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Best Smart Plug 2023: It’s Time To Upgrade To Smarter Smart Plugs

Smart plugs are one of the easiest and most affordable ways to make your home smarter. They let you control any appliance or device that plugs into a wall outlet with your smartphone, voice assistant, or automation rules. You can also monitor and reduce your energy consumption, schedule your devices to turn on and off automatically, and create fun and useful scenarios with smart plugs. In this guide, we will show you how to choose and use the best smart plugs for your needs in 2023.

Why do you want a Smart Plug?

Smart plugs are going to be an early and basic building block as far as building your smart home. You can do a lot without smart plugs and still have a nice smart home but you would be missing out. You can use smart plugs for controlling just about anything you can plug into a normal outlet including outdoor outlets. Turn “dumb” devices into smart devices.

I already have smart plugs so why would I buy new ones?

If your current smart plugs are even just a couple of years old, they are somewhat outdated. Until more recently, most smart plugs only allowed 10amps (10a). Most homes in the U.S. are wired with either a combination of 15-amp and 20-amp, 120-volt circuits. This means many smart plugs were very underpowered as far as how much power can flow through them on a normal outlet. Often times this issue caused them to fail because most people just plug in things that pulled too much electricity. Because of this reason alone, we recommend replacing all your old smart plugs with the newer version that can carry the 15a.

One last thing why you need to upgrade is because the older smart plugs are more vulnerable to getting hacked. Getting newer smart plugs that are up to date isn’t a surefire way to make sure you can’t get hacked but generally speaking, it’s a lot harder to hack the newer plugs.

What are “smarter” smart plugs?

Not only are smart plugs generally built better, just like we mentioned in the paragraph above, but they also often times have new tech inside them. Most now come with Bluetooth which allows you to control features no matter where you are. Maybe your WiFi doesn’t reach your basement in your home so your older smart plug won’t work since most use WiFi. With Bluetooth, that’s not a problem. Some “smarter” smart plugs can monitor your energy usage. That data might help you find which items in your home are burning the most electricity and help you save some money by controlling them.

Best Smart Plugs for 2023

Compatibility with home assistants like Alexa, Google, and HomeKit and other features will vary by which smart plug you buy. we will point out those features on each product we suggest.

Kasa Mini Smart Plug (4-Pack)

Get it

If you are looking got a smart plug that’s affordable, small in size, and compatible with nearly everything (Apple HomeKit, Google Home, Alexa), the Kasa Mini Smart Plug (EP25P4) might just be what you want. Unlike many smart plugs with poorly made apps, the Kasa app is actually good.

  • Customer reviews: 4.6 out of 5 stars with over 44,000 reviews on Amazon
  • Has a good working app
  • Works with almost everything: Apple HomeKit, Google Home, Alexa
  • At around $40-$50, it’s a very affordable option
  • Compact & Flame Retardant Design
  • Current Rating 15.0 amps
  • 2-Year Warranty; Works via WiFi and Bluetooth
  • Monitor your connected device’s energy usage in real-time and view its historical power consumption within the Kasa Smart app


Govee Dual Smart Plug (4 Pack)

Get it

The Govee Dual Smart Plug (4 Pack, H5082) allows you to have two outlets. Even better, on one plug the two outlets can be independently controlled. This is a rare feature in the smart plugs market and that’s why we placed it on our list.

  • Customer reviews: 4.6 out of 5 stars with over 2,700 reviews on Amazon
  • Current Rating 15.0 amps
  • Works via WiFi and Bluetooth
  • You can expand your 2-socket fixtures into 4 smart outlets
  • Works with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant
  • Compact 2-in-1 horizontal design
  • Smart App Control


Kasa Outdoor Smart Plug

Get it

Sometimes you need smart lighting around the outside of your home. The Kasa Outdoor Smart Plug (EP40) with 2 outlets is perfect for Christmas lights, backyard BBQ, Halloween, and more. The built-in power amplifier for long-range WiFi helps a reach of up to 300 ft in open areas. If you’re going to do outdoor smart lighting, this is one to get.

  • Customer reviews: 4.7 out of 5 stars with over 30,000 reviews on Amazon
  • Has a good working app
  • Works with Google Home, Amazon Alexa
  • At around $25, it’s a very affordable option
  • Landscape lighting, swimming pool party, holiday lights, or other appliances


Kasa Power Strip Surge Protector KP303 Smart Plug

Get it

The 3 Individually Controlled Smart Outlets, 2 USB Ports, and Surge Protector has it all. If you need a lot of outlets somewhere this is the best one to get currently. This would be great right behind your TV or in other places you need a lot of outlets. The USB ports are always live and are rated at 5 Volts 2.4 Amp total output.

  • Customer reviews: 4.7 out of 5 stars with over 11,000 reviews on Amazon
  • Has a good working app
  • Works with Google Home and Amazon Alexa
  • Two USB ports
  • Three outlets
  • Control up to 3 devices


~Upgrade Your Home with the Best Smart Plugs of 2023 Honorable Mentions~


The above-mentioned products are good but at the end of the day, the products we listed might have more features or lower price points to go with them instead. For example, the Amazon plug has thousands of reviews but at $25 each, it just seems high up against the Kasa plugs can do more.


In conclusion, if you’re looking to upgrade your home to a smart home, smart plugs are an essential first step. Not only can they turn your “dumb” devices into smart devices, but they also allow you to control and monitor your energy usage. If you already have smart plugs, it’s still worth considering upgrading to the newer, more powerful, and secure versions. With Bluetooth capabilities, you can control your devices from anywhere, even if your WiFi signal doesn’t reach them. Investing in smarter smart plugs can not only make your life more convenient but also help you save money on your energy bills. So, whether you’re a first-time buyer or a seasoned smart home enthusiast, upgrading to smarter smart plugs in 2023 is a smart move.

With smart home integration and connectivity coming in all shapes and forms, it’s easy to get tied up with the latest products that you just need now. In this post, I’ve paid a particular focus to smart home products that do the trick (turning on/off your appliances and monitoring your energy consumption) without doing significant damage to your pocketbook.

What appliances are you thinking of using with a smart outlet? Do you have any questions regarding what a smart outlet can do? Comment below!


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