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The Best Smart Locks for 2022 | Can be Controlled by a Smartphone

The Best Smart Locks for 2022. Coming home after a long day and having to fiddle around for your keys because thanks to winter it’s already dark isn’t fun. Luckily, modern tech has come up with a solution: smart door locks. Read ahead for what they do, how to choose the best setup, and our top picks for 2022!

Home security is an issue on everyone’s mind, and the market for smart home security keeps on growing. Keeping your family safe is the most important consideration, but convenience and monitoring are also great reasons to choose a smart door lock over a standard deadbolt. There are thousands of products on the market and lots of different features, so how do you pick the best one? Let’s start with the basics first.

The Basics of a Smart Door Lock

Smart WiFi Door Locks utilize technology to let you lock/unlock your door via smartphone, key fob, fingerprint, or voice control. These locks provide keyless entry, and many devices even give you remote access to allow friends and family in. In addition, many smart locks let you know when your door is accessed. Smart Door Locks can either replace or integrate with your existing deadbolt lock. Being able to track activity lends peace of mind, especially if you have children. Another cool feature is the ability to use temporary codes. Have a maintenance issue but won’t be home during business hours? Simply give the worker a temporary code and your issue is solved. This feature is also great for AirBnBs and rental properties.

Installation and Use

Most smart door locks are easy to install and do not require an electrician or locksmith. Many locks these days pride themselves on being user-friendly. Always make sure to follow the manufacturer’s directions when installing. Simple tools such as a screwdriver are usually all you need. Some models only work with certain types of door handles (such as lever vs. knob) or won’t work with a door over a certain thickness. Before purchasing, it’s a good idea to have basic measurements handy. If your door will be directly exposed to elements like rain or snow, take special care to choose a weatherproof model. Some smart door locks don’t have an outdoor component, so if this is a major concern, that may be the best choice.

Costs and Compatibility

Like with most gadgets, there’s a spectrum of prices available. An electronic keypad smart door lock will set you back less than $50, while a smart WiFi door lock with lots of features will cost a bit under $300. As a general rule of thumb, the more features a smart door lock has, the more expensive it will be. With that said, options for any budget are available. Knowing you are keeping your family and possessions safe is worth the investment.

A smart door lock can be a standalone purchase, but it is very likely only one component of your Smart Home and security measures. Compatibility varies from brand to brand. Popular systems like Alexa, Siri, Google Assistant, and Ring are often able to be connected. If you want your smart lock to work with a particular system, check the manufacturer’s specifications to verify it will be a good fit. Most smart door apps are created with both iOS and Android versions, so as long as you have a smartphone, you should be good to go. If you have another operating system or your phone is particularly old, you may want to look into exact specifications. You can also use a hub, which will cut down on the number of apps you need as well.

Emergency Considerations

Depleted lock battery, an electric outage or WiFi interruptions seem like the high-tech version of leaving your keys at the office, but there are ways around these issues. Most locks have workarounds that will still allow for functionality, such as Bluetooth or keypad functionality. Battery-operated models usually come with built-in low battery warning. As with any equipment, routine inspection and paying attention to alerts will go a long way in preventing issues. When choosing your device, make sure you are comfortable with the emergency options offered.


The Best Smart Door Locks of 2022


Fits on Existing Deadbolt


august wifi lock

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The August WiFi 4th Generation Smart Lock fits right onto your existing deadbolt, making installation a breeze. With a range of settings, including hands-free, this lock offers increased security alongside convenience. Speaking of convenience, the included app lets you add as many people as you want. No more making copies of keys! Not only that, but you can add and revoke access, making it great for scheduled access. It also works with most smart home setups as well as Alexa.

