirror to get in the way of your face, at the same time you want the lights to be as close to the mirror. Also, take note about the shadows being created from the light. If you have them above the mirror, then you’ll get shadows on some part of your face.




Having a vanity mirror in your bathroom will not break the bank, after all. There are plenty of affordable, even the glitzy mirrors that match your personality.

More than the aesthetic pleasures and elevated mood that these lighted mirrors bring, the functionality of each will definitely make your bath time even more enjoyable for you. You don’t need to deal with steam. Or go too close that you bump your forehead on the mirror and leave an oil track, which is darn hard to clean up. Or put on makeup that makes you look like a clown in broad daylight.

So, yep, if you were thinking of getting a vanity bath mirror before, it’s not a miscellaneous want after all. It has some seriously amazing impact on your overall quality of living.

And oh, if you have a small bathroom that you think is impossible to style, then give this post a read: 7 Ways to Decorate Your Small Bathroom


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