Keep your Home & Family Safe with the Best Outdoor WiFi Security Cameras

Keep your Home & Family Safe with the Best Outdoor WiFi Security Cameras on the market today. You know the expression, “I wish I could be a fly on the wall?” That concept is never more relevant than when it comes to home security when the safety of your home and family is at stake. Being able to check in on your house, to make sure nothing is amiss, adds an enormous level of comfort.

Outdoor Wi-Fi cameras allow you to check in on your home’s surroundings and entry points from wherever you go. Many also provide a recording in the event that anyone does try to invade your house, which can be an invaluable tool for police to use if necessary.


What is an outdoor WiFi Security Camera?

A camera is designed to function well in outdoor environments that allow you to check in on your home using a smartphone application from anywhere you have Wi-Fi access.


Why You an Outdoor WiFi Security Camera

Wi-Fi cameras help you take control of your home’s security. They also allow you to record activity near your home, which can be used as evidence in the event that you experience a break-in.


Why should you trust Ideaing?

Since 2013, our team at Ideaing holds an extensive background in technology, from electrical engineering to product managers at Fortune 500 companies. We pride ourselves in providing truly objective incite into our reviews and recommendations. Our expert panel of product experts spend thousands of hours researching, analyzing, and testing products. After our extensive research on over 25 of the top outdoor WiFi Security Cameras on the market, here are our 10 best picks for most people.


The Best Wireless WiFi Outdoor Security Cameras


Based on our research and review, these are the best outdoor home security cameras on the market today.


1. Arlo Pro 2: Best of the Best



Flexible, simple, wildly weatherproof.


The Arlo Pro 2 device pulls from many of the best qualities of outdoor Wi-Fi cameras on the market, packing them into one tiny camera. This device is weatherproof, can be placed nearly anywhere with almost no installation, has a 130-degree swivel view, and a beautiful modern design. Best of all, though, is the product’s advanced motion detection skills. One of the biggest complaints buyers have about other Wi-Fi cameras is that the motion detection is too sensitive, going off every time a stray leaf passes by, or not sensitive enough, missing activity you’d like to monitor. The Arlo Pro 2 device is reported to have a far superior monitoring ability, which is a huge check in its plus column.


Why You Should Get It

The Arlo Pro 2 combines many of the great capabilities of other Wi-Fi outdoor cameras on this list, making it an excellent “best of both worlds” choice if you’re looking to add a highly capable device to your home security suite. Users love its flexible options and superior motion detection the most.



  • Advanced Motion Detection
  • 130 Degree Swivel View
  • Extremely Weatherproof
  • Extremely simple installation



  • Remote connection via the smartphone app is a bit on the lagging side



2. Nest Cam Outdoor Security Camera: Best with Nest Eco System


Nest Outdoor Wi-Fi Camera

High marks across-the-board with simple to share a video.


Taking all of the best elements of smart home security and combining them into one device means you have arrived at the Nest Cam Outdoor Security Camera. In the unfortunate event that you need to use your home security footage to help catch an intruder or even a vandal, this camera makes it simple to collect and share that footage. The device is always on the watch, recording 24/7 (while storing those recordings in the cloud) so that you’re always armed with evidence should you ever need it. It also boasts 2-way audio capabilities, night vision, and a weatherproof and waterproof design.

The best part? If you are a Nest aficionado, you will love the integration with all of your favorite Nest products, like the Nest Thermostat, sister Nest cameras, and more. Using this family of products alongside each other makes for seamless smart home experience.


Why You Should Get It

If you’re looking for a top-notch security camera that allows you to catalog footage simply, the Nest is your best bet. Its high-quality video is merged with its simple functionality and beautiful design.



  • 24/7 Security Recording
  • Share Footage Easily
  • Weatherproof
  • Night Vision


  • Needs to be plugged into a power source (need outdoor outlet)


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3. Ring Floodlight Cam: Best to Alarm Intruders


Ring Floodlight Cam

Light up the night and scare away potential intruders.


Sometimes you have to go big, and that’s what the Ring Floodlight Cam does. This camera doesn’t go for discreet but instead includes the bells and whistles needed to terrify would-be intruders. The camera itself is similar to the Ring Stick Up Cam mentioned above but adds a floodlight and alarm system that is designed to make a splash in case of an emergency. It also ups the ante by adding facial recognition capabilities, which can help you determine whether you need to wake the neighbors with the device’s lights and sounds or not!


Why You Should Get It

If you’re looking for something that makes a security splash, this device is likely your best bet. You’re bound to intimidate burglars with this product, and they’ll know right away that your house is not a good choice for an invasion.


Key Benefits

  • Floodlights
  • Night vision
  • Loud Alarm Sounds
  • Facial Recognition Abilities


  • The camera mount has a limited range of motion



4. Canary Flex Indoor Outdoor Security Camera: Most Flexible


Canary Flex Indoor Outdoor Security Camera

360 degrees of flexibility meets modern design.


