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Travel Reinvented: The Best Smart Luggage For Every Kind of Travel

Have you ever lost your luggage while traveling? I have and it happened during my first international travel. Talk about bad luck. It wasn’t technically lost, but it was delayed for one day. Living without my stuff for a day was the worst. Luckily, I came prepared and I had stuffed a pair of clothes in my carry-on.

Although the odds of the airline losing your luggage is relatively low, the thought of losing your luggage is horrifying. I understand, you’ve probably packed your closet’s best in your luggage. If you didn’t fill out your contact info on your luggage tag, it can also be impossible to trace your bag.

We need luggage that can look after itself. Luggage that can tell us where it is. Luggage that will not let anyone break them open if it’s not us. The thing is though, such smart luggage exists already! Today’s portfolio of smart luggage is getting better and more full-featured with what we need. It’s high time for our luggage to be equipped with the innovation that our travel-savvy generation needs.


smart luggage


What is Smart Luggage?

Smart luggage is generally Bluetooth or Wi-Fi equipped with location tracking and other fancy features that help travelers minimize the travel anxiety that even the most frequent traveler occasionally might have. It connects to mobile devices through Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. Many also have built in batteries with USB ports so you can charge your phone when it starts to die.


Why You Need Smart Luggage

For one, smart luggage can help make traveling stress-free. There are many features and benefits that it contains, such as location tracking, on-the-go charging, digital weighing scales and more



For the smart luggage I’ve picked, expect to pay somewhere between $100-$700.



The Best Smart Luggage for Travel – 2018


Read on for the best smart luggage you can find in 2018.



3. NoviConnected 4-Wheel Hubless Travel Roller – Best Overall


novi connected

The next generation of travel is here.


The next generation of travel is here, and it’s in the form of the NoviConnected 4 Wheel Hubless Travel Roller. This luggage is constructed from class A polycarbonate shell with a polyester jacquard interior liner. With an integrated TSA approved lock, it’s reliable, dependable and everything you need out of luggage.

Yet, there’s more – it’s smart!

The NoviConnected comes with the ability to charge USB-C and USB devices, which can transform this luggage into a power hub. The battery is removable and also comes with TSA-approved screwdrivers in the event that you do need to remove the battery when going through security.


Key Benefits 

  • Comes in 6 beautiful colors
  • 1.5 meter USB cable
  • Engineered for performance


What Users Are Saying

Users online love how this luggage functions. One user on Amazon stated that customer service could be improved.

Read reviews for the Novi Connected on Amazon!



2. Victorinox Lexicon – Best for Dependability 


Victorinox Lexicon

When it comes to luggage, you need something that you can trust.


I use and abuse my carry-on. It’s shoved into the overhead, Uber drivers throw it into their vehicles, and then it collects dust while I’m not traveling.

That’s why I need something reliable, dependable, break resistant and all of the above. The Victorinox Lexicon offers just that (and it’s smart). This luggage is made with 100% polycarbonate with a scratch resistant matte surface so it’s literally unbreakable. It also comes with a USB cable port so that a power pack can be installed and stored, meaning you can charge your phone or devices while traveling. In addition, it comes with double racquet coil zippers that are puncture resistant.

This carry-on is truly made for the long-haul, whether it is a long flight or an investment that you can use for years and years to come. Heck, with this kind of dependability, you could probably pass it onto your grandkids.


Key Benefits

  • Option to add a power pack and USB cable
  • Hidden ID tray reveals the USB port, pen and SIM card replacement tool
  • TSA approved


What Users Are Saying

Users call this luggage “gorgeous, sleek and highly functional” on Amazon. Resoundingly referred to as lightweight, this is a carry-on that you can use for short flights, long flights and all your travel in between.

Read reviews for the Victorinox Lexicon on Amazon!



1. G-RO 22” International Expandable Carry-On Luggage – Best Overall


G-RO 22” International Expandable Carry-On Luggage

The next generation of travel is here.


The next generation of travel is here, and it’s in the form of the G-RO 22” International Expandable. This luggage is constructed from remarkably strong material, and a wheels that are sure to stand the test of time. It’s a carry-on that can transform into a temporary workstation on the road, with a battery pack and 2 USB ports. Perfect for the entrepreneur or frequent business traveler.

The true benefit of this carry-on is the dependability and reliability that it offers. It’s made of dependable material, and the wheels are perfect for even the most difficult of treks for gate to gate.


Key Benefits 

  • Durable wheels that can take on rough terrain
  • Portable charging station with 2 USB ports
  • GSM/GPRS-enabled for luggage tracking


What Users Are Saying

Users online love how this luggage functions. One user on Amazon stated that customer service could be improved, though I’m sure this is a work in progress for the company.

Read reviews for the G-Ro on Amazon!



Smart Luggage Comparison


Here are the best smart luggage and bags compared.




Smart luggage is becoming ever more popular, not to give you a fancy traveler status, but to actually help you make your travels more convenient and stress-free. They also lessen the travel anxiety that some people deal with. You don’t want to be constantly looking for the charging opportunity when you have a flight to catch, do you? Or deal with lost luggage? And for these reasons, they are worth investing in.

If you’re not the luggage type of traveler, check out our list of 5 smart travel backpacks that you need on your next flight.


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