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Best Steelcase Chairs For Office (or Home) Workers

Let’s admit that most of the time, our office jobs tend to last longer than 8 hours. Sometimes, you spend time in front of the desk longer than you stay in your house couches. Even at home, you cannot avoid sitting/working whether it’s finishing your unfinished tasks or just plain ‘you-time’.

Did you know that in the worst cases, unergonomic sitting can cause physical health threats? Poor sitting posture can lead to fatigue, back pain, neck sores, and overall body pain. If you want to save yourself from the probable nightmare of physically damaging your body, read on to learn more about the different Steelcase Chairs. You might just find the one perfect for you.



What are Steelcase Chairs?

Steelcase chairs are office chairs manufactured by Steelcase furniture company. They are known for their ergonomic work-space tools since 1912. The office chairs produced by the company features all the requirements for an ideal office chair.

Why choose Steelcase Chairs?

History trusts Steelcase Chairs to be a suitable office chair for professional workspaces and home offices. These seats are renowned to be especially ergonomic for the user’s optimum sitting experience without degrading overall posture.


For the Steelcase Chairs part of the list, you may invest $500 to $1000.


The Best Steelcase Chairs

Check out the best Steelcase Chairs.

If you buy through affiliate links, we may earn commissions, which helps support our site at no cost to you.

1. Gesture Office Chair: For Extensive Movers


Steelcase Gesture Office Chair

The newest innovation in ergonomic seating



Wish you have a chair that fits perfectly for you? Wish granted! Enter Gesture Office Chair by Steelcase.

The Gesture Office Chair is inspired and designed about human body movements so it can move along the user effortlessly. Each interface of the chair from the core to the limb synchronizes with the various body sizes and preferences of the user. The flexibility of the chair is even more highlighted by the modern design of each swivel.

You will never have to worry about the stiff body after long hours of sitting since the Gesture Office Chair moves like the second you, only it’s a chair.

Why You Should Get it

It is not every day that you will find an easy chair moving along as you do while fulfilling its purpose as an ergonomic seat. The Gesture Office Chair will deliver the premium sitting experience and feel free to move because you will not be restricted by unadjustable chair parts. It will actually sync with your movements



  • The back supports the user regardless of the posture
  • The arms and shoulders are supported despite different movements
  • The seat caters to any position with comfort
  • Sleek design



  • Others find the seat foam thickness can be improved



2.  SILQ Office Chair: For the intuitively smart users


Uncompromising comfort and lightweight strength

Participating in conferences, it’s a waste of fruitful energy messing with a chair just to achieve the most comfortable spot. SILQ Office Chair by Steelcase solves this problem through a technology that makes the chair highly intuitive. It only needs height adjustment and it will naturally tailor along with your movements.

Another breakthrough is the science behind the materials used for the chair. The carbon fiber material has gone a long exploration to achieve the goal Steelcase aspired for a smart chair.


Why You Should Get it

Get smart choosing SILQ Office Chair that will naturally adjust to your posture and give some personal sitting experience. Enough with the everyday battle on your office chairs.


  • Intuitive and Smart office chair
  • Naturally adjusts to body movements
  • Carbon fiber breakthrough as the material used
  • Modern design
  • Doesn’t need to assemble, it will be shipped ready to use



  • None thus far


3.  Think Office Chair: For The Fiddle Sitter


Steelcase Think Office Chair

State-of-the-art ergonomic features


Don’t try too hard each day fiddling for the most satisfactory position you must be in your office chair. Think Office Chair by Steelcase untangles this everyday struggle by using the Integrated LiveBack System. The Think system has back flexors that will support you reclining any degrees. Moreover, it has a weight-activated mechanism for individual weight support.

In terms of adjustability, Think Office Chair is leading in customizability. The lumbar support can be varied using a comfort dial placed on the side of the seats. Also, the armrest is changeable to what activity dimensions and degrees your activity suggest.


Why You Should Get it

No need to fiddle most of your working time because Think is a truly customizable office chair. From seat to backrest support and armrest and reclining adjustments, this office chair was made thinking of you.


  • Integrated LiveBack System
  • Seat and backrest work together for maximum weight support
  • Adjustable Lumbar Support using dial
  • Adjustable Armrest
  • Contemporary design


  • None cited yet



4. Leap Office Stool: For The Long Sitter


Steelcase Leap Office Stool

This stool’s iconic design creates a unified appearance


It’s not news that you may have spent long hours in front of your desk sitting. More than 8 hours, perhaps?

But fret not! Leap Office Stool by Steelcase has the right technology to aid the burden of heavy sitting. Leap has Liveback feature that copies the spine movement and glides naturally every reclination. Four adjustable arms readily mend to suffice each user’s activity preference.
Materials used during the process are high-quality upholstery fabric suitable both for users and the environment.

Why You Should Get it

Get it if you are guilty of torturing your body for longer than 8 hours. Leap Office Stool by Steelcase is the perfect office chair to help you maintain the proper posture while doing the work.



  • Leap’s Liveback feature to support spine movement
  • Recline comfortably
  • Adjustable arms
  • High-quality materials used
  • Environmentally bias
  • Classic design


  • No recorded flaw


5. Cobi Office Stool: For Any Height and Leg Lengths


Steelcase Cobi Office Stool

Designed to be an extension of your body, to move with you


People are obviously not pawns molded-in the same sizes. Different sizes mean different weight, height, and leg lengths. Cobi Office Stool is designed with this in mind, it can support any weight and height with its adjustable seat pan and depth. This will ensure you keep your feet flat on the floor and your thighs parallel to it. But not only your legs are comfortable because armrests are easily modified too.

