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10 Mind-Blowing Outdoor Lighting for your Patio

Wall scones and hanging lights? It’s about time you forget about them. If you want to have a striking outdoor patio, you might as well explore bold options that will set your patio apart from the ordinary ones. Start with the quirky outdoor lighting, perhaps?

Lighting is the easiest outdoor decor to toy with because they are easy additions, but yet they bring such a huge effect on the space, especially when they start to glow. To add some personality to your patio, start with this list of quirky outdoor lighting.

1.  Vessel LED 1-Light Deck Light



Do away with the usual lighting and use this vessel-shaped deck light. Use it light up barbecue parties or create a romantic atmosphere by the poolside with its candle effect and the 7 automatically changing colors. Place it anywhere you like — indoors and outdoors. It can thrive in both due to its waterproof and shockproof nature.

What Users Are Saying…

Three AllModern users found this vessel lights charming that they all rated it with 5 stars. One user uses it inside her screen porch; it provides a nice glow at night. Another user makes it as her reading light and is looking at ordering for another one.

Why We Chose It…

This unusually shaped vessel lights are scene stealers, especially when you line them up as lighting decors. What we love about it is that there’s a handle, so you can easily move it around. Plus, it’s safe to use around children that you can actually use it as a room decor in your kids’ room.

2. LuminArt Serendipity Coffee Table



Elegant with a contemporary design, this LuminArt Serendipity Coffee Table is meant to give your evening talks a modern twist. Equipped with LED lights, it can be your sole source of light for the late night talks. Control the ambiance with a touch of a finger and select from a wide palette of colors to set the mood.

What Users Are Saying…

A majority of the AllModern users have given it a rating of 5 stars, bringing the average to 4.3 stars. One user bought it for her teenage daughter. They placed it beside her bay window; she and her friends made it as their hangout place.

Why We Chose It…

This coffee table has the flexibility to be used both indoors and outdoors — one point. Charging time is just 4 to 5 hours versus its operating time that’s 6 to 8 hours — two points.

3. Bass Luminous Cocktail Table



Have a bar? Get this Bass Luminous Cocktail Table. It was made for this very purpose. A cover sits on top and you could just slide in menus or pamphlets easily. The light coming from under it will make reading them easy, and will even enhance their looks.

 Why We Chose It…

It seems that this cocktail table never runs out of features. It has a charging station, changing LED lights which can display over 160,000 different shades of colors and is constructed of tough impact-resistant polyethylene. Plus, it runs up to 12 hours in just a single charge.


4. Gregg Media 1 Light Outdoor Hanging Pendant



When you are vying for an avant-garde look, you need to get this Gregg Media 1-Light Outdoor Hanging Pendant. They are shaped like smooth pebbles, or if your imagination is wild, you can think of them as mythical eggs. There are 3 different sizes available that if you get all three and hang them together, the effect is nothing short of divine.

What Users Are Saying…

It is one of the outstanding AllModern items which has a perfect 5-star rating. One user says that its great size adds style and flair to any space and commented that the Gregg Light is “Foscarini at its best“.


Why We Chose It…

You cannot just use these lights indoors, but they are suitable for use outdoors. They are made from a lightweight material that is both weatherproof and shock-resistant. This light makes a great addition to any patio, especially if it’s modern-inspired.

5. Zen LED 1 Light Deck Light



Looking to add tranquility to your outdoor space? These Zen LED 1-Light Deck Lights will do the trick. It looks as if a pile of 3 flat stones placed on top of each other. The image conjures up a sense of peace and relaxation within you and you are kind of convinced that you hear flowing water in the background. At night, this deck lights changes its colors dynamically — really cool.

What Users Are Saying…

Not less than 2 AllModern users had bought more than 1 of this light. One gave it as a gift to a friend while another got a couple and used them as party decors. They are fascinated by the beautiful colors — bright, changing and dimmable.

Why We Chose It…

This is a nice break from all the boring outdoor patio lights. It plays with the senses and it looks fun. You could even just let it float on your swimming pool as a decor during the day. Don’t worry, it’s waterproof and shockproof. They are safe to use around children too.