One downside to many of the Wi-Fi security cameras available today is that they provide a limited field of vision, so you may need to purchase quite a few of them to adequately monitor your home. The Canary Flex Indoor Outdoor Security Camera takes care of that potential problem by providing a full 360-degree swivel ability, so you can view a wider range of space with just one camera.

The flexibility that the Canary offers means that you can truly use this device to cover a large room or a 360-degree view of your front porch.


Why You Should Get It

If your home has a modern aesthetic, this is probably the right style for you! Besides, choosing this camera will likely save you money because a single device can view more space than many more static competitors. Aside from the sleek design, users love the swivel function.


Key Benefits

  • 360-degree views
  • Weatherproof
  • Easy installation
  • Modern design


  • Need a monthly payment if you want to record in Home mode


5. Ring Stick Up Cam: Easiest to Use


 Unbelievably simple installation with high-quality video.


No one wants to have to spend hours setting up a new home security system, which is probably why the market hasn’t completely moved away from traditional security companies yet. However, many smart home security products require practically no installation or setup. We’d bet you can have the Ring Stick Up Cam installed and working within 10 minutes of opening the product’s box!


Why You Should Get It

I’m big into simple products that are easy to install, especially those with great reviews, and this fits that bill. Ring is also becoming a very well-regarded brand, and this device would work well with other products from their suite. Of course, the top praise for this device always goes to its simple setup and use.


Key Benefits

  • Idiot-proof installation
  • Night Vision
  • Store recorded videos in the cloud


  • The live video feed can be slow at times


6. Blink XT: Works Best For Battery Powered Devices


Blink XT Indoor/Outdoor Home Security Camera

Self-install camera that can be voice-controlled with Amazon Alexa skills.


One downside to many of the Wi-Fi security cameras available today is that they provide a limited installation because of the required wiring. The Blink XT Home Security Camera takes care of that potential problem because it’s truly wireless (battery-powered) and it can be easily operated through voice via Amazon’s Alexa skills, plus it can integrate with other smart home products through IFTTT.

On top of that, you can use Blink XT both indoors and outdoors. No worries if it catches a bit of rain. You can still get HD quality video no matter what the weather is. View your footage without paying the monthly fees or data storage charges. Blink’s cloud storage service is free.


Why You Should Get It

If your home has a modern aesthetic and you want a super easy setup, this is probably the right style for you! Besides, choosing this camera will likely save you money because of the free storage. If you’re an Alexa user too, you should definitely go with this camera too to maximize its benefits.


Key Benefits

  • Integrates with Amazon Echo
  • Runs on batteries that can last for 2 years
  • No monthly subscription fees
  • Indoor and outdoor use (weatherproof)
  • Motion detection, Live HD video, and night vision


  • Too sensitive motion detection feature (picks up swaying trees)




7. Kuna Outdoor Home Security Camera & Light: Most Discreet


Kuna Outdoor Home Security Camera & Light

Camouflage your security with this inconspicuous Wi-Fi camera.


The Kuna Outdoor Home Security Camera & Light employs a similar concept to those stone rabbits your parents always hid their spare house keys in (we don’t recommend those, obviously.) This device takes a home security creation and camouflages it in a very traditional looking and attractive outdoor lantern. This can be beneficial because potential intruders will likely be unaware that they are being filmed, and they also won’t try to disable the camera because they don’t know it exists. This product also features many of the functions of other items on this list, including 2-way audio and an alarm for emergencies.


Why You Should Get It

This product allows you to inconspicuously add to your home’s security, which can be a huge asset if you’re concerned that visible security products are not as effective. It is also a relatively inexpensive option.

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Key Benefits

  • Discreet Camera
  • 2-way audio
  • Emergency Alarm


  • The app functionality is not that impressive



8. Netatmo Smart Outdoor Security Camera: Best for Use on Porches


Netatmo Outdoor Security Camera

Switches on when to deter unwanted company.


Sometimes people creep up on your property for bad intentions or just weird reasons. You can scare these creeps away by just flashing them ultra-bright light unexpectedly. The Netatmo Security Camera can do this for you. These smart floodlights switch on when there’s an unwanted visitor detected on its area of monitoring, which you can also choose upon setup. And it also sends you an alert on your smartphone so you can do necessary actions.

And oh, don’t worry about your wife’s car going on its range of monitoring. You can select which presence to alert, may it be people, cars, or animals. You only get updates on things that you want to monitor.


Why You Should Get It

If security is your priority, Netatmo will provide itself to be the best outdoor camera investment. It will not only alert you, but it will try to drive the nuances away. (Just not too sure if it scares off bears and other wild animals that want to hang out in your yard though.)