Additionally, Cobi Office Stool by Steelcase has a swivel base that allows sitters to move around easily without leaving the desk. You may ultimately avoid your neck from strains of spinning. You are also assured that the chair will blend well in any workspace thanks to the modern design.


Why You Should Get it

You want the long hours of sitting comfortable, right? Regardless of your shape, never worry about your posture and convenience at stake. Cobi Office Stool can adjust its seat height for you and evenly distribute your weight across the seat pan. Don’t forget the adjustable armrests too.



  • Adjustable seat height
  • Distributes weight on the seat pan
  • Armrests can be adjusted
  • Airy design in back support
  • Swivel-base design for free movement 360 degrees
  • Lustrous design


  • Not so much


6. Amia Office Chair: For The Home To Work Office


Steelcase Amia Office Chair

This seat’s simplistic design creates a unified appearance

If you find yourself bringing your workloads from office to home or simply have your own office around the house, then more than 8 hours behind the desk is very probable. The least you can treat yourself is a comfortable chair that will accompany you for hours and Amia Office Chair by Steelcase is a good option. The office chair comes in different fabric colors to complement your workspace.

The chair completes its package with a well set of ergonomic features. The LiveLumbar System of Amia has back support, flexible seat edges, adjustable arms, and seat depth too. This Steelcase office chair surely guarantees the all-day comfortability of users.


Why You Should Get it

Wherever is your office, Amia Office Chair will enhance your workspace by providing an ergonomic experience for sitters of all shapes. The adjustability of the chair plus the wide choice of colors for the fabric makes this office chair ideal for your setup.



  • LiveLumbar System for all-day back support
  • Adjustable seat height
  • Adjustable armrests
  • Adjustable back tension in every reclining
  • Simple design in different colors and fabric



  • The chair is slightly tilted towards by a few degrees




Best Steelcase Chairs in a Box Comparison

Here are the best beds in a box in comparison.




— Steelcase Chairs Buyers Guide & FAQ —


What To Look For When Buying a Steelcase Chair

We cannot reiterate enough the importance of a good office chair, both ergonomic and adjustable, in bringing out the best performance of users. They are the sitters spending more than 8 hours in front of desks.
Use our buying guide below and start with the things that you need to double-check when buying one

The lumbar support- Though some are complacent about the significance of the chair’s backrest, you should rather be mindful of its importance. Look for office chairs that are changeable in lumbar support. Adjustable chairs are better than those with fixed backrest since office work requires several movements.

The adjustability of Seat Height- Tall or short individuals must find it easy to adjust seat height. Proper sitting posture calls that feet must lay flat on the floor while thighs are parallel to the ground. If you are looking to have it for the long term, an office chair must at least have this feature.

The adjustability of Seat Pan- The ideal seat pan reduces the stress in the inner thighs after long hours of sit. Like varying heights, users are of different sizes. It is best to opt for chairs that can locate your center of gravity immediately when sitting and evenly distribute weight.

Comfortability- Again, comfort in workspaces is of utmost priority. Some office chairs are offered in fabric and/or different materials. While providing ergonomic features, chairs must bring comfort to you.

Stability- It is impossible that you will have 8 hours or more just pure sitting in one position. Therefore, have a chair that can seamlessly move with you and swivel instead of your spines doing the work. It must be stable enough for different positions and reclining.

Extras- This is the deciding factor for some. Some chairs are offered in many colors and unique designs. Some surpass the usual look of conference chairs.



Steelcase Chairs FAQs

With so many models for office chairs circling the market, it is smart to showcase to you why Steelcase chairs are a better option. We have compiled the most common concerns from buyers like you regarding the selection.


Question: What is the Back Support offered?

Answer: The power of the backrest to support the lumbar system and curve of the spine. LiveLumbar System synchronizes with body movements and follows the curve of the spine

Question: How is the chair adjustable?

Answer: Most chairs have an easy dial that will recline the chair to forward or backward tilt. Armrests, for example, should be changeable according to your needs.

Question: What is the Weight Support?

Answer: The seat of an office chair must be comfortable to sit on and can evenly distribute weight. Pressure on inner thighs should be minimized by adjustable seats that can glide forward and backward.

Question: Are there color choices?

Answer: Some chairs go beyond the classic colors and use a fabric of different colors.

Question: Is financing offered?

Answer: Yes, through Affirm. What is Affirm? It’s a financing option that you can choose to purchase when checking out. Similar to the credit card option, you may have it in monthly installments

Question: Are Steelcase chairs worth it?

Answer: This depends on an individual needs in what they need in an office chair. Steelcase chairs are designed from quality materials and should last a long time.

Question: What are the best chairs for sitting all day?

Answer: Steelcase Chairs are among the Best Ergonomic Office Chairs you can buy in 2021.


Choosing the correct office chair that will suit our needs and taste is one of the important factors of the office adult life. It is the daily companion that can dictate the efficiency of a worker. While many ignore that sitting can cause body damage, you can trust Steelcase Chairs to be otherwise.

Multiple types of office chairs are offered nowadays and thus, it better to trust one of the leading producers of office furniture with a good reputation and long history like Steelcase. Own an office chair that can fully support you through any movements, positions, and changes in your shape.



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