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Control & Monitor Home Appliances from Anywhere with These Smart Plugs

Did you know that by 2022, a typical family home could contain more than 500 smart devices? That’s according to a study by Gartner in a 2015. This same study also found that 70% of respondents in the Southern US say that their quality of life would improve if they had the ability to control their home appliances via text messages (or smart solutions), such as texting their oven to ask it to heat up.

Well, thankfully, you can do this now – and in a much more easy and sophisticated way than by texting your appliances.

There are so many smart products available on the market that allow you to control your appliances, and there are even more that allow you to work with your smart products in an “add-on” way, like by using smart electric outlets to make your appliances smarter than they actually are.

The benefits of this are ten-fold, but the most interesting of which is the price point. Instead of spending hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars to purchase smart home appliances, why not find smart “add-on” extensions that can make your products smarter?

That’s why I’ve put together the best smart electric outlets to control and monitor your home appliances, improving your quality of life now.


What is a smart electric outlet?

A smart electric outlet is an outlet that you can control with you smartphone. By plugging in your home appliances, like toaster ovens or coffee makers, you can control the outlet itself from your smartphone, allowing you to turn these on and off as you wish.


Why You Need It

Imagine having the ability to turn your coffee maker on from the comfort of your bed. Or being half-way around the world, and having the power to turn your oven or fridge off because you won’t be home for an extended period of time. Using smart electric outlets will give you the ability to have complete control over your home’s appliances.


Installation & Ease of Use

Installation couldn’t be more simple. All you need to do is plug-in your desired appliances and connect the smart outlet to your phone, either by Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, depending on the product. And Voila! You’re done!



Smart electric outlets range from $50-$150, depending on the product.

To find a smart electric outlet that will work for what you’re after, check out my recommendations.



Best Price


The Orvibo supports up to 20 devices on the associated app, so you can have this product literally everywhere in your home.


When I first started with my smart home transformation (or apartment, in my case), I didn’t want to spend a ton of money on changing various areas of the home. My fear was that I wouldn’t love the result (who was I kidding?) so I was being cautious. That’s why I recommend the Orvibo if you’re just just getting started with your smart home. It’s uber cheap ($19.99 on Amazon at the time of writing) and has all of the features you need, as it helps you monitor your appliances, turning them on and off from your smartphone. It also has timer settings to turn products on and off at selected times, too.


Key benefits

  • Easy to install (within seconds)
  • This device supports up to 10 timing tasks
  • It can be used for virtually anything – fans, fridges, toasters and any appliance you can dream of


What Users Are Saying

With over 400 reviews on Amazon (and a four-star review overall) this device is loved by most. The vast majority of users say that this device meets their expectations and their price point.


Why You Should Get It

If you’re getting started with your smart home and want to be cautious with where you’re spending your hard-earned money, this product is for you. It does everything you need in terms of a smart electric outlet, and it’s easy on the pocketbook.


These Plugs Are Also Low Priced




Best integration with Siri


Apple fanatic? No problem – Elgato has you covered. 


For those of us who are Apple lovers (myself included) it’s not hard to find apps and smart products that work well with our beloved iPhones and MacBooks; however, finding products that were made specifically for us, and Siri, is another story.

That’s exactly what Elgato has done. With the Eve Switch and Power Meter, you can talk to Siri on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch to control your devices connected to Eve Energy. It’s super easy to control insights and manage your devices, so you can impact your energy consumption. Switch your lights on and off with the sound of your voice – and the help of Siri, of course.


Key benefits

  • Switch your devices on or off with a tap or using Siri
  • Understand your energy consumption through the associated app 
  • Homekit-enabled, giving you ease of use and advanced security


What Users Are Saying

Reviewers on Amazon are calling this the “perfect addition” to any home. It should be noted that this only works with Apple, so if you’re an Android user, check out another product on this list.


Why You Should Get It

This product was made specifically for Apple users. If you find that your iPhone is always in your hands, you should get this product.


We Recommend These Outlets For iPhone Lovers




Best for Energy Monitoring

Don’t want to *always* control your products from your phone? No problem. 


I get it. Sometimes you just want to put your phone away for a few hours, but still keep track of your smart products and manage your home while you’re relaxing. I’m certain that’s why iHome launched this product with the remote control included, and that’s why it’s on our list now. This smart plug comes with a remote, so if you want to manage your plugged-in devices from within 35 feet away, you can do so. For the smartphone app, it’s Wi-Fi enabled with no Hub or monthly fees required.


