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The Best Recliner Chair Buyers Guide 2023

Let’s take a look at the Best Recliner Chair Buyers Guide 2023. You know you need a comfortable seat for watching TV, playing games, or even just using your Apple iPhone, Samsung Galaxy smartphone, iPad, or whatever you have. The last thing you want to do when you come home from work is to set down in an uncomfortable chair. So we think we might be able to help you out with a few suggestions.

Your Health and Chairs

Everyone knows that remaining sedentary is not good for your health, but did you know that poor posture can be just as dangerous? Believe it or not, the 90-degree angle and sitting posture you always thought to be the correct position is not recommended for a prolonged period, without breaks. Sitting in this manner can cause stress, especially on your back and spine.  The Cornell University Department of Ergonomics explains that 90% more pressure is placed on your back when you sit, versus when you stand.

There is a way to offset some of that pressure. Yes, it would be best if you got up every so often, walk around and stretch. You can also swap to a more relaxed seating position whenever applicable.

Thanks to today’s advancements, entertainment chairs, like office chairs, now offer better features like the ability to recline.

Read on to learn more about some of the best recliners for back pain, the most comfortable recliners to sleep in, and our top picks for the best recliners of 2023.


What is a Reclining Chair?

A reclining chair, or recliner, is precisely what the name describes — a chair that reclines or leans back. Often, a separate footrest is built-in which can be lifted to provide leg support while leaning back. Others, have a separate ottoman or leg-rest included. Some recliners will automatically lower into position, while others must be manually lowered, whether through an electronic system or via a manual lever.

Anyone that wants comfortable seating, at least individually, should be interested in the best brand recliners. Moreover, they come in all forms, from faux leather to microfiber materials, and in a wide variety of styles.


Why Do You Need a Recliner Chair?

Some of the most comfortable modern recliner models offer a long list of benefits, the most prominent being, that they’re a viable stress reliever. Since there’s a strong correlation between physical pain and stress, reclining chairs help reduce discomfort caused by physical and health issues. From the most renowned brands, like Lazy Boy recliners, to more generic models, they’re all designed to provide ultimate comfort while reducing pain, discomfort, and damage to the body.

As if that wasn’t enough, some recliners double as electronic massagers with motor-driven nodules that knead and work the back and buttocks muscles.


How Much Do the Best Brand Recliners Cost?

As with any product, the price varies from recliner to recliner. However, everything on our list ranges from a minimum of $80 to more than $500 at the priciest levels. Although it’s not always true, you should expect that the best recliners for comfort are usually going to be more expensive.


The Best Smart Recliner Chairs for Comfort in 2023

Note, that this article was updated at the start of 2023 to give you the most up-to-date selection in today’s market.


Best Overall: Best Choice Electric Massage Recliner Chair and Ottoman Set

Best Choice Products Faux Leather Electric Massage Reclining Chair

Get it

A recliner, a convenient leg rest, a built-in massager, and a remote. What more could you ask for?


This fantastic set includes a separate chair and ottoman. While there is more wiggle room to move the two pieces, the ottoman includes a massage system inside too — to knead the legs — and must remain plugged to work correctly.

Ultimately, this Electric Massage Recliner and Ottoman Set are designed to be ergonomic and luxurious. The chair is covered in easy-to-clean faux leather, while the backrest is double-padded with soft cushions to provide superior comfort.

The massager can be controlled with the wireless remote. It has 5 pre-programmed massage modes and 2 modes that serve your back, thighs, and calves. Just kick back, put your feet up, and relax in one of the best recliner chairs. If you want, you can turn on the massager and feel instant relief. This cost around $280 + Free Shipping from Amazon.


Why You Should Get it

This system is excellent for all ages, young to old, and the remote is just as easy to work with. Aside from the comfort and ergonomic design this chair gives, the electric massager elevates it to another level! Throw in the footrest, and now it’s a party.



  • Reclining chair and an electric massager in one
  • Covered in faux leather with double-padded soft cushions
  • Has 5 pre-programmed settings, 9 intensity levels, and 2 modes of massaging
  • Durable materials used
  • Ottoman included



  • Faux leather has a strong smell, at first



Best Basic Design: Homall PU Leather Recliner Chair and Padded Seat


Homall Reclining Chair

Get it

Simple design, unparalleled comfort.


Not interested in all the bells and whistles? Want something a little more affordable but still one of the best reclining chairs? No problem! You’ll be pleased to see the Homall PU Leather Recliner Chair on our list.

It’s a theater-style individual recliner, and it comes in a bevy of colors, including bright red! The footrest is supported by a durable steel frame, and it extends manually. Four sturdy feet keep the chair firmly in place regardless of the position you’re sitting in.

This cost around $150 + Free Shipping from Amazon. Sometimes it goes on sale for $30-$40 less which makes it a really great buy.


Why You Should Get it

Just because you don’t want a ton of features doesn’t mean you should compromise on comfort. This chair is simple, affordable, and personalizable — thanks to several color options.



