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Upgrade Your Home with these Top-Rated Smart Ceiling Fans

Staying cool in the summer doesn’t have to be costly. Smart ceiling fans offer an affordable and energy-efficient solution that keeps you comfortable while reducing your carbon footprint. With voice, remote, and app control, you can adjust your fan’s speed, direction, and lighting to match your preferences and save energy. Compared to central air conditioning systems, a fan-only option uses minimal energy, making it an eco-friendly choice for cooling your home. Our 2023 guide to choosing the right smart ceiling fan includes top picks for staying comfortable and eco-conscious all summer long.


What is a Smart Ceiling Fan?

A smart ceiling fan is a ceiling fan that can be controlled using smart technology, such as a smartphone app or a voice assistant like Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant. Smart ceiling fans offer additional features that traditional ceiling fans don’t have, such as the ability to control the fan speed, direction, and light settings remotely. With a smart ceiling fan, you can set schedules and create custom scenes to match your preferences, such as turning on the fan when the temperature rises above a certain degree or syncing it with your smart thermostat to save energy.

Smart ceiling fans are also compatible with smart home systems, which allow you to control your home’s climate and other smart devices from a central hub. They can be integrated with a variety of smart home platforms, including Apple HomeKit, Google Home, and Samsung SmartThings, making it easy to control your fan along with other smart devices in your home.

One significant advantage of using a smart ceiling fan is its energy efficiency. Compared to central air conditioning systems, a fan-only option uses significantly less energy, making it an eco-friendly and budget-friendly alternative for those who want to conserve energy while staying cool. With the additional features of a smart ceiling fan, you can customize your cooling preferences and maximize the efficiency of your cooling system while reducing your carbon footprint.

Why Would You Want a Smart Ceiling Fan?

There are several reasons why you might want a smart ceiling fan. Here are some of the benefits:

Convenience: With a smart ceiling fan, you can control the fan speed, direction, and light settings remotely using your smartphone app or voice assistant. You no longer have to get up to adjust the settings manually, making it a convenient option.

Energy efficiency: A smart ceiling fan can help you save money on energy costs by using less energy compared to central air conditioning systems. You can also set schedules and create custom scenes to match your preferences, such as turning on the fan when the temperature rises above a certain degree or syncing it with your smart thermostat to save energy.

Eco-friendliness: Smart ceiling fans are an eco-friendly option for those who want to conserve energy while staying cool. By combining the fan with other smart devices in your home, such as a smart thermostat, you can maximize the efficiency of your cooling system while reducing your carbon footprint.

Integration with other smart home devices: Smart ceiling fans can be integrated with other smart home devices, such as smart lighting, air circulator fans, or a smart speaker, creating a seamless and cohesive smart home system. This allows you to control all your smart devices from a central hub, making it even more convenient and easy to use.

Overall, a smart ceiling fan offers a convenient and energy-efficient way to stay cool and comfortable, while also being eco-friendly and integrated with other smart home devices.

The Best Smart Ceiling Fans for 2023

Based on our research and review, here are the best smart WiFi ceiling fans in the market today.
Note: If you buy through affiliate links, we may earn commissions, which helps support our site at no cost to you.

1. Haiku Smart Ceiling Fans

Big Ass Fans Haiku L Smart Ceiling Fan, 52
Do you love voice-controlled devices? The Haiku Smart Ceiling Fans work with both Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.

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Haiku offers some of the best modern-looking ceiling fans with automation. Haiku’s smart ceiling fans are versatile and stylish. Their streamlined appearance can go with nearly any style. Having received 75 international design awards, they have a ceiling fan for anyone’s liking.

Let’s start with the L-series. It has an iconic design, a great price, and will upgrade the look of any indoor space. It also features LED lighting with 16 unique brightness levels. One of the best parts of smart electronics is precision, and the L-series brings it.

Since it works with Amazon’s Alexa or Google Assistant (devices sold separately), you can control it with your voice. The Haiku is also compatible with our favorite smart thermostats, like the Nest and Ecobee, so you can control your home’s temperature on warm days without kicking on your AC.

