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Best LED Grow Lights Of 2023 (Buying Guide)

This article takes a look at the Best LED Grow Lights Of 2023 (Buying Guide). As we move into the autumn (at least here in the US) we are getting a lot less sunlight and harvest time for our outdoor gardens is here. This basically makes the end of our outdoor plant growing season for most states in the US but you don’t have to stop growing great plants just because winter is around the corner. Do you want an indoor garden, but don’t know where to start? We can help demystify the process in our Best LED Grow Lights Of 2023 (Buying Guide).

Growing your own plants gives a certain satisfaction, and is theorized to help people live longer. While an outdoor garden is a nice thought, indoor space can give you control that nature won’t provide. Indoor lights have made it possible to bring the garden into your home. When keeping plants indoors, you don’t have to worry about blazing summer heat or frigid winter temperatures. LED lighting made especially for plants allows you to move away from the windowsill and create your own botanical space. The ease and convenience are one of the best parts, whether it’s plucking a fresh sprig of cilantro to top tacos or watching a cactus flourish in a windowless space. Grow lights provide a great alternative to natural sunlight.

Once you have decided to start an indoor garden, you next need to consider how much space you can dedicate to your plants. This will determine what setup will be best as well as what type of lighting you need. 

grow plant in a jar

Types of Indoor Lighting for Plants

Fluorescent lights are very affordable but are not as long-lasting or as energy efficient as LED lights. Many do not offer the range of wavelengths optimal for healthy plant growth. However, due to their low cost and availability, they work well for beginners.

Plants do best with a full spectrum of light. Blue light is used by plants for growth and photosynthesis. Red light encourages flowering and leaf formation. The “purple” lighting (primarily blue/red) is the most affordable LED option, but can be unpleasant to the human eye, and makes it hard to spot pests or soil issues. While pinkish lights are very common, the light can be white and still have the full spectrum. The best lighting setups also include far red, green, and yellow lights. 


Choosing a Set-up for your Grow Lights

Size is one of the first things to consider when selecting a setup. A compact system may take up mere square inches with an all-in-one system, while other set-ups can cover two feet by four feet.

The system you prefer will depend on the space you want your plants to occupy. There’s a huge variety of plant stands available. A mountable light can be placed on a wall or even the underside of a shelf or wall unit, taking very little space and melding into your existing furniture. They can be attached with simple hardware or even adhesive strips. Other mounted lights require anchored mounting but will give you the closest approximation to full-spectrum sunlight. These overhead lights can provide coverage for a larger amount of plants. 

All-in-one setups are designed to fit small spaces like desks or countertops. This is perfect for herbs, as you can have them at your fingertips to add to recipes. Another great thing about these systems is that they are hydroponic, and the base is included with the lighting. You can find systems that also come with pre-selected seed packets, taking out the guesswork completely. While that is an advantage, these systems do offer less flexibility with what you are able to grow. Smaller plants such as herbs will thrive, but other plant types need more specialized care.

Swivel/gooseneck lights come in a range of shapes and sizes. This variety means that you can use the light for a taller or larger potted plant with a stand, or use the adjustable lights on a desk or other flat surface. 

Why you should trust Ideaing? 

Since 2013, we pride ourselves on providing truly objective insight into our reviews and recommendations. After our extensive research on over 50 LED indoor plant lights on the market, here are our best picks for most people.


Best LED Grow Lights for 2023


Best for Growing Vegetables Indoors Grow Lights


spider farmer led grow light

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The Spider Farmer SF-2000 Grow Light offers two feet by four feet of plant coverage. Featuring a wider area range, this lighting is perfect for growing vegetables and other plants that need more space. The lights are dimmable and adjustable. This popular system is highly rated and perfect for larger indoor gardens. 

  • Overhead mount
  • Multiple light types
  • Dimmable


Best for Growing Herbs Indoors Grow Lights



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The Aerogarden Sprout is a sleek all-in-one system that uses hydroponics and high-efficiency LED lights to grow plants up to ten inches tall. Its compact design makes it a great fit for a kitchen countertop or pleasant desk accessory. Since water and lighting are taken care of, the AeroGarden takes the guesswork out of gardening.

  • All-in-one design
  • Energy efficient
  • Small size for desk or countertop


Best for Easy Installation Grow Lights

LED Strip Lights, 4 rows


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This LED Four Strip Light System is perfect for use on furniture such as cabinets, shelves, or wall units. The kit includes mounting as well as double-sided tape. Full-spectrum, dimmable lights can be set on a timer so you don’t have to worry about turning the lights on and off at the same time each day.

  • Strips can be attached to multiple surfaces with mounting or double-sided tape
  • Includes a timer for consistent daily lighting
  • Can be used for a variety of plant types and sizes


Best Grow Light with Tripod Stand Grow Lights


LED light with tripod stand


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This grow light comes with a stand/tripod and can be adjusted up to 47 inches, making it a great choice for larger plants. The tripod’s design can cover potted plants easily.

