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10 Coolest Door Knobs for your Home or Office

You finally locked down your tile colors, the living room furniture and the door to use, but have you decided on which doorknob to use? You must have forgotten doorknobs because they seem too trivial to consider. But, know that there’s a lot that goes into finding the doorknob that suits your door, your style, and your security needs. Would you still want to use keys for doors? Or would you want to punch in a code for convenience?

Before you have a doorknob shopping emergency,  I suggest that go through this list of the best doorknobs to use. It’ll help your decision making easier.


10. UltraLatch Privacy Door Knob


UltraLatch Privacy Door Knob


This UltraLatch has to be on this list though it has no electronic technology equipped with it. It’s a doorknob with a totally new concept that is a product of thorough research. Your wrist doesn’t need to twist to open it. You just have to pull it half an inch away to open the door. It’s not just convenient for disabled people, but also for anyone who are carrying loads of stuff while going for the door. You have to watch the video to appreciate this lock.

What Users Are Saying…

This latch has a perfect 5-star rating on Wayfair. What users loved about it: the ease of entry and exit, the unique design, and its latch lock for privacy.

Why We Chose It…

It’s stylish and it’s a new concept on the doorknob department. Plus, it was made to retrofit to most existing doorknob cutouts.


9. Krystal Touch of New York 3607CPA Globe Passive Doorknob


Krystal Touch of New York 3607CPA Globe Passive Doorknob


Want a unique doorknob? How about a crystal door knob which lights up when you touch it? This is what this Krystal Touch of New York doorknobs does. It lights up when you touch it so you can see a little of where you’re headed, when it’s dark. Also, the light cycles through different colors.

What Users Are Saying…

One user comments, “At night, it provides just enough light to see where you are going.” Another user said it was perfect for their “Around the World” theme room.

Why We Chose It…

It’s chic and unique. And there’s a tiny detail that would surprise you. There’s an etch of a globe on the knob’s surface and when it lights up, you can clearly see it. It’s a nice touch. You can pick designs which mean something to you.


8. All-Weather Mechanical Keyless Deadbolt Door Lock


All-Weather Mechanical Keyless Deadbolt Door Lock


Are you looking for a heavy duty doorknob which is also heavy on security? This All-Weather Mechanical Keyless door lock is the one. It can withstand all weather conditions and is waterproof. It doesn’t need batteries too.

What Users Are Saying…

Users are pretty pleased with this lock. One user has purchased at least 5 different locks, but this is the only one lock he recommends. And he comments, “This lock will probably last a lifetime.

Why We Chose It…

If security and durability are on top of your requirement list, then you have to pick this. Just look at the lock — it looks mean and tough.


7. MiLocks DKK-02SN Electronic Touchpad Entry Keyless Door Lock


MiLocks DKK-02SN Electronic Touchpad Entry Keyless Door Lock


When you look at the knob, it looks like your ordinary, boring door knob, but when your eyes land on the keypad above it, you’ll change your mind. There’s a reason for that. This MiLocks was created to be a direct replacement for standard doorknobs. So, this is a perfect item for your doorknob upgrade.

What Users Are Saying…

Generally, users found this useful. One user loved the auto lock feature; the doorknob locks automatically after a few minutes of unlocking. Most users find it easy to install.

Why We Chose It…

The fact that you can use this directly as a replacement is a good thing. The manufacturer really thought of the users when they made this. It can store up to 6 user passcodes. And, if ever it gets broken, don’t worry. It has a 25-year mechanical warranty, a year of electrical warranty, and lifetime finish warranty.


6. SoHoMiLL YL 99 Keyless Electronic Keypad Lock

SoHoMiLL YL 99 Keyless Electronic Keypad Lock


This doorknob is a space saver — the keypad is right on the knob. This SoHoMill knob will fit both left- or right-hinged doors and will readily replace existing door locks, and can hold up to 8 user codes.

What Users Are Saying…

One user purchased one for his small property management firm and two more for personal use. His locksmith friend was skeptical about the lock at first since it has a low-price and looks very different from typical doorknobs. After working around and playing with it, the locksmith told him that the “locks were well made, and he was interested in finding out how to get hold of some.