  • High-quality PU leather material
  • Adjustable recliner from 90 to 180 degrees
  • Durable steel frame for footrest
  • Supports up to 265-pounds



  • The chair has a low-profile


Best Therapeutic: HOMCOM Heated Massage Recliner Chair

HOMCOM Luxury Heated Vibrating Reclining ChairGet it

Warm your muscles, and ease discomfort.


Thanks to the built-in massage and heating features of this chair, you can treat poor blood circulation and sore muscles while relaxing. The Homcom  Heated Massage Recliner Chair features two cup holders, one on each armrest, and a fully adjustable backrest that reclines, with extended leg rest. Vibrate or warm across its five pre-programmed massage modes and two intensity levels. The movement is delivered in body zones that are most prone to aches like the upper and lower back, thighs, and calves.

The imitation leather material is easy to clean. It comes with a remote to control the massage, heat, and vibration functions. Moreover, the chair also rocks and will spin up to 360 degrees if there’s enough clearance.

This cost around $400 + Free Shipping from Amazon. Depending on the color you pick and what discounts are available, you might be able to snag it for a little less.


Why You Should Get it

All in all, this chair includes everything you’d need to soothe a sore and aching body, including a heater, vibration, and massage modes. All can be controlled via the included remote, and the chair has a faux leather covering with a padded core. It certainly belongs on our list of the best reclining chairs for comfort.



  • Faux leather recliner stuffed with very soft and thick foam padding
  • Has heating and vibrating/massage functions
  • Pre-programmed modes make it easy
  • Built-in remote
  • Has left and right cup holders



  • The backrest is not as tall as some other chairs



Best Modern Features: Red Barrel Electric Riser Recliner TV Chair

Mcombo Electric Power Lift Reclining ChairGet it

Not only does this chair recline but it can power lift up to make it easy to get out of.


The Mcombo Electric Power Lift Recliner Chair Sofa with Massage and Heat comes in the colors Black, Blue, Cream White, Dark Brown, Grey, Light Brown, and Red. Want to make it easy to get out of the recliner chair? No problem, because this has a power lift and can tilt you forward to make it a snap to get out of the chair and that’s why it’s one of the best reclining chairs.

The Faux Leather material can be easily cleaned and looks great. This chair has nearly 3,500 reviews on Amazon with a 4.5 out of 5-star rating. This cost around $600 plus Free Shipping from Amazon.

Why You Should Get it

This chair is super comfortable and can just about do it all. The lift and motor are controlled with a wired remote, which is included. Don’t let it fool you because it’s not just for seniors. It’s an excellent chair for any lover of recliners, with multiple cup holders, Two USB ports that can be used to charge your iPhone 13, and more.



  • Full-body Vibration & Lumbar Heating
  • Easy to clean
  • Built-in motor to lift and adjust the chair
  • Dual cup holders and USB ports



  • Some assembly required
  • Recommended height: 5’1″-5’9″ (this won’t work well for those of you that are taller)


Best for Seniors: Power Lift Oversized Recliner Chair


Signature Design by Ashley Yandel Upholstered Power Lift Reclining ChairGet it

Designed to be an extension of your body, and to move with you.


Whether you just want an incredible lounger or you have mobility issues and you need something to make your experience better, the Power Lift Oversized Recliner by Ashley Yandel is for you. That’s why it made our list of the Best Reclining Chairs.

The dual-motor system allows you to elevate your legs, or recline the backrest separately so you can find the position that works best and is more comfortable for your body. Of course, it can be reclined with the footrest up at the same time, too, like traditional chairs. Everybody will enjoy how soft this chair is, it’s like sitting on a cloud. The recline modes are accessible with a quick and simple press of a button.

Have problems standing up and getting out of your chair? Easy controls will help you angle the chair so it’s easier to stand up and takes less of a toll on your body. The timeless look of the chair will add to your satisfaction, as well.

This cost around $700 + Free Shipping from Amazon. Depending on what discounts are available, you can probably get this for closer to $600.


Why You Should Get it

When you need help sitting or rising from a chair, this plush, cloud-like recliner is what you need. The chair moves forward to help you stand up after being seated, but reclines smoothly with an elevated footrest, too. You’ll love sinking into the thick foam padding, and the feel of the faux leather on your skin!



  • Power lift recliner that assists while sitting or standing
  • Dual-motor to elevate leg rest, recline the backrest, or both
  • Super stylish design in several colors
  • Oversized chair with thick cushion



  • The chair may be too large for small living spaces


Best for Outdoors: Zero Gravity Lounge Recliner Chair

Best Choice Products Set of 2 Adjustable Steel Mesh Zero Gravity Reclining ChairGet it

Outside by the fire? No problem!


Who else loves the feeling of the warm sun on your skin and the refreshing scent of open air? Not all of the best reclining chairs for comfort are designed for indoor use only!

