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Best Affordable Curved Gaming Monitors

Best Affordable Curved Gaming Monitors is just what it sounds like. We know you want a cheap Curved Gaming Monitor or you wouldn’t be checking out sites like this one. Sure if you are loaded, you can buy whatever and whenever you want but for the rest of us on a budget we need to do some research. Maybe you even have some extra cash on hand but you would like to hold on to it in these uncertain economic times. That’s very understandable.


Why do you want a Curved Gaming Monitor?

If you are into online competitive gaming like Fortnite, Overwatch, Call of Duty: Black Ops, Dota 2, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, League of Legends, Apex Legends, and others, you need all the advantages you can get from a curved gaming monitor. Basically, the curvature of the monitors allows our eyes to take in everything at once, without strain according to ViewSonic.

Why buy a Gaming Monitor?

Your standard monitors are generally only going to be running at 144Hz Refresh Rate. Why is that important you ask? It comes down to FPS (Frames per second). You are stuck at 60FPS with a 60Hz monitor. It’s recommended for you to get at least a 144Hz gaming monitor. Getting 144FPS is a good advantage over someone getting just 60FPS. Anything over 144Hz Refresh Rate is in theory even better but in real life, it is unlikely to make much of a difference. At least not nearly the big difference you will see from going to 60FPS to 144FPS.

Best Affordable Curved Gaming Monitors 2023


SAMSUNG Odyssey G5 Series 27″ 144Hz Curved Gaming Monitor

SAMSUNG Odyssey G5 Series 27-Inch LC27G55TQWNXZAGet it

The SAMSUNG Odyssey G5 Series WQHD 27-Inch Curved 144Hz Gaming Monitor (LC27G55TQWNXZA) hits all the sweet spots that we like to see. This curved gaming monitor gets you 27-inches of screen real estate, 1000r curve, 1ms response times, and of course the 144Hz refresh rate.

This can often be found for around $250 from retailers like Amazon. That makes it affordable for most.


MSI WQHD 32″144Hz Curved Refresh Rate Gaming Monitor

MSI 32

Get it

The MSI 32″ Full HD RGB LED Non-Glare Super Narrow Bezel 1ms 2560 x 1440 144Hz Refresh Rate Free Sync Height Adjustable Curved Gaming Monitor (Optix MAG321CQR) has a lot to like about it for not a big price. You can find this affordable curved gaming monitor for around $260 when on sale. That’s a pretty low price for the size and features. Also, it has great reviews.  The biggest highlights are of course the 32-inches and the 144Hz Refresh Rate.


Pixio WQHD 27″ 165Hz Curved Gaming Monitor

Pixio PXC277 27 inch 165Hz Curved Gaming MonitorGet it

The Pixio PXC277 27 inch 165Hz 1ms MPRT WQHD 2560 x 1440 165Hz FreeSync 27 inch 1500R Curved Gaming Monitor is another great option from perhaps a brand you may have not heard of before. Sure everyone would like to buy the $1,300 Alienware 34 Curved Qd-Oled Gaming Monitor (AW3423DW) but that’s not why you are here. Your here to stick to a budget and sometimes that means going with something you might not be as familiar with like the Pixio Curved Gaming Monitor. This monitor has great reviews and will only set you back about $260.


AOC CQ27G2 WQHD 27″ 165Hz Curved Gaming Monitor

AOC CQ27G2 27Get it

Just like the above monitor, this might be another brand you have not heard of.  The AOC CQ27G2 QHD 2K, 1500R Curved VA, 1ms, 144Hz, FreeSync 27″ Super Curved Gaming Monitor is packed with features at a great price. This Affordable Curved Gaming Monitor comes in right at $240-$250 price range most of the time. By the way, if you need to save even more money you can get the 24″ FHD Curved Gaming Monitor which costs more around $180-$190.


Dell S2722DGM WQHD 27″ 165Hz Curved Gaming Monitor

Dell Curved Gaming Monitor - S2722DGM

Get it

The Dell S2722DGM WQHD 27″ 165Hz Curved Gaming Monitor comes from a trusted brand and has great reviews. The top highlight features is the 1ms MPRT/ 2ms gray to gray response time, AMD FreeSync, 165Hz refresh rate, 1500R curved screen, high 3000:1 contrast ratio, sRGB 99% color coverage, and more.  This can cost as much as $330 but it’s been on sale for around the $280 range often recently.


— Curved Monitor Buyers’ Guide & FAQs  —


One main thing to consider when looking for the best-curved display to suit your workspace will be connections. Are you using USB-C, still old school with HDMI? Consider whether your price point and connection options suit – if not, you could always consider an adapter.


Q: Can you wall mount a curved monitor?

A: Yes you can, but it’s not ideal. Just as with curved TVs, the mounting system is not great and looks a bit clumsy, especially as they don’t sit flush against the wall. They require specific mounts and positions to be mounted correctly. Curved monitors are ideal on the desk, where you can rotate and swivel for the optimal viewing angle.


Q: Can I rotate a curved monitor?

A: Technically, yes, but not recommended. The geometry of these monitors makes them not well-suited for a portrait setup – especially as you’ll have the monitors touching at the corners, but a gap in the middle. If you’re coding or looking at full documents, you’ll probably want to consider a more traditional monitor setup.


Q: Can a curved monitor charge my laptop?

A: Yes, but it depends on the make, model, and connection method of the monitor. Typically, USB-C connections will transfer video and power within the same connection – but be sure to check beforehand.

Well, that’s our list of Affordable Curved Gaming Monitors. If you need to save even more money, several of the monitors above have HD versions instead of the WQHD. Also, some of them come in smaller sizes like 24-inches. Both of those can save you even more money. One last thing to save money is to wait for Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Thanks for taking the time to visit our site and to read our thoughts. We hope you found some useful information. Let us know in the comments below.

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