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Best Smart Thermostats to Monitor & Control Your Home Temperature

What can a smart thermostat do that your ordinary thermostat can’t already do?

Believe it or not, we’ve heard these questions a number of times. And our answer?

A lot.

So what’s the real difference?

Your regular, traditional thermostats let you adjust the temperature in your home. At the end of the day, it truly is just a control panel for your heating and air conditioning system. Not only that, thermostats have essential roles in air conditioning systems and they actually help save you money on your energy bill.


What is a smart thermostat?

A smart thermostat is called as such because they learn from your behaviors – in this case, the way you control the climate in your home. From energy conservation (smart thermostats can adjust themselves on their own, allowing you to save energy both in the short and long term), to controlling your home from your smartphone, and scheduling climate behavior while you’re out of the house, smart thermostats are an all-in-one energy saving, climate adjusting solution.


Why you need smart thermostats

Convenience, that’s why. With smart thermostats, you no longer have to go home to a cold room or re-program your thermostat to suit the current environment. All you have to do is get your smartphone and check if your thermostat is functioning as you desire. If you have a super smart thermostat, you can just do nothing. It’ll know what to do, all by itself.


How to install a smart thermostat

Most smart thermostats are suitable for DIY installation. There are YouTube videos and apps with setup wizards that will guide you on how to properly set up and make them work.


How much do smart thermostats cost?

The best ones that we have covered in this article will only cost you somewhere between $100 to $300.


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If you buy through affiliate links, we may earn commissions, which helps support our site at no cost to you.


Best Smart Thermostats – 2021

We’ve compiled the best smart thermostats we’ve found online – through Amazon, CNET, on blogs, and on review sites. We’re sharing our favorites with you.

  1. Nest 3 (Best overall)

  2. ecobee4

  3. Nest E

  4. Honeywell

  5. Johnson Controls

    1. Nest 3: Best of the Best Smart Thermostats


    The Nest learns from your behavior and programs itself basing on that.


    Energy conservation truly does start from your thermostat. Your thermostat controls part of your energy bill, so shouldn’t we be focused on tools to help us save energy within our home? There are so many incredible features in the Nest, it’s simply impossible to list them all. One favorite is the remote control feature. With the Nest app, you can change the temperature, check your history and even receive an alert if your home is too hot or cold. It’s energy conservation at your fingertips.

    Compared to the past Nest thermostats, the Nest Learning Thermostat 3rd Gen has an improved 480×480 screen that improves readability from afar. It also includes hot water and boiler controls.


    Why You Should Get It

    Independent studies have shown that the Nest saved an average of 10-12% on heating bills and 15% on cooling bills. In addition to the energy-saving features that this product offers, we also love the auto-scheduling feature. No more programming – with auto-schedule, Nest learns from you and programs itself, meaning that as you use the device more and more, it will only get smarter and smarter. This is the best Smart Thermostat.



    • Can be controlled through voice (Alexa-compatible)
    • Learns your habits and adjusts itself accordingly
    • Comes in 4 colors: copper, stainless steel, black, and white
    • Works with other Nest products


    • Can be a huge battery eater if you don’t configure it properly



    2. ecobee4 Thermostat: Best for Large Homes

    The ecobee4 keeps a comfortable and uniform temperature around your house—and fulfill Alexa requests.


    Have you ever woken up to a cold bedroom, but your hallway is warm beyond belief? Your traditional thermostats read the temperature in just one room, but the ecobee4 thermostat comes with remote sensors to deliver the best temperature in the rooms that matter most. This product understands when to turn on your heating or cooling equipment based on two variables: your home’s unique energy profile and the weather outside. Not only that, the ecobee4 is equipped with a microphone, speaker, and Alexa. This makes it capable of adding items to your grocery list, play music, read the news, and more.


    Why You Should Get It

    The ecobee4 is so smart it can take charge of big homes. It senses whether anyone’s home and which rooms are occupied, which saves you energy and money when you’re not in the rooms of your home. The product also lets you monitor and control the temperature in your home anytime, anywhere, on your smartphone, tablet, or computer – which makes our lives even more convenient.



    • Comes with room sensors that manage hot and cold spots
    • Built-in Amazon Alexa Voice Service
    • Fulfills your voice requests: order groceries, read the news, etc.
    • Has a speaker and microphone
    • Fast installation (about 30 minutes)


    • Alexa voice recognition is not so smooth


    3. Nest Thermostat E: Best Full-Featured Budget

    The Nest Thermostat E is simple to control and blends with your home.


    Technology should aid your daily lives, not take over from it. This is what the Nest Thermostat E does. It’s a straightforward thermostat that’s super simple to operate and control. Use Alexa or Google to control it with your voice. Just say “Okay Google, set my temperature to 72 degrees” and you’ll warm up soon enough.

