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Best Smart Plugs for Apple HomeKit 2023

If you love Apple products and are looking to incorporate them into your smart home, a smart plug compatible with Apple HomeKit is a must-have! Read ahead for tips on picking one that’s right for you as well as our top choices of the year.

Apple has expanded its technology from computers to watches and beyond. If you’re a fan of this brand, it makes sense you’d like to carry it over to your smart home system. Enter the Apple HomeKit, the software that lets you control multiple devices from anywhere you use your smartphone with iOS. Smart plugs are a staple of the smart home, but not all plugs will work with your Apple HomeKit.

What is an Apple HomeKit smart plug?

Put simply, a smart plug lets you make your “dumb” devices smart by hooking them up to an app-controlled plug. These wired devices can now be controlled through your smartphone. Lights can be turned on and off, or set on a timer for specific parts of the night. Garage doors can be monitored and can be opened or closed remotely. You can even do remote temperature control or access home cameras. Given these capabilities, smart plugs make your life easier. So where does Apple HomeKit fit in? HomeKit offers a similar service in that it allows your iOS devices to be controlled through one app. This is great for Apple users who have multiple devices like iPhones, iPad, etc.

What do I need to set up a smart home with Apple HomeKit?

Of course, not all devices are smart or come with iOS included. This is where smart plugs specifically made to be compatible with Apple HomeKit come in. These plugs can be controlled through the HomeKit app, letting you have full control of your smart home. Most smart plugs do not require a hub but do need a WiFi connection to connect with the app. Before purchasing, make sure you have the needed tech to set up and use your smart plug.

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Since 2013, we have been providing objective insight through our reviews and recommendations. Many hours are spent researching, analyzing, and testing products. After our extensive research on the top smart plugs for Apple HomeKit on the market, these are our favorites. If you choose to purchase through our link, we may earn a small commission.

The Best Smart Plugs for Apple HomeKit of 2023

Power Strip

meross power strip

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This convenient device combines the convenience and security of a power strip with the technology of a smart plug. This power strip works with all of the most popular smart home systems, including Apple HomeKit, Amazon, and Google.  Reviewers love its easy integration into their existing setups.

  • Includes four outlets and four USB ports
  • Voice activation is easy to set up
  • Remote access via app

Set of Two

smart plug pack of two

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This simple design has everything you need and comes with two plugs to boot. These smart plugs work with no hub required and connect effortlessly to Apple HomeKit’s app. Since they’re sleek and simple, they will meld with any décor. The compact design still gives you access to all of the best features a smart home needs, including scheduling, and secure data transmission.

  • compact design lets you use both plugs in one outlet
  • plugs can be programmed separately
  • Easy to set up and use

Energy Usage Tracking

eve energy smart plug

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Eve Energy offers a built-in tracker for energy consumption and projected costs. While it’s completely compatible with Apple HomeKit,  it’s not cloud-based. It also has push-button controls just in case you would prefer a low-tech option at some point.

  • Can be used with Apple HomeKit or independently
  • Tracks energy use and costs
  • Button control doesn’t require apps

Outdoor Smart Plug

outdoor smart plug

Get it

If you have an outdoor lighting set-up you want to update, this is the product for you. Some of your outdoor lighting might be controlled from within the house, which is easy enough. However, what if you have outside ambient lighting you want to be able to schedule or turn on and off without it being connected to a light switch? It is as simple as plugging this device into an outlet and setting it up with the app. Like others on the list, it is Apple HomeKit compatible.

  • Longer WiFi range than other comparable models
  • IP44 Waterproof (not suitable to be submerged in water)
  • 3 outlets can be controlled independently of one another


multi plug packGet it

If you’re trying to decide between a power strip or multiple smart plugs, keep in mind most power strips with multiple plugs don’t work independently of each other. This means each device plugged in will all be on the same schedule. The solution to this issue is these compact plugs. They work independently, so you can program each device to your specific needs. They’ll all still be able to be controlled within the HomeKit app.

  • voice control
  • auto-reboot mode
  • compact design fits in hard-to-reach spaces

Double Plug

two outlet outdoor smart plug

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Unlike many other multi-plug surge protectors, this model lets you program each plug separately. In addition, it is safe for indoor or outdoor use. A lot of power strips are large, but this smaller version gives you all of the capabilities without any of the bulk. Of course, it is easy to program and use with Apple HomeKit.