Haiku also offers the H series and I series fans. They offer the same features but have different sizes and styles.

What Users Are Saying

Scoring 4.4 stars on Amazon, the Haiku Home L Series fan has been impressing buyers for many years. As a matter of fact, you could say that it’s well worth its price tag and customers are happy with what they’ve got. It’s well-constructed, good-looking, and works quietly.

Read reviews of the Haiku Home L Series Ceiling Fan on Amazon! 

Why You Should Get It

A Haiku ceiling fan is for a smart home enthusiast who doesn’t want to compromise on aesthetics, functionality, or quality. It’s the complete package, coming from a renowned brand in the market.

  • Works with Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant and controlled by IR remote
  • Suitable for indoor spaces
  • Energy-efficient exceeds Energy Star requirements by 450%
  • Integrated LED lights with 16 different brightness levels
  • Available in a variety of colors and texture styles

2. Modern Forms Fan

Modern Forms Morpheus III Indoor/Outdoor Smart ceiling fans
Easily pairs with the smart home tech you know and love

Get it on Amazon

Google Assistant. Alexa. Nest. Ecobee. This Modern Forms Fan pairs with almost all the big smart home tech brands, so it’s easy to integrate with your existing smart home. You can also control it with an RF wall control, which you can pair with up to 4 other fans. You can then configure it as a 2-way or even 3-way switch. It comes with a fan so you can use it immediately.

With the mobile app, you can adjust settings, configure schedules, and connect to Nest and the other platforms. What’s more, the system will also learn from your behaviors and adjust itself.

Why You Should Get It

If you love smart gadgets and your home is full of them, you’ll find this Modern Forms Fan offers more value because you can sync it with a plethora of services. Plus, it can be used indoors or out, safely.

  • Compatible with most smart home brands like Alexa, Google, and Nest
  • Safe for indoor and outdoor use
  • Includes RF wall switch
  • Completely silent motors
  • 70% more efficient than traditional fans

3. Hunter Ceiling Fans

Hunter Symphony Indoor Wi-Fi Ceiling Fan with LED Light and Remote Control, 54
It’s one of the only Apple HomeKit-compatible smart fans.

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Hunter is one of the first to innovate integration with Apple’s HomeKit smart home series. Its 3-fan line is called SimpleConnect and includes the Symphony, Signal, and Apache models. They have the same functions, for the most part, and differ in appearance.

You can control the fans wirelessly, through a connection via WiFi, mobile, and HomeKit. The Symphony model features pristine white blades, 2 9.8-Watt light bulbs, and a reversible motor so you can use the fan the whole year round, whether it’s summer or winter. These fans also work with any Android phone as well.

Why You Should Get It

If smart home automation is your thing and you want to add a sophisticated fan to your network, you can’t go wrong with one of Hunter’s fans. The Symphony is the most affordable and comes in two-position mounting systems: standard and angled.

  • Wi-Fi and Apple HomeKit-enabled
  • Powerful performance, but quiet operation
  • Two-position mounting
  • Reversible motor for bi-directional blade movement

4. Bond Smart Fan Controller

BOND | Add Wifi to Ceiling Fan
Point your remote, and start a light breeze.

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The Bond remote control connects over Wi-Fi and has the ability to rebroadcast both IR and RF signals from the sensor. It turns your regular remote control into a smart ceiling fan control!

You can control your fan, lighting, and change settings using just your smartphone. Also, you can connect it to Alexa and other smart home products like Nest, SmartThings, Honeywell, and more. Most importantly, you can define a schedule and use triggers to automate the fan.

Why You Should Get It

If you’re tired of using the remote control and you want to include your traditional ceiling fan in your automated home system, the Bond is the simplest and quickest way to do so. It’s only compatible with remote-controlled ceiling fans, so if you have a pull-chain model, you’ll need to purchase an additional receiver to make it work.

  • Turns your remote-controlled fan into a mobile-compatible one
  • Sync and control from a smartphone app
  • Light and temperature controls
  • Controls up to 6 ceiling fans

5. Minka-Aire Fan

Minka-Aire F569-BS Alexa-Compatible Ceiling Fan
Alexa can turn Minka on for you!