Key benefits

  • Power monitoring feature so you can track and monitor consumption 
  • Use up to 1800 watts per plug
  • Use Siri to control plugged-in devices


What Users Are Saying

Reviewers on Amazon say that this product is easy to set-up, especially if you have Apple HomeKit. Many users say that it is reliable and cost effective.

Why You Should Get It

Get this product if you want the option to control your smart plug without your smartphone from time to time. It’s a great alternative to have, especially if your smartphone is on the brink of a low battery.


These Plugs Also Have Energy Monitoring



Best for Only Taking Up One Plug

Don’t want an eye sore? Consider a mini smart plug. 

There are times when you don’t want an eye sore as a smart plug. Yes, smart plugs are tremendous innovations in the IoT world, but they can be large and, quite frankly, I often want to hide my plugs and cords away from sight. I also don’t always want my smart plug to take up both of the inputs in my wall outlet. After all, what if I want to compare two different smart plugs with one another?

That’s why I love the Wemo Mini. Not only is it small, as the name says, it only takes up one outlet at a time. Bonus.

Key benefits

  • Connectivity: Wi-Fi
  • No hub required
  • Sleek, smaller, new size allows for stacking and use of additional outlet

What Users Are Saying

Reviewers on Amazon love that this device is small in stature. In addition, they love how easy it is to set-up. “Right out of the box”, some say!

Why You Should Get It

You should get this device if you are looking for a small smart plug for your home – one that will only be used, not necessarily seen.

This Smart Plug also uses just one outlet




Best Smartphone App


When looking for a smart electric outlet, there’s nothing more important than an app that works – and works well.


Imagine if all of your favorite smartphone apps just stopped working. Snapchat, Amazon, Instagram… Tinder? It would be devastating until the moment they started working again.

Now, picture your smart electric outlet having an associated app that crashed frequently. The worst, right? That’s why I’ve pulled together my favorite smart electric outlets with the best associated apps. I’m not saying that the other products on this list have apps that aren’t stellar, but – according to user reviews online – these have the best apps.

Wemo is #1 on this list because of the strong feedback on the associated smart app. It works flawlessly, according to reviewers, and is a must-have for any smart electric outlet.


Key benefits

  • Works with any smartphone or tablet running Android 4.1 and higher or iOS 8 and higher
  • Compatible with Alexa
  • “Away Mode” makes it look like you’re home, as the lights will automatically turn on and off at random.


What Users Are Saying

According to one reviewer on Amazon, this product is easy to set-up and use. The reviewer says that there were no issues with the overall set-up, and the smartphone integration was second-t0-none.


Why You Should Get It

If you’re like me, you’re on your smartphone all the time (it’s practically attached to me). So, when I use a product with an associated app, I need it to work. I’m very particular with the amount of apps I have on my smartphone as well; if you can relate, this product is for you.


These Plugs Also Have an Awesome App




Best for compatibility with Alexa

Have Alexa? You’ll want to buy compatible products, too. 


If you have Alexa in your home, you know how much of a drag it is to have other products sitting at home that just don’t work with her. So, if you’re searching for a smart Wi-Fi plug, you’ll want to ensure compatibility. After all, what fun is it if you can’t ask Alexa to turn on your home products right from your voice?

Key benefits

  • Includes RF remote control
  • Monitors your energy consumption
  • 1800 Watts of power per plug

What Users Are Saying

Users love that this product can be paired with their favorite Amazon device. Many users also say that this product is very easy to set-up and use.

Why You Should Get It

You should definitely get the iHome plug if you have an Echo or Dot at home. It’s the ultimate in smart home compatibility.

We recommend this for compatibility with Alexa 


Best for use with multiple products and outlets


When you hate the look of multiple wires or many plugs, a device that offers multiple sockets is what you need. 


When I grew up, my Mom couldn’t stand the look of wires everywhere (she still can’t). She would rather have a number of large outlets that can handle multiple plugs than have outlets everywhere. And I can’t disagree with her – I’m the exact same way in my apartment.

So, if you want a smart electric outlet that offers multiple product plug-ins, the WenTop is for you. The WenTop is a smart switch that can do everything, from monitoring energy consumption to controlling your electrical devices. Plus, you can plug-in multiple products, too.


Key benefits

  • Various programming options, including multiple on/off settings, countdown, random vacation, and sunrise/sunset schedules
  • Works over Wi-Fi
  • Can be expanded by adding up to 12 (!!!) smart switches


What Users Are Saying

Many users on Amazon “highly recommend” this product. The only negative reviews are around customer service, which seems sometimes difficult to work with.


Why You Should Get It

If you think that the look of many wires and multiple outlets is unflattering for your home, this product is for you. It’s ideal for an area of your home, like around your fridge, toaster, microwave and more, that has multiple appliances in one area.