6. DNA Outdoor Hanging Lantern



When you got this DNA Outdoor Hanging Lanterns propped up your outdoor patio, it just means that you’re one bold and adventurous person. Designed by Karim Rashid, these hanging lanterns mimic the DNA structure — long and helix-like, the only difference is that with these lights, the helix structure is sort of asymmetrical and free-flowing.

What Users Are Saying…

One user who is bold enough to pull off these lights has given it a 5-star rating and commented, “Style is exactly what was needed in specific location.” Plus, he comments that the lights arrived in excellent condition.

Why We Chose It…

Finally, an outdoor light that is unlike any other. If you want your patio to stand out, you need to have these hanging lanterns installed. Eclectics, rejoice. These lights were made for you.

7. So Fresh LED Lamp



True to its name, this So Fresh LED Lamp is indeed a refreshing sight to see. It’s actually a wine bucket, but it doubles as a table lamp. Inventive, huh? And yes, you can place ice inside it to keep your wine cool. Plus, the lights change colors — it turns from yellow to red to blue, and the one thing that you have to worry about it is that it might steal the party limelight away from you.

What Users Are Saying…

AllModern users have awarded this So Fresh LED Lamp with 5-star ratings. They have purchased not just one, but 2 for one user and 3 for the other. They are all pleased with the quality and look of the lamp, and they use it all the time. One user noted that it has a circular charging pad, which she finds convenient.

Why We Chose It…

It’s just so cool, we need it on this list. Forget about candle lights. This is the new thing — wine bucket table lamps. The idea is just sublime. If you have these in your party, we’re pretty sure that your party will be remembered and talked about.

8. Torch Floor Lamp



Regality is a quick look to pull off when you have these Torch Floor Lamps. The bright whites radiating from these floor lamps are enough to give your patio the light and style that it needs. It has a stone base and polyethylene top — fit to be used outdoors.

What Users Are Saying…

Users love this Torch Floor Lamp as it is, but they would love it even more only if it comes with a dimmer. One user noted that the lamp gives off a white light, but she still finds it awesome. Another user said that the lamp goes well with her modern living room.

Why We Chose It…

Just imagine your outdoor patio guarded by these bright torch lamps. We’re pretty sure that your house would stand out from the rest of the block. You can leave it on for the rest of the night because LED lights utilize just a little power and they last up to 50,000 hours.

9. Cube LED 1 Light Deck Light



Here’s another quirky outdoor light from Smart & Green. It’s unusually shaped — cubed. Alone, it can already pull off a modern vibe, especially when it starts to glow at night. When you buy more, however, you start to bring out the playfulness of the item. Scatter them in threes, or pile them up or line them up. The design lies in your hands — and your creativity!

What Users Are Saying…

No single AllModern user has given this Cube LED light a score less than 5, making its rating a perfect 5! One user says it’s such a fantastic light for a modern light in her landscape. Another is looking into buying more of these lights. She’s just waiting for a sale.

Why We Chose It…

Since these Cube LED lights are waterproof, shockproof and portable, you can use them in your swimming pool as mini tables for your cocktails. Yes, it’s safe to immerse them a little in the water. You can even use them as chairs if you’d like. An evening chitchat sitting on these cubes? Oh yes, please!

10. Pearl LED 1 Light Deck Light



These Pearl Deck lights are circular glowing balls that would light up your outdoor patio. Place it on top of the chair. Hang it by the tree peeping into your patio. Or just prop it up anywhere you’d like. They’re portable. You can basically just carry it around and place it anywhere — depending on your mood. They light up dynamically in 7 different colors too.

What Users Are Saying…

Most Wayfair users were happy with their purchase. One user has two of these on her porch and they light the place beautifully. Another one opted to put a couple of these Pearl LED lights around her hot tub. All of them are just having fun with it.

Why We Chose It…

And since they are shockproof and waterproof, they are safe around children. You could even float them on your swimming pool if you wish. We promise you, it’ll create an amazing effect.


There. All of these lights provided a good break from the monotony of common outdoor lighting fixtures, right? Start with experimenting with one of these lights on your own outdoor patio. You will be surprised at how refreshing the new look will be. Or, you can experiment with outdoor fire pits too.

So, which of these quirky lights made you feel love at first light? Tell us in the comments below. If you enjoyed these products, make sure to check out more smart home products here!

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