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One of the coolest things about Minka Aire is that it can be voice-controlled through Alexa. So you can yell,” Alexa please turn on the fan!” Mika will start spinning, cooling you and your home down within seconds.

If you want to automate the process you’ll need a separate hub (the Bond hub). If you want to skip the automation, Minka works fine with the hand-held remote too. Another option to is get the wall control, also sold separately. However, you can control the fan speed, turn on or off the light, and adjust brightness all via the remote.

Why You Should Get It

If you’re an Alexa home, Minka-Aire is a great addition to your arsenal.  You can easily integrate it with the workflows you already have. And it’s super silent, so it won’t wake the baby should you hang it in the nursery.

  • Can control both lights and fan
  • No need to run wires on your wall
  • Works with Amazon Alexa and Insteon Technology
  • Fits inside most fan canopies


6. Smart WiFi Fan Switch Ceiling Fan and Light Remote Control Kit

Lets you control both your fan and lights on your smartphone.

Get it on Amazon

This controller is a nifty little device that can be installed inside your existing fan. You just have to connect the wires and tucks nicely away inside most ceiling fan canopies. Once installed, you can start dimming your lights and control the speed of your fan via a smart app.

It’s one of the easiest ways to turn a dumb fan into a smart within a few relatively simple steps.

Why You Should Get It

Want to control your fan and its light wirelessly? This handy piece of tech is a neat way to do that without all the wall wiring. You don’t even need a hub to connect.


  • Can control both lights and fan
  • No need to run wires on your wall
  • No hub required
  • Fits inside most fan canopies

7. GE Z-Wave Plus Switch

Enbrighten, White & Light Almond, Z-Wave Plus Smart Fan Control
Replace your current fan switch with this to make it smart!

Get it on Amazon

If your fan doesn’t have a remote control, you can just replace your fan’s switch with the GE Z-Wave Plus Switch to make it smart (please do note that this does require a hub.) This switch transforms your old ceiling fan into a fan that you can switch on or off wirelessly, anywhere you may be. The app also lets you control the fan’s speed on your phone or computer.

You can connect it with your other smart home devices from SmartThings, Wink, Alexa, Honeywell, Pulse, Trane, and more for advanced automation. You can control it with your voice or trigger it to switch on depending on the temperature or when somebody enters the room. It offers the ultimate wiring flexibility too as you can use it by itself or with up to 4 add-on switches in a 3, 4, 5, or 6-way wiring configuration.

Why You Should Get It

For some serious smart home integration with your traditional switch-based fans, the GE switch is the perfect tool. It syncs with a bevy of smart home services too, so you can integrate it with your existing devices.

  • Easily replaces standard in-wall switches
  • Wireless control of your ceiling fan
  • Has LED indicator for easy switch spotting in the dark
  • Compatible with Z-Wave devices: Wink, Alexa, SmartThings, and more


8. Honeywell Carnegie 52″ Indoor Smart Ceiling Fan

Honeywell Carnegie 52 smart ceiling fans
Trend-setting, industrial style makes this fan a great match for many decors 

Get it on Amazon

The Honeywell Carnegie 52″ Indoor Smart Ceiling Fan is both efficient and stylish. The fan has a modern vibe thanks to metal mesh and wood-like blades. They come in two finishes- rough pine or chestnut. The motor is also reversible to accommodate hot and cold seasons.

The Carnegie includes 3 Edison-style light bulbs with controllable delay and dim settings all with the help of the remote controller. It connects to Alexa for voice controls, too.

Why you should get it

The modern style of Honeywell Carnegie 52″ Indoor Smart Ceiling Fan is appealing, but it’s the efficiency that will have you hooked. It is a ceiling fan and light, with support for all-season use. You can also control it via voice commands or remote, your choice!