  • Works with existing deadbolt and keys
  • Can grant temporary access through the August app
  • Inside install means no changes to your home’s exterior


Best Options for Locking & Unlocking

ultraloq 6-in-1

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The ULTRALOQ 6-in-1 Electronic Deadbolt goes above and beyond in providing you with safety and convenience. This device allows you to use a physical key, e-key, shake-unlock, or code. Access can be given or restricted easily. DIY installation is simple, and a bonus is that the lock is all-weather, giving you one less thing to worry about.

  • Compatible with Alexa, Google Assistant, and Apple Watch
  • The external component is built to be dust and weatherproof
  • Auto-lock and unlock: lock/unlock your door with your cellphone in your pocket


Easy to Install


wyze smart lock

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If you’re just getting into home tech, the Wyze Smart Lock may be the best choice you can make. Created to fit over your existing deadbolt and work with your existing key, this device is also simple to hook up to Alexa or Google Assistant. Even better, this lock allows keyless entry and locks behind you once you’re inside.

  • Fits over the existing deadbolt
  • Keyless entry and self-locking feature
  • Easy to set up


Most Compatible Smart Lock


yale smart lock

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The Yale Assure Lock is all about choices. It works with every popular smart home set-up, including Alexa, Google Assistant, Samsung SmartThings, Philips Hue, and more. Go old school with a key, using the keypad, your phone, or even your smartwatch. Matching your decor is easy when there are four great-looking finishes to choose from.

  • Works with nearly all major smart home systems
  • Multiple ways to lock and unlock your door
  • Comes in a variety of finishes to match your home’s style


Built-in Alarm System

schlage smart lock

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Schlage offers everything you want out of a smart lock, like voice control, keyless entry, and installment with just a screwdriver. In addition to that, this lock has built-in WiFi capability, so you don’t have to worry about messing with a hub. There’s also a low-battery warning that will give you plenty of time to replace. A limited lifetime warranty sweetens the deal since you know this company stands by its product.

  • Made to work with your home’s WiFi, so no need for a hub
  • A built-in alarm system that can be controlled remotely
  • Lifetime warranty


Best Budget Smart Lock

amazon basics smart lock

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Amazon Basics has made a name for itself by delivering quality products that provide exactly what you need. This handy lock allows for up to six regular users as well as unlimited one-time codes, a customizable auto-lock feature, and a strong deadbolt. The light-up keypad and affordable price are nice perks as well.

  • Great budget option
  • Includes all needed hardware components
  • Includes codes for regular users and one-time codes for maintenance or other visitors


Best Fingerprint Recognition Smart Lock


eufy security smart lock

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The Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) for fingerprint devices is projected to grow over 10% between 2021 and 2026 [source]. Added security and ease of use is a fabulous thing, but what about protecting your data? The Eufy Security Smart Lock offers high-level encryption. On top of that, your fingerprint data is stored locally, rather than using cloud-based storage, making it less accessible to hackers. Note that this model only works with lever-handled doors.

  • The lock can stand 1,122 kg (2473.58 lbs) of weight
  • Stores fingerprint data locally, rather than on a cloud
  • Micro-USB portable charger can be used to unlock the door in cases of a power outage


Best Smart Lock for Keeping Data Secure


Lockly Smart Lock

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Security is the most important factor when choosing a smart lock, but Lockly takes this one step further with their patented Pin Genie. The Pin Genie offers a shuffled number keypad, so even if someone is watching you put in your code, they won’t be able to replicate it. Compatible with Alexa or Google Assistant, the LOCKLY app allows you to monitor who’s coming and going, a great feature if you have kids.

  • Patented Pin Genie give unparalleled security when entering code
  • Can be used with its app or with other smart home systems
  • WiFi Bridge included


Best Simple Design

OrangeIOT Lock

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If you find yourself a little intimidated by all the talk of hubs and setting up WiFi connections, but are still interested in keyless entry, this lock from OrangeIOT fits the bill. This simple to use (and install!) keypad saves up to twenty individual codes and runs on four AA batteries. No need for wiring, extra passwords, or apps. It doesn’t get much more simple than that!