  • Adjustable tripod for taller potted plants, up to 47 inches
  • Easy to set up
  • The light color is white, making it easier on the eyes


Best Grow Tent Grow Lights

tent set with tools, lighting, temperature control


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This grow tent possibly offers more features than the beginner gardener needs but allows for a variety of plants to be grown at once. The tent can be temperature controlled and comes with everything you need to have an advanced indoor garden. This setup is particularly good for plants that grow on a trellis such as tomatoes, and squash beans. Cucumbers have less of a chance of rotting if they are grown on a trellis as well. 

  • Can accommodate a wide variety of plants
  • Complete kit including fans, lighting, rope hangers, and tools
  • Allows for temperature control


Best Adjustable Height Tabletop Grow Lights


root farm led light raised


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This system is convenient because it gives a tabletop option that doesn’t require any mounting.  The frame is adjustable, so it can be used for seedlings or mature plants. This setup is versatile in that it can be used for hydroponic plants, seedlings, or more mature plants in soil.

  • Assembled as an overhead stand so you can use whatever shape and size pots/planters you want
  • Perfect for seedlings
  • Can be adjusted to sixteen inches in height


Best Adjustable Triple Grow Lights with Clamp

FATIMA gooseneck triple stem light


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The FATIMA Grow Light includes 3 LED light panels on adjustable gooseneck stems. You can have plants of varying heights thanks to the flexible design that clamps right to your table’s edge. 

  • Light panels offer flexibility
  • Three, six, or twelve-hour timed lighting
  • Red and blue lights for a variety of plant types including vegetable, aquatics, and succulents


Best Simple Clamp Grow Lights


Domed clamp light


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The STONEPOINT LED clamp light features a shatter-resistant polycarbonate single bulb that uses only 13 watts of power. This light is designed to be hung or can be clamped to the edge of a table or other furnishing. Because of its pivoting head and lightweight, it can be adjusted in different directions with ease.

  • Clamp light that can be hung or clamped to furniture
  • Shatter-resistant design
  • Energy efficient


Best Decorative Desktop Planter Grow Lights

torchstar hydroponic system


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This adorable planter comes with an arced light and best accommodates a single plant. However, trimmings like the root ends of green onions will also thrive. The base is clear, which is ideal to monitor root growth.

  • All-in-one hydroponic system that comes with a translucent planter
  • The whimsical design looks great on a desk or countertop
  • The compact size makes it perfect for small spaces


Best Multi-light System Grow Lights


LEONLITE site of 4 grow lights


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The LEONLITE LED Grow Light (Set of 4) allows you to use the lights at different heights, depending on the stage of plant growth. Since each light plugs in individually, you can also use them in different areas of your home.

  • Comes with four independent panels
  • Easy to set up
  • Balance of blue and red light


Best Dome Grow Lights with Fan 

OUKANING dome light with fan

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The OUKANING Grow Light has a different look than other more traditional grow lights, giving a modern feel. It features a single dome that encases full-spectrum lights, and a fan is included to dissipate heat.

  • Overhead single dome 
  • Includes fan
  • The light transmission rate of 97%



Question. Can you grow plants with any light?

Answer. Technically, yes. Indoor lights in general offer a range of wavelengths and can facilitate plant growth. However, not all lights are created equal. Full-spectrum LED lights will give you the best results for healthy plants.


Question. Which LED light is best?

Answer. Full-spectrum lights including red, blue, far-red, green, and yellow are the best. Blue and red are the most essential, as they regulate leaf and stem growth as well as chlorophyll production. Far-red, green, and yellow are more supplemental but assist with plant health as well.


Question. How do you grow herbs indoors?

Answer. Herbs take very well to all-in-one systems, such as AeroGarden, that primarily use water (hydroponic) as a growth medium. These systems are very convenient, and let you keep the herbs close by, making for an easy harvest.


Question. How do you use LED grow lights?

Answer. Most LED lights are easy to install and use. Some require hardware mounting, and others can be attached with double-sided tape. Many systems have lights incorporated into the unit, and you simply need to plug them in. Some LED indoor lights come with a timer, so your plants get a set amount of light each day. Another option to look into is smart plugs or light switches. There are ways to actually schedule your garden’s light with your cellphone, giving you complete control! 


Question. How do you grow vegetables indoors?

Answer. Vegetables can be grown indoors, preferably with full-spectrum LED lights. Some fruits and vegetables, such as tomatoes, grow tall, and you will want to choose a system that will be mounted overhead or large enough for a trellis. An alternative is to start your vegetable garden indoors and then transition the seedlings outdoors. Even if you do have outdoor garden space, there are benefits to starting seeds inside, including fewer pests and no harsh elements. Once you’ve transitioned your plants outdoors, check out these outdoor lighting ideas to make your space even better.




Indoor gardens can be a rewarding and fun hobby. It’s easy to be successful when you have the right tools at hand. LED lights specifically designed for indoor plants make this an enjoyable process. There are many systems to choose from as well as various price points, so there is something for everyone. 

Have you tried indoor gardening yet? Please share your tips and experiences in the comments. 

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