  • Ceiling fan and light in one
  • Includes 3 Edison-style light bulbs
  • Has reversible motor for summer or winter use
  • Impressive design with fan blades in rough pine and chestnut finishes
  • Remote-controlled

9. Wrought Studio 56″ 3-Blade LED Smart Ceiling Fan

Wrought Studio 3-blade smart ceiling fans
With 3 propeller-like blades, this fan is excellent for indoor and outdoor setups.

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As you can see, this fan has a unique design with propeller-style blades. It comes in several colors, all beautiful and vibrant. You can employ its contemporary aesthetic indoors and out, as it would look fantastic on any patio!

It comes with a remote control, an energy-efficient LED bulb, and a small down rod. The LEDs should last up to 50,000 hours of use, or potentially more. It doesn’t have WiFi, smart assistants, or extra wireless features, so keep that in mind.

Why you should get it

If you want a more basic option, that looks great and comes with remote control for quick access, this is a good choice! It also includes a down rod for hanging on sloped ceilings, which is usually something you have to buy separately.

  • Unique 3-blade propeller design
  • Includes remote control and down rod
  • Available in multiple styles
  • Energy-efficient LED lighting

10. Best for Outdoors: Minka-Aire Xtreme H20 65″ Smart Ceiling Fan

Minka-Aire Xtreme H20 65 Outdoor Smart Ceiling Fans
Add a smart fan to your gazebo or patio!

Get it on Wayfair

Need a ceiling fan for your patio or outdoor area? The Minka-Aire Xtreme H20 65″ Outdoor Smart Ceiling Fan can be used outdoors. With an oil-rubbed bronze finish motor and matching blades, this ceiling fan looks great. It can survive a wide range of ambient conditions, too.

The fan comes with a 6″ downrod so you can mount it to angled ceilings. Moreover, it syncs with voice command platforms like Alexa and Google Home Assistant. Alternatively, you can use the remote or the Bond App on your smartphone. Additional drivers are available in case you like to integrate a few other systems like SmartThings, Control4, ELAN, Hubitat, and more.

Why you should get it

The bold, modern style of Minka-Aire will compliment your patio or room. The oil-rubbed bronze finish is beautiful, but the fan is also functional with a multitude of control and support options.

  • Suitable for outdoor use
  • Has Oil Rubbed Bronze finish motor
  • Has 8 Oil Rubbed Bronze finish motor and blades
  • Allows voice control when connected with Amazon Alexa and Google Home Assistant
  • Can be controlled using a handy remote or smartphone by the Bondapp

11. Budd 3 – Blade Chandelier Ceiling Fan

blade chandelier ceiling fan
Form + Function makes this smart fan an elegant choice.

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When it comes to picking out appliances and electronics, it’s best to focus on what a product can do rather than how it looks. But why not both? That’s where the Mistana 3 Blade Chandelier fan comes in. You don’t have to compromise beauty to get brains with this model. Not only does it look great, but it is easily controlled via remote.

Why you should get it

If you want cooling capabilities without sacrificing looks, this is a great way to go about it. It’s as easy to install as a regular fan, rated for damp areas, and remote controlled for ease of use.

  • Comes in a golden patina or silver finish
  • Can be used in damp/high-humidity conditions
  • Lights included
  • Compact size is great for smaller spaces

12. DIDER 20” Flush Mount Smart Ceiling Fan

flush mount smart fan
Optimize your space with a sleek flush mount smart ceiling fan

Get it on Amazon

Plenty of spaces would benefit from having a ceiling fan, but lower ceilings remove that option. According to Energy Star, you need about eight to nine feet of clearance for optimal airflow. If your ceiling is under eight feet, what can you do? Flush mount ceiling fans can help with this issue. Since the fan is installed flush with the ceiling, you don’t need as much clearance, and there are no hanging lights to get in the way. Not only is this fan space-saving, but it comes with remote control or smartphone app options for easy control.

Why you should get it

Looking to get airflow into a space with a low ceiling? Look no further, because this smart fan is ideal. As a bonus, this fan incorporates integrated LED lighting and clear fan blades to add a touch of coolness to any room.