We Recommend These Plugs for Multiple Devices




Best for the outdoors (like your backyard)


Want to control your outdoor appliances? These products (like iDevices) are ideal for you.


Full disclosure: when I head to my cabin a few hours from my home, I decorate the outdoors like it’s going out of style. I love bringing up my BBQ, I place candles everywhere and I even include my outdoor fridge for the back patio. After all, who wants to head inside to grab a cold beer?

Sometimes, though, I head inside at the end of the night and get ready for bed, only to wonder just as I’m falling asleep if I unplugged my outdoor fridge. I’m big on energy efficiency so, if the fridge is cleared at the end of the night, I believe it should be unplugged.

That’s where the iDevices Outdoor Switch comes in. It’s awesome – I can check the status of plugged-in devices from my smartphone, so I never miss a beat if I’m in bed or just across the backyard.


Key benefits

  • Simple set up
  • Works with iDevices Connected app and Home Kit Technology
  • Dual outlets


What Users Are Saying

Users on Amazon say that this product offers a very easy set-up and, after the latest firmware update, it works flawlessly. The overall review on Amazon is 4-stars, with negative reviews including comments about how the product sometimes offers limited power.


Why You Should Get It

For those of us who love bringing appliances outdoors (or any plugged-in products, really) this product is for us. It’s ideal for the outdoors, and will truly make your backyard smarter.


This Plug is Also Great for Outdoors




Best for integration with other smart products


If you already have a connected home and you want the latest smart electric outlet to work flawlessly with other devices, check these out. 


For the advanced smart home owner, you might have pre-existing products that you want your smart electric outlets to work with – and that’s awesome! For example, if you want your connected outlet to connect with your Nest smart thermostat, Voila! – it’s possible.

It’s made possible because of products like the Zuli. The Zuli Smartplug is a smart home monitoring system and outlet combination that allows you to track your home’s overall energy usage, see which devices are using the most energy and, most importantly, let you control your favorite appliances. It’s connects with pre-existing smart products, like the aforementioned Nest, and others as well like Philips Hue.


Key benefits

  • Control your favorite appliances from your smartphone
  • Monitor and track your overall energy usage in your home
  • When combined with three or more Zuli Smartplugs, the product will automatically sense when you enter a room and adjust the lighting and thermostat settings automatically to your desired settings


What Users Are Saying

Reviews are high on Amazon (4.1 out of 5). The only negative comments are around the smartphone integration, as it is not yet available for Android devices.


Why You Should Get It

You should get this product if you’re an advanced smartphone owner and are looking for excellent connection with pre-existing smart home devices. This product gives you the ability to connect and combine smart home products within your home for a flawless experience.

Related: Building your first smart home? Check out the must-haves you need now. 


We Recommend These Plugs for Easy Integration




Best of the best in smart electric outlets


Just want the best of the best, price point not an issue? These are for you.


If you’re just looking for the best of the best, crème de la crème so to speak, these products are for you.

With these products, the WEMO especially, I’ve selected the absolute best in the industry, price point not an issue or concern. I love the WEMO in particular because of its popularity. With over 4000 reviews on Amazon, it’s one of the most popular smart electric outlets on the market. In fact, it’s the #1 New Release in Switches at the time of writing.

The WEMO is also super easy to use (just check out this article for 8 powerful things you can do with a WEMO) All you need to do is plug-in the switch, download the free app, and control your appliances from anywhere in the world, right from your smartphone. Easy as pie. No hub or subscription required.


Key benefits

  • Compatible with iOS, Android and Amazon Echo
  • Connected via Wi-Fi for your smartphones or tablets
  • This device is able to run a customizable schedule that is pre-determined by the user


What Users Are Saying

Users of this product say that it works very well on its own (and even better with the Alexa). As it’s one of the most popular smart outlets on Amazon, there is a mix of negative and neutral reviews, too; however, these reviews are almost entirely about connectivity, as some users have experienced the odd connection issue.


Why You Should Get It

Searching for a smart, reliable solution for your electric outlet? The WEMO will do the trick. You should get this product if you’re searching for a popular, reliable product that will connect with your home appliances and provide reliable smartphone integration.


These Are Also Awesome





With smart home integration and connectivity coming in all shapes and forms, it’s easy to get tied-up with the latest products that you just need now. In this post, I’ve paid a particular focus to smart home products that do the trick (turning on/off your appliances and monitoring your energy consumption) without doing significant damage to your pocketbook.

What appliances are you thinking of using with a smart outlet? Do you have any questions regarding what a smart outlet can do? Comment below or Tweet at us! 


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