  • Doesn’t require WiFi or Bluetooth
  • Saves up to twenty codes
  • Charge lasts up to twelve months with only four AA batteries


Includes Fob


Sifely Smart Lock

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Sifely has you covered if you want top-of-the-line features along with your smart lock. Able to be opened in five different ways (and save 200 passcodes/150 fingerprints!), including a fob, this device also lets you choose auto-lock or passage mode to make going back and forth easier. This smart lock is compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant, but their free website portal allows you to monitor everything from time of entry to battery status.

  • Allows you to choose a method of entry, including fob
  • Can be set to auto-lock behind you or “passage” mode to remain open until you lock it yourself
  • The web portal allows for total control of locks and data


Best Smart Garage Door System


Chamberlain Smart Garage

Get it


While this device is specifically for garage doors, we couldn’t leave it off the list. Chamberlain’s myQ Smart Garage Bundle has it all: hub, sensors, and camera. You’ll be able to rest easy with scheduled closing and real-time notifications. Plus, get your Amazon packages placed safely inside, avoiding porch pirates.


  • Works with Key by Amazon In-Garage Delivery
  • The camera is optimized for the garage and includes night vision
  •  Set closing schedule via the app


Why should you trust Ideaing?

Since 2013, our team at Ideaing holds an extensive background in technology. We pride ourselves on providing objective insight through our reviews and recommendations. We spend many hours researching, analyzing, and testing products. After our extensive research on the top smart WiFi door locks on the market, these are our favorites.

Commonly Asked Questions on Smart Locks


Question: Do all smart locks require a hub?

A hub is the brain of your smart home and controls all of the devices. This hub will allow you to control your devices remotely, which is especially handy when you’re not there in person. Many people prefer hubs because they can use one app instead of different apps for different devices. However, many smart locks utilize home WiFi or Bluetooth, giving you more options. If using home WiFi, you may need a WiFi extender. When deliberating on your purchase, see what type of hub a smart door lock works with, and see what the lock itself comes with.


Question: What smart locks work with Alexa?

Thanks to voice control’s popularity, the majority of smart door locks these days are equipped to be compatible with Alexa or Google Assistant. This does vary from lock to lock, so it’s something to consider before purchasing.


Q: Can Alexa lock my door?

A: Most smart door locks are designed to be Alexa-compatible. When choosing your smart lock, check in the product description to make sure. To prevent a random person from unlocking your door with a voice command, Alexa will require a PIN that will verify it is you. Eventually, technology will progress so that voice recognition is widely used, but for now, there are other safeguards in place.


Q: Can smart locks be hacked?

A: Technically, yes. Any device with outside connectivity can be hacked. Internal security has been ramped up in the past few years to try to prevent this. Only give outdoor codes to those you trust, and keep your app passwords complex and difficult to guess. Many smart locks let you open the door hands-free by having your phone in your pocket. Make sure that your phone is secured with a password and you have some method of turning off usability in the case your phone is stolen. Additionally, purchase your smart door lock from a reputable company. The products we’ve included in our list come from renowned tech and security brands known for quality devices. Changing your passwords and door codes frequently is a good move as well.


Q: Will a smart door lock make my door more secure?

A: Homes without any security system are 300% more likely to be broken into according to recent statistics. Smart door locks can serve as a deterrent and many can function within a system of other home security devices. With a smart lock, you are much less likely to lose your key or have a hidden key found by a burglar. Be mindful to follow all manufacturer advisories for use and upkeep. An improperly used smart lock can compromise your safety. Overall, using keyless entry and being able to monitor your door’s usage remotely has a positive impact on home security.


Note, This article was updated in December for the best smart locks and relevant information on those smart locks.

Give your life an upgrade by switching to a smart door lock. Without spending a lot of money or fussing with complicated installation, you can increase security, peace of mind, and convenience when accessing your home. Have you protected your home with a smart door lock yet? Let us know in the comments!

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