Why We Chose It…

We love this because we haven’t seen a doorknob like it anywhere else. The keypads are usually separate from the knob, making most security doorknobs bulky.


5. MiLocks BDF-02SN Electronic Touchpad Entry Keyless Deadbolt Handleset Combo


MiLocks BDF-02SN Electronic Touchpad Entry Keyless Deadbolt Handleset Combo


MiLocks incorporate a doorknob and a deadbolt with an electronic keypad. Add up to 6 users with unique pass codes. It’s great if you have guests, there’s no need to give them keys, just program their desired lock combo and they have the freedom to come and go. You can delete the codes once they have gone.

What Users Are Saying…

Overall, users are pleased with this lock. Of the pros that they have mentioned, the common are: it’s easy to program and the material is made with fine quality.

Why We Chose It…

We like it because it can easily accommodate both left- and right-handed doors. Plus, it has a 25-year warranty on the mechanical parts, a year on the electrical ones and a lifetime warranty on the finish.


4. Camelot Keyless Door Knob




Upgrade your ordinary doorknobs to this — a modern doorknob with flex lock function. Just use the interior thumb to switch between unlocked and automatic re-locking. It can hold up to 19 codes for multiple users. Installation is easy with no wiring required.

What Users Are Saying…

One user loved that she does not need to carry a key when she goes out for a run. Another user said it worked perfectly. This explains the perfect 5-star rating on Wayfair.

Why We Chose It…

This door knob in a satin finish is ideal for back, side and even garage door entries because it’s wear-resistant. And its keypad has a backlight, making it easy to use at night.


3. Digital Keyed Door Knob




Honeywell brings you a door knob with a programmable lock which allows you to set up different codes for multiple users. It has a backlit keypad which makes it convenient to use it at night. If you happen to forget your lock combination, you can still open the door as long as you have the key.

What Users Are Saying…

An AllModern user bought this because her kids always lose the keys. She comments, “It is a nice looking deadbolt. Matches our doorknob perfectly.

Why We Chose It…

You are sure that your door is secured with this lock’s grade-3 residential security as tested by American National Standards Institute (ANSI). Plus, in shiny brass, it would look stylish on any door.


2. Electronic Keyless Door Lock Set


Electronic Keyless Door Lock Set


Looking sleek and classy in glossy brass, this Electronic Keyless Door Lock will provide security, convenience, and style to your home. With its style, you can easily match it you any door style.

What Users Are Saying…

Most Amazon users who purchased this were very happy with their purchase. One user commented, “ it looks very elegant and sophisticated on my door and is surprisingly well built.” Another user who found installing it easy added, “the quality of the product is above average for the price.

Why We Chose It…

It’s hard to find doorknobs with keypad locks that look sophisticated, good thing we spotted this one.

1. Ultraloq Ul3 Fingerprint and Touchscreen Keyless Smart Lever Door Lock 


Ultraloq Ul3 Fingerprint and Touchscreen Keyless Smart Lever Door Lock


Don’t want to deal with both keys and key codes? Perhaps you might as well use your fingerprints as key — right? This Ultralog door lever will make that possible. It can store up to 95 fingerprints. It can store codes too, and has backup keys just in case.

What Users Are Saying…

Amazon users are impressed with the product. One user can’t believe the price for the quality and rated it with 5 stars. Most users comment on how they find it easy to install the lock.

Why We Chose It…

Its elegant look and luxurious functionalities make it perfect for lavish smart homes. It’s durable, dustproof and waterproof as it should be; you need to keep the fingerprint sensor clean.



Your homes should be safe all the time. You need to have that peace of mind every time you walk out your door so you can concentrate on the things that you need to do for the day. Thanks to this list, you cannot only have a safe house, but a stylish one too.

Smart door locks are gaining popularity lately and they’re pretty cool too. You can just use your smartphone to lock and unlock them.

Have you locked your eyes on one particular doorknob? Tell us which one is it! 


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