Key Benefits

  • Custom alerts straight to your smartphone
  • Round-the-clock security with full HD footage
  • Free video storage
  • Effortless to install


  • Uses an SD card, which can be prone to moisture



9. Deep Sentinel: Best Police Monitored A.I. Camera System


Deep Sentinel Surveillance System - outdoor security camera


The Deep Sentinel Surveillance System is surely impressive. Much more than a wireless security system, Deep Sentinel is changing the game when it comes to DIY surveillance. It works with a surveillance system, meaning that you opt-in ($1.65 per day) and receive live human security guards by your side. The Surveillance Team is based in the US, and the subscription ensures that potential threats to your home are communicated with via the system. Using a combination of AI-powered detection and live guards, this is a unique offering on our list.


Why You Should Get It

If you are using a traditional security system at this time, this product might be for you. With 24/7 surveillance at a fraction of the price of traditional systems, I am excited about the enhancements made with live security.



  • 24/7 mounting
  • AI-powered technology to help scale
  • Live agent communication with potential burglars



  • None!



10. Arlo Ultra: Most Powerful with 4K UHD


Arlo Ultra 4K UHD Wire-Free outdoor security camera

If clarity is what you are after, this is it.


If you asked me a few years ago what the future of security cameras was, I would have only hoped for ultra-quality like the Arlo. I recently installed this device at my Mom’s house, as she has a large backyard and lives in a more rural sort of area. I was instantly amazed at the quality the device provides. With 4K and HDR, you can zoom in to see truly sharp details and enhanced image quality, including night vision.

Perhaps one of my other favorite features is the integrated spotlight option. With the spotlight, Arlo will light up the area and attempt to ward off unwelcome guests. With this device, I feel so much safer knowing my Mom is protected.


Why You Should Get It

If you are like me and want crystal clear video quality, this is the device for you. You won’t be disappointed.



  • 4K and HDR quality
  • Wire-free, weather-resistant
  • Integrated spotlight



  • Support could be improved


Best Wireless WiFi Outdoor Camera Comparison


Here are the Best WiFi Security Camears compared.

1Arlo Pro 2 Wireless Home Security Camera System

  • Swivel Head
  • Weatherproof
  • Advanced Motion Detection
  • Slow Connection

2Google Nest Cam

  • 24/7 Recording
  • Night Vision
  • Video Sharing
  • Requires Power Cord Connection

3Ring Floodlight Camera

  • Flood Lights
  • Facial Recognition
  • Night Vision
  • Mount limited range of motion

4Canary Flex Indoor/Outdoor Security Camera

  • 360 Degree View
  • Easy Installation
  • Weatherproof
  • Bugs in App

5Ring Stick Up Cam Battery HD security camera with two-way talk

  • Cloud Storage
  • Easy Installation
  • Night Vision
  • Solar Powered
  • Slow Video Feed

6All-new Blink XT2 Outdoor/Indoor Smart Security Camera

  • Alexa skills
  • Indoor/Outdoor use
  • Weatherproof
  • Too sensitive

7Maximus Kuna Outdoor Home Security Camera & Light

  • Discreet Design
  • 2-Way Audio
  • Alarm Sound
  • Poor app

8Netatmo NOC01US 1080p Wi-Fi Security Camera

  • Custom alerts
  • free video storage
  • Uses an SD card

9Deep Sentinel Surveillance System

  • 24/7 mounting
  • AI-powered technology to help scale
  • Live agent communication with potential burglars
  • None!

10Arlo Ultra 4K UHD Wire-Free Security 1-Camera System

  • 4K and HDR quality
  • Wire free, weather resistant
  • Integrated spotlight
  • Support could be improved




—  Best Wireless Outdoor Security Cameras FAQ  —

Q: Do I need to have Wi-Fi to work with these Outdoor Security Cameras?

A: With these devices, yes, you will realize the full potential of the outdoor security cameras when Wi-Fi is available.


Q: Do I need to pay a subscription for Outdoor Security Cameras?

A: Some cameras require a subscription, yes, whereas others do not. Be sure to read the full features and benefits of any product before purchasing.


Q: How far do Outdoor Security Cameras reach and work?

A: While each device is different, on average, the range is about 250 to 500 feet.


Q: Do Outdoor Security Cameras prevent crime?

A: They can help, yes! I especially advise using the devices that feature a spotlight option, meaning that a powerful light will shine on an area when it detects movement.


Q: How to install an Outdoor WiFi Security Camera

A: These outdoor cameras are very user-friendly and simple to install. Most can be set up in less than 30 minutes, and as long as you are moderately adept at using a smartphone you’ll be able to access your cameras on-the-go with ease.


Q: How much does an Outdoor WiFi Security Camera cost?

A: The cameras featured in this article range in price from $144 – $249. Most outdoor cameras are relatively moderately priced considering the benefits they provide!



The peace of mind that having a great outdoor Wi-Fi security setup will give you is worth its weight in gold, and the products on this list all have excellent qualities to help make your home safer. At Ideaing, we think that installing smart home security products is one of the best decisions you can make for your home.

These products are simple to use, are less expensive than traditional security systems from corporate providers, and allow you to be in charge of your home security.

We also have the complete Wi-Fi Security Cameras if you’re looking for a more thorough guide.

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