With the Zero Gravity Lounge Chair Recliners, you can relax on a patio, in your backyard, or wherever you place the chairs! The seats are made from UV-resistant mesh materials that are fade-resistant and reduce heat transfer, even in direct sunlight. They’re weatherproof, as well, and prevent mold and mildew build-up so you can leave them outdoors or in a storage shed.

The chairs recline with your whole body to reduce the drag of gravity. A removable and adjustable head pillow provides added support for the neck. Overall, the chairs are lightweight and foldable, making them extra portable and easy to move around.

These chairs stay as one of the top sellers on Amazon and have great ratings and reviews. Generally, these cost about $130 + Free Shipping.


Why You Should Get it

For those times when you want to relax outdoors, instead of inside, these chairs are excellent! They include a detachable accessory tray that can hold 2 drinks and a phone, and it even has a slot for magazines, tablets, and books.



  • Made with durable yet lightweight materials
  • The mesh fabric is weatherproof, fade-resistant and mildew-resistant
  • Foldable for easy storage and portability
  • Includes detachable tray



  • Tall users may not be as cozy


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— 2023 Recliner Chair Buyers Guide & FAQ —

Buying One of the Best Recliner Chairs for Comfort? Here’s What to Look for:

Let’s be honest here. Buying any piece of furniture like a couch or reclining chair can be quite an investment. Regardless of benefits, or features, you want the chair to last for a long time, providing hundreds — if not thousands — of hours of comfort and relaxation. Therefore, it is important to pick one that is worth your hard-earned money.

Our buying guide on the best reclining chairs for comfort should help you find the right model for you and your habits.


Stress Relief – Physical and mental stress is inevitable. A good recliner should allow its occupant to kick back, elevate the feet, and take a load off. Some are a set with a reclining chair and ottoman, while others are one-piece with everything built-in.

Pain Relief – Most sitters get muscle strains from time to time. A reclining chair helps by distributing weight pressure and thus helping joints and muscles carry less load of body weight. Some recliners have massaging or heating features or both, to stimulate the muscles.

Comfort – Often, reclining chairs are designed to be large so that they can accommodate various body frames. The true comfort of recliners is evident in their padding. You sink into a soft cushion core, which is incredibly soothing.

Support – Recliners come in many shapes and forms, but total support boils down to frame on or off the ground. A sturdy steel frame holds everything firm, while a stabilized base improves comfort and support.

Aesthetic value – Most people care about how their furniture looks, so be sure to consider the style, color, and materials before choosing one.

Additional features – Some chairs include additional features like cup holders, USB ports, massage, and heating functions, lift motors, and much more. Figure out what you’re looking for before you sit down to pick out a chair.


The Best Reclining Chairs for Comfort: FAQ

From the best recliners for seniors to the best recliners for sleeping, these chairs are incredibly versatile, especially when they offer a bevy of advanced features. On a cold winter day, for example, you might choose to relax in a heated recliner over your couch, bed, or nearby furniture!


Q: Do All Recliners Have a Footrest?

A: Not necessarily. Most recliners do have a footrest of some kind yes, whether it’s built-in or a separate piece, like an ottoman. However, there are recliners that do not offer foot support so keep that in mind.


Q: How Do You Recline and Adjust the Chairs?

A: Most chairs have an easy dial, lever, or button that will recline the chair. Chairs that have a motor built-in will recline and adjust automatically. Others, require manual activation, which is usually offered through a lever or latch.


Q: Do All Recliners Have a Massage Function?

A: No, but some do. Reclining chairs with these features are pricier, too.


Q: Do All Chairs Have Color Options?

A: Some do and some don’t. Sometimes, you’ll find that a reclining chair comes in several colors, but only one or two of those color options are actually available.


Q: Are Recliners One-Size-Fits-All?

A: Yes, and most reclining chairs are oversized, with thick, soft padding to accommodate users of all sizes.


Q: How Much Space Do Recliners Require?

A: Reclining chairs are typically bigger than ordinary chairs, so it can be difficult to position a large recliner in a small living space like an apartment, bedroom, or studio. You can always check the dimensions of the chair you’re looking at to be sure you have enough room in your home or space.


Q: What Accessories Are Included?

A: Common accessories include a remote, detachable storage tray, storage pouches, and sometimes Ottomans.


The Best Recliner Chairs for Comfort: Which Do You Like Best?

Are you looking for the best recliners for the elderly? We have you covered. What about the best leather recliners for 2023? Yep, we have those on the list too!

We’re confident all the reclining chairs on this list are comfortable, durable, and highly functional. From built-in massage and heating functions to a separate Ottoman, there’s at least one option here for everyone. Be sure to review our FAQ if you’re not sure what to look for when choosing a chair. Moreover, you’ll find some of the best deals on reclining chairs featured here, and on our home page!

Which chair do you like best? Was there one that fit your needs?


the best reclining chairs for comfort: chair and ottoman set


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