These are the Best Wireless Phone Charging Car Mounts

I’m the queen of ending up with a dead phone. Seriously, as I glance at my phone right now, it’s sitting at a cool 18%. For someone who relies on her smartphone at all hours of the day, I don’t quite understand why I let my phone die, but I do!

Charging in the vehicle is something that is a certainty for me. When I get into my CR-V, I buckle up my seatbelt, plug my phone in and I’m off. It gives my phone a little extra juice that is clearly so very needed.

If you’re constantly dealing with a phone that is running out of juice–and you want to keep your eyes on the road while occasionally glancing on Google Maps–you’ll love these wireless phone chargers for your car.

Who wants to fumble around with finding a phone charging cable when your hands are full and you are in a rush? You just want to plop your cell phone down on a wireless car charger and be off!  If your phone supports wireless charging (and of course you would know if it does), a handy dandy wireless car charger can be a lifesaver (literally) by helping you keep your eyes on the road.  Ideaing has you covered with some of the top wireless car chargers on the market.


What is a wireless phone charging car mount?

These are wireless Qi chargers built into phone mounts for your car. That way you can clip your phone into position for you to use while driving, hands-free of course but also charges your phone without the hassles of wires.


Why you need a Wireless Car Charger

If you’re like me (and I’m sure you can be), you often have challenges with keeping your phone staying charged. As such, you end up with a dead battery every once in a while. This will help save the day when you need a charged phone. I find that an empty mount is simply screaming for a phone to be placed upon it. A good wireless phone charging car mount is also a great match with a car health monitor as well.


Why should you trust Ideaing?

Since 2013, our team at Ideaing holds an extensive background in technology, from electrical engineering to product managers at Fortune 500 companies. We pride ourselves in providing truly objective incite into our reviews and recommendations. Our expert panel of product experts spends thousands of hours researching, analyzing, and testing products. After our extensive research on over 30 of the top wireless phone charging car mounts on the market, here are our 7 best picks for most people.


The Best Wireless Phone Charging Car Mounts for 2021


Here are the best wireless car chargers on the market.



1. iOttie Auto Sense: Most Flexible


iOttie Easy One Touch 4 Qi Wireless Car Mount

Secures any kind of smartphone with its superior stick strength


Do you hate it when your smartphone slips off your car mount while you’re driving? It’s enough to distract you on your bad days. Better have the iOttie Auto Sense Wireless Qi Charger Car Mount, so you don’t have to worry about this petty occurrence. It virtually works with any kind of smartphone.

iOttie also has a telescopic arm that can span as long as 8.3 inches. You can also set it up according to any view you like, thanks to its pivot motion up to 225-degrees. Even with one hand, you can maneuver the mount and slide it off to remove your smartphone.


Why You Should Get It

If you’re looking for a simple-to-use car mount that secures your phone and not let it slip, then this iOttie Auto Sense is the one. It’s perfect for people who carry a couple smartphones of varying sizes.



  • Secures your phone with superior stick strength
  • Adjustable telescopic arm
  • Can be adjusted optimally with a pivoting capacity of 225-degrees
  • Universal mounting
  • Easy one-touch lock and release



  • Sensor needs work



2. Basenor Charging Dock: Best for Your Tesla Model 3


BASENOR Model 3 Qi Wireless Phone Charging Dock

Custom fit for your Tesla Model 3.


Do you drive a Tesla 3? Then why is your center console still lacking the Basenor Charging Dock? You deserve a smooth drive, one where you don’t need to untangle a stubborn ball of chargers while you’re in the parking lot or while you drive. This baby right here let’s you drop and charge, so you can enjoy every minute of your ride. It’s part of our best wireless charger for Tesla Model 3.

Don’t worry, it won’t be an eyesore. It was exactly custom made to fit your center console. You don’t even need an extra tool to install it. You get the perfect factory look and it maintains the chicness of your dashboard. Plus, it has an anti-slip system which means your phone won’t slip when you accelerate.


Why You Should Get It

If you’re a Tesla Model 3 driver and you want your charging experience to match your swift drive, then go order one right now.



  • Custom designed for Tesla