  • Clear blades offer a retro-futuristic style element
  • Ideal for spaces with lower ceilings
  • Remote or smartphone app
  • LED lights are energy efficient

13. Treatlife Smart Ceiling Fan Control

Make any fan smart with the flip of a switch (and it works with voice activation too!)

Get it on Amazon

The Treatlife Smart Ceiling Fan Control works as an everyday light switch but gives you much more high-tech capabilities. Once set up, you’ll be able to use your regular “dumb” ceiling fan via voice commands. You can time the fan for the warmest parts of the day to come on automatically. Plus, the wall switch itself is convenient to use. It’s important to note with this one that while it doesn’t require a hub, you do need a neutral wire in order to connect

Why you should get it

If you’d like to upgrade your home with smart devices but aren’t ready to replace your fan, this can be a great compromise. With basic knowledge, it is not difficult to set up and can work with your existing fan.

  • Works with existing fan
  • No hub required
  • Offers schedule and timing options
  • Voice activation enabled

14. Upgraded Ceiling Fan with Lights and Bluetooth Speaker

An adorable way to add airflow and fun to a child’s room.

Get it on Amazon

Adding whimsy to your child’s room is nice, but it’s even better when it’s functional, too. This fan not only helps with air circulation, but it offers lighting and Bluetooth-powered music as well! You can play soothing sounds for an infant, or put on some happy tunes for play-time. The lighting will even sync to the beat. This cute device can be controlled via remote or through the free iLamp app.

Why you should get it

If you want a fan, music player, and ambient lighting all in one, this is the perfect smart ceiling fan for you. It doesn’t take up much space, and it can take the place of several other appliances.

  • Can be used as an alarm clock
  • Use with remote or smartphone app
  • Soft lighting can be set to sync with the music tempo
  • Retractable blades are space-saving


— Smart WiFi Ceiling Fans Buyer’s Guide and FAQ  —

What to Look for When Buying a Smart Ceiling Fan

Ceiling fans are essential for most homes. Not just for cooling and better airflow, but also for lighting. They’re even more convenient when you add on “smart” features with remote access. Imagine turning off your fan, or speeding it up, while laying in bed? That is a much more appealing option than jumping to grab a short ceiling fan pull.

If that sounds interesting and you’re considering one of the best smart ceiling fans for your home, there’s a shortlist of features you should consider before making your final decision.

functional smart ceiling fans for your bedroom


Smart ceiling fans can be pricey, but it’s worth it as an investment in your living space. Prices may range from $300 to $1000 for smart ceiling fans. Just be sure that the one you’re getting ticks all the boxes you want. Check specifications for details like speed and energy usage, and consider additional features like compatibility with Alexa. The fan should include everything you want and need. Ceiling fans can last for many years with appropriate upkeep, so it’s worth picking a good model that you’ll be happy with for a long time to come.


Just like any other ceiling fan, smart ceiling fans are relatively easy to install. The biggest difference is that you’ll have to connect it to your other devices for better and easier control, like syncing via WiFi to have mobile access.

Each fan comes with a detailed manual, but you will need a basic understanding of electrical and wiring. If you are unsure about installing one, you can always hire a technician.


Even though most ceiling fans come in one standard size, always be sure to check the measurements. Some may differ in length, which means they have bigger blades. Also, be sure to check the total weight. Both the ceiling and the fixtures need to be able to support the weight of the fan, heavy or light. Another consideration is if you have enough clearance in a room. If your ceilings are too low, a ceiling fan might not be a good option.


There is a wide range of designs and colors you can choose from. Find a fan that matches your style and preferences, but also one that blends well with your home décor. While the classic bladed fan is still very popular, models that sit flush with the ceiling and those with retractable blades are gaining popularity.

Energy Usage

Most ceiling fans are energy efficient. If you compare the amount of power they use to something like an HVAC system, the difference is vast. Beyond that, they can reduce heat within a space, which helps more advanced cooling systems, as well. If you are using the ceiling fan for lighting as well as cooling, consider a model that utilizes LED or other energy-saving bulbs for maximum efficiency.