  • indoor or outdoor
  • FCC and ETL certified
  • works with all major smart home systems

Smart Dimmer Plug

smart dimmer plug

Get it

This smart plug is specially designed to dim lights. You can dim lights as well as schedule them for when they turn on and off. You can even use the voice activation feature for Siri to make it happen. This plug may seem like a uni-tasker, but it can be controlled alongside other plugs in the HomeKit app.

  • voice activation
  • dims lights
  • app-controlled

Lamp Dimmer

caseta lamp dimmer

Get it

The Caseta Lamp Dimmer has all of the cool features you’d expect from a smart plug, plus it can handle dimming multiple bulbs. The bulbs you use don’t even have to be dimmable themselves. You can connect this device to many apps, and it is fully programmable.

  • controls multiple bulbs
  • app-controlled
  • works even if wifi is down

-Frequently Asked Questions-

How do I use a smart plug with my Apple HomeKit?

Make sure you have chosen a smart plug that is compatible with Apple HomeKit. Smart plugs are extremely user-friendly and are used through smartphone apps. Some smart plugs have their proprietary apps, but you can also use major home system apps.

What are smart plugs good for?

Smart plugs allow you to control your devices and electronics right from your smartphone using an app. Smart plugs can save energy and money, not to mention all of the convenience provided.

Can I use any smart plug with Apple HomeKit?

No. When purchasing a smart plug, you will need to make sure that it is compatible with Apple products.  Compatible products will mention this in their description. You also need to make sure you have the technical capabilities needed for setup. Smart plugs don’t usually require a hub but they do need WiFi. See our list above for the current best options.

Will my smart plug work with Siri?

Yes, smart plugs for Apple HomeKit can be controlled through Siri. It’s usually as simple as using the associated app. From there, you can use voice control with the desired electronics.

Will a smart plug save me money?

Yes, when used correctly. According to a 2017 study by CLEAResult and National Renewable Energy Laboratory, smart plugs may offer savings of 1-4.58%. This averages out to about $49.99 in annual savings.  It’s a great choice both economically and ecologically.

Amazon Alexa vs. Google Home vs. Apple HomeKit: What’s the Best Smart Home System?

They all are strong and do a decent job in 2023. The best is probably what is best for your setup. If you are already invested in one of these ecosystems, it makes sense that’s going to be the best choice for you. If you haven’t invested yet, then it might depend more on your budget and of course a few other factors.

Amazon Alexa

First, let us take a look at Amazon Alexa. It is super cheap to get into because Amazon doesn’t care about making anything off of its smart home offers. Amazon is looking to get your data as fair payment if you will. Amazon Alexa devices not made by Amazon should be looked at very carefully because out of the three they offer the most security risk. Almost every tech company you never have heard of has an Alexa-compatible device and that is the main issue with security. So it’s best to stick with Amazon-made products or from other trusted companies.

Google Home

Second, let us take a look at Google Home. Google has in our view the best virtual assistant of the three currently here in 2023. That being said all three are good at this point. Google has about the same issues Amazon does. Tons of businesses you never hear of (mostly Chinese) are compatible with Google Home. Because of that reason, it has similar security risks to Alexa devices when not bought from Google or a company you trust. Google products do come in more expensive than Amazon’s products when buying directly from them. If you already have an Android smartphone and don’t mind spending a little more it’s probably the best choice between Amazon and Google.

Apple HomeKit

Third, let’s take a look at Apple Homekit and Siri. If you are worried about privacy, Apple has the other two companies beat hands down. They have the best record of keeping your data out of the wrong hands. If privacy security is your top priority then Apple is the easy winner among the three companies. Again, this goes without saying that you should focus your purchases on products made by Apple or a trusted company. On the downside, it’s the most costly out of Amazon Alexa,  Google Home, and Apple to kit out your home. Siri as a virtual assistant has made big strides in improving and is just a hair less good than Google. But, Apple’s integration is the best when interacting with your iPhone and your smart home setup. Apple is the winner as far as integration goes. So if you are looking for fewer “bugs” in your setup Apple is the way to go.

Smart plugs for Apple HomeKit can give you control of your home all in one simple app. Combining the user-friendly iOS interface you know and love with the convenience of smart plugs will make life easier. With many variations to choose from, there is a smart plug for every need.

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