    The simple thermostat has a minimal and soft display to match. It is covered with a film layer that diffuses the light into a soft glow to “hide” it on your walls. Like the older version, the new Nest is armed with the same features: can be remotely controlled, self-shutting when it doesn’t detect a presence, adjustable schedules, and more. You can even see your energy history in the app so you can check your usage and savings.


    Why You Should Get It

    The ecobee3 is so smart, it knows you have a life. It senses whether anyone’s home and which rooms are occupied, which saves you energy and money when you’re not in the rooms of your home. The product also lets you monitor and control the temperature in your home anytime, anywhere, on your smartphone, tablet, or computer – which makes our lives even more convenient.



    • Simple frosted design that blends well with any wall style
    • Runs itself down after you leave
    • Lithium-ion battery that consumes less power
    • Works with most 24V heating and cooling systems


    • Adjusts on its own sometimes, and some users don’t like its settings



    4. Honeywell: Cheapest

    The Honeywell costs less than $110, yet it works with Alexa and has geofencing features.


    The much-needed thermostat features and fairly affordable price propelled the Honeywell RCHT8610WF2006 Lyric T5 Wi-Fi Smart Thermostat to the top hierarchy of budget thermostats. The unit has a 7-day flexible programmable feature or location-based temperature control. It also features a touchscreen display and a sophisticated look to match your modern interiors. Most of all, it works with Alexa for voice control. It’s a much-needed feature that only a few budget thermostats can offer.


    Why You Should Get It

    If you want to have easy control over your AC anytime, anywhere and you don’t want to spend a lot, this Honeywell model proves to be the right match. This also appeals to people who don’t want complex technology as its programming is flexible and easy.



    • Outstanding functionality at its price range
    • Works with Alexa for voice control
    • Adaptive recovery sets the temperature at the right time
    • Smart alerts for filter change and extreme temperature warnings


    • Requires C wire, may not be compatible with some heating systems



    5. Johnson Controls Glas: Extra air monitoring features

    Johnson Controls Glas monitors indoor and outdoor air quality.


    Here’s another beautiful smart thermostat with a translucent OLED touchscreen, Johnson Controls Glas Smart Thermometer. With the minimalist screen, you can have delightful interactions that let you control the temperature, track air pollutants inside your home, and view real-time energy reports. Program your own schedule or let Glas do one for you. Its integrated occupancy sensor creates a comfortable environment when it senses that someone is in the room.

    It can also tell if you have a healthy environment in your home or on your patio. It can monitor humidity, total VOCs, equivalent CO2, allergens, air quality index, and UV index.


    Why You Should Get It

    If you or anyone in your family is sensitive to allergens and sneezes at the slightest sniff of dust, having the Johnson Glas would be beneficial. It can help tell if you need some major house cleaning if the air quality metrics are off. It’s also a worthy smart home addition for people who are already using Alexa and Google Assistant.



    • Indoor and outdoor air quality monitoring
    • Beautiful user interface
    • OLED touchscreen that’s stylishly translucent
    • App can control multiple Glas thermostats in different locations


    • Screen doesn’t turn on if you’re approaching it, you have to tap it


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    The Best Smart WiFi Thermostats


    Here are the Best Smart WiFi Thermostats compared.

    1Google T3007ES Nest Learning Thermostat (3rd Gen)

    • Alexa-compatible
    • Learns your habits
    • Works with Nest
    • Heavy on the batteries

    2ecobee4 Wi-Fi Thermostat with Sensor

    • Room sensors for extra accuracy
    • Alexa-compatible
    • Fast installation
    • Alexa voice recognition not smooth

    3Nest Thermostat E

    • Beautiful frosted design
    • Works with most heating/cooling systems
    • Adjusts on its own sometimes

    4Honeywell Lyric T5 Wi-Fi Smart Thermostat

    • Outstanding functionality at its price range
    • Smart alerts for filter change
    • Requires C wire

    5Johnson Controls Glas Smart Thermostat

    • Indoor/outdoor air quality monitoring
    • OLED touchscreen
    • Screen doesn't turn on when you approach it



    If you’re currently using a lot of energy in your home, particularly because you run a consistent temperature all the time, we are sure you will see a significant improvement in your overall energy usage by letting a smart thermostat manage your heating and cooling throughout your home.

    Nest Labs has released a study around energy usage and smart thermostats, and released a white paper on their findings. In short, they found a 10-12% savings on heating and 15% savings on cooling – about $131-145 in savings per year, when using a smart thermostat.

    With these savings, you will have a return on your investment within two years, and reduce your overall energy usage significantly. Whether you are purchasing the Nest, or you are investing in Honeywell’s product, we hope the overview of our top five favorite smart thermostats helps guide you in your product purchasing decision. Check out more Smart Home devices in our store.

    Do you have one of these thermostats in your home? We’d love to hear more about your experience and the benefits of ownership you’ve seen in the comment section below. 



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