Additional Features

Additional features may mean that you have to pay more. But does it matter when it provides high-quality features? Again, a ceiling fan isn’t an everyday purchase, so it is worth it to put time and money into picking one that is right for your household needs. Just be sure to see if you really need these features  (for example, full lighting) in addition to your ceiling fans.

Smart Ceiling Fan FAQs

Buying home furniture that’s Wi-Fi-compatible, or smart, can get tricky.  You have to consider the specs, design, quality, and price. In case you are still in doubt, here are some answers to questions frequently asked by customers:

Q: How Can I Make My Ceiling Fan Smarter?

A: If you already have a regular or “dumb” fan, you don’t necessarily have to install a new fan to take advantage of smart features. You can install a special device that attaches to the remote, like the Bond described above if you already use a remote control of your fan. You could also install the Insteon control to manage an old fan with your smartphone.

Q: Can I manually turn it in and off or do I have to use a device all the time?

A: Smart ceiling fans can be operated at any time, including via traditional controls — like a wall switch. They also connect to other tech devices for easier access and customization. One of the major bonuses of having smart devices is having more precise control, so it is worth your while to set these fans up to get the most out of them.


Q: Do I have to clean smart fans all the time?

A: Sadly, current smart fans don’t have self-cleaning capabilities just yet. Really, smart fans are a lot like traditional fans in the sense of general upkeep. You may have to dust them from time to time, as dusty fans are not as efficient and can spread allergens. Be sure to reference the device’s instruction manual for recommended methods and supplies to keep your fan’s finish looking new.  

beautiful smart ceiling fans for your home

Q: Do all smart fans work with Alexa?

A: No, not all products can connect to Alexa, or are able to be voice-activated by other systems like Google Assistant. If this is something you want, be sure to check a model’s features list before you buy. It’s also important to note that you will need to have an Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant device already to utilize this feature. The fan itself will not include the device.

Q: Will smart ceiling fans increase your electric bill?

A: Ultimately, yes, because anything using electricity will draw power and increase your utility bill. Fortunately, smart ceiling fans help increase cooling in a home via air circulation while taking some of the stress off of your HVAC and AC cooling systems. When buying one, be sure to check the energy-saving ratings. You can find fans that are more energy-efficient to use than others. Another advantage that comes with smart ceiling fans is the ease of control. It’s very easy to set them to only be on when you want. Plus, turning them on or off is as easy as grabbing your phone. You don’t even have to get up from your seat.

Q: Can I use smart ceiling fans outdoors?

A: Possibly, but always err on the side of caution. Smart fans are usually not designed to work in extremely high humidity or damp/wet conditions. Wind and freezing temperatures can also pose unique challenges. If you’re in the market for a fan to use on your porch or in your sunroom, look for a fan that is specifically made for indoor/outdoor use. They will be specially made to withstand weather issues.


Q: Can I change the settings without my smartphone?

A: Sure, but using a smartphone is a whole lot easier once you get used to it. App-controlled smart ceiling fans come with a free app that can be downloaded for free from Google Play Store or Apple. You can then use the app to be super precise, or set it and forget it. Apps aside, you’ll also need to make sure the fan can communicate with your phone. Some fans still require a hub, but a lot of them only need to be connected to WiFi or Bluetooth. When in doubt, double-check the specs of the fan before purchase so you can be amply prepared for set-up.  

Conclusion Smart WiFi Enabled Smart Ceiling Fans

In conclusion, smart ceiling fans offer an affordable and energy-efficient solution for staying cool during the summer months. With voice, remote, and app control, you can customize your fan’s speed, direction, and lighting to match your preferences while reducing your carbon footprint. By using a smart ceiling fan instead of a central air conditioning system, you can save money on energy costs and minimize your impact on the environment. Additionally, smart ceiling fans offer convenience and integration with other smart home devices, making it easy to control your home’s climate and other smart devices from a central hub. When it comes to selecting the right smart ceiling fan, it’s important to consider the features, compatibility, and energy efficiency to ensure you’re making the most eco-conscious and cost-effective choice.

Are you thinking of adding a smart ceiling fan to your smart home anytime soon? Do tell us on Twitter or leave a comment below!

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