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9 Indoor Waterfalls for a Relaxing Home

Our daily lives can be stressful, and after a long day of work coming home to a home that makes us feel relaxed is truly amazing. The soothing sound of water is commonly associated with relaxation, which is why it is a sound often heard in spas or meditation spaces. Why not bring the spa home with you? An indoor waterfall is easy and typically quite inexpensive to add to your house, and will provide calming effects in your daily life. These beautiful pieces add a strong decor statement as well, and as you’ll see from our selections below they come in a wide variety of styles and sizes. Additionally, they put moisture back into the air of your home, which is especially helpful if you live in a dry climate or have the heat running often during winter months. A great piece that adds fun, beauty, relaxation, and functionality to your home–what could be a better investment than that?

We’ve searched the internet for a variety of indoor waterfalls, ranging in size and price, that are well-reviewed and beautiful to look at. Any of these would be lovely additions to your home!


9. Eternal Steps Decorative Water Fountain by Gifts & Decor ($30 – $60)


Eternal Steps Decorative Water Fountain by Gifts & Decor


Why not combine some contrasting elements with your indoor fountain? This tabletop waterfall has a dramatic cascade effect for running water, and fits two tea light candles for an additional effect. We recommend picking up a few scented candles to make an even bigger impact.

What Users Are Saying… 

This gets a solid 3.7/5 rating on Amazon.com, with users noting that as an inexpensive option this fountain is a good choice. Users love having an extra place to display candles, but note that the running water sound on this fountain isn’t very strong.

Why We Chose It…

This is a unique combination of elements, and we love the idea of a two-for-one relaxation station for your home.


8. Bridal Veil Falls Fountain by Aquafires ($720 – $800)


Bridal Veil Falls Fountain by Aquafires


Another very unique option, this bridal veil fountain gives the illusion of water floating in the air, making it a fun statement piece for your space. (Note: This product does require an additional purchase of a fountain basin.)

What Users Are Saying… 

This product has a solid 3.8/5 rating on AllModern.com, though any negative marks are centered on price and difficulty of installation rather than the look of the fountain. Once installed, users are quite impressed with both the relaxing sounds and high impact this piece provides.

Why We Chose It… 

We love the look of this glass indoor fountain, which is a fresh and unique take on the home waterfall that you and your guests will love looking at.


7. EnviraScape Crossing Waters Illuminated Indoor Fountain by Homedics ($140)


 EnviraScape Crossing Waters Illuminated Indoor Fountain from Homedics


For a small indoor fountain with high impact, this Homedics product is a fun option. We love the light feature and the unusual crisscross pattern of the water, which is sure to catch the eye of guests. This would be great to place in a kitchen (without eating up too much counter space) or on your desk for some extra work zen.

What Users Are Saying… 

This item gets a strong 4.3/5 rating on Amazon.com. Users say that it is the perfect size for a small space, and that the water doesn’t splash outside of the fountain so there’s no mess. Additionally, many users report that the product’s light feature creates lovely light patterns on their ceilings at night which increases the relaxation this little device provides.

Why We Chose It… 

This is a great small sized, inexpensive, and impactful little waterfall!


6. Aveline Drop Slate Tabletop Fountain by Wildon Home ($130 – $237)


Aveline Drop Slate Tabletop Fountain by Wildon Home


This Wildon Home indoor fountain combines relaxation with artistic decor. A beautiful column design makes for a dramatic effect that will make guests take notice. This is a great piece to add drama to your home’s entryway or living room.

What Users Are Saying… 

A strong 4.4 from AllModern.com users makes this product a great option. Buyers say the fountain is easy to set up, lovely to look at, and provides a steady (but not overly loud) sound of running water.

Why We Chose It… 

This is a beautiful piece with a dramatic look, but is not overly large in size. A great option for anyone who wants to make an impact with their fountain, but doesn’t have a huge space to display it.


5. Richmond Indoor Floor Fountain by Wildon Home ($234 – $352)


Richmond Indoor Floor Fountain by Wildon Home


Moving on to floor fountain options, this is a great traditional piece for a home indoor fountain that isn’t too flashy. We love the simplicity of this piece, and the gentle sound it provides.

What Users Are Saying… 

This piece has a great score of 4.5/5 on AllModern.com. Users note that the fountain is quite large, and provides a very relaxing sound.

Why We Chose It… 

The classic look of this fountain makes it a great option for anyone looking for the calming sounds of rushing water, without necessarily making an over-the-top statement visually.


4. Bates Indoor/Outdoor Floor Fountain by Wildon Home ($215 – $393)


Bates Indoor/Outdoor Floor Fountain by Wildon Home


A larger piece, this fountain would make an excellent addition to a previously undecorated corner of your home. This piece holds more water and therefore offers a slightly more powerful sound.

What Users Are Saying… 

This indoor fountain has a great 4.5/5 rating from Wayfair.com buyers. Though the fountain isn’t made of real wood, customers say that it appears quite real and has a very high-end look. The piece is easy to install, and users love its large size.

Why We Chose It… 

This is a great option for anyone looking for a large fountain to decorate their space with. We love the rustic look of this piece, and think it would make a great addition to a living room with a southwestern or woodsy style.


3. Sand Stone Cascade Tires Indoor/Outdoor Lighted Fountain by Sunny Fountain ($205 – $332)


Sand Stone Cascade Tires Indoor/outdoor Lighted Fountain by Sunny Fountain


Another large option, that is also designed to be used either indoors or outdoors, this sand stone fountain stands out from the crowd with lighting features that give it an extra aesthetic boost.

What Users Are Saying… 

This piece has an excellent 5/5 star rating on Amazon.com, with users noting its top-notch functionality and beauty. The fountain is simple to install, and users enjoy it both indoors and outdoors.

Why We Chose It… 

The 5/5 star reviews are hard to ignore, and we love the use of light, which makes this piece truly pop.


2. Fremont Floor Fountain by Wildon Home ($365 – $575)


Fremont Floor Fountain by Wildon Home


Another large floor fountain with added lighting effects, this Wildon Home piece boasts a two-tone look with an eye-catching copper pattern.

What Users Are Saying… 

Another 5/5 star rating on AllModern.com, users say this is a beautifully designed piece that works either indoors or outdoors.

Why We Chose It… 

Finding the right look for your fountain is essential, and there are a wealth of color options and designs out there. This is a great floor fountain for a home that’s style is industrial and bold.


1. Water Wonders Contempo Luna Fountain by Bluworld ($995 – $1,095)


Water Wonders Contempo Luna Fountain by Bluworld


Talk about a high-impact design, this indoor fountain takes wall decor to another level. A large, hanging fountain with light features will make a bold statement in any room in your house, but we think this would be an especially nice addition to a kitchen or dining space.

What Users Are Saying… 

Another strong 5/5 star rating from AllModern.com users, this piece is also enjoyed by business owners who want a soothing and beautiful piece of decor for their spaces.

Why We Chose It… 

What a fun addition this would be to any home! This is an expensive piece, but would be a great conversation starter as the focal point of your modern space.


No matter what your home’s style or size is, you can find an indoor fountain to fit it! These pieces can bring a great deal of beauty and relaxation to your home, which you’ll be able to appreciate on a daily basis. It is important to consider the long-term use and impact of each item that we choose for our home. Indoor waterfalls have multiple benefits, and will be a source of enjoyment for many years to come!

To check out more unique decor pieces for your home, take a look at some of our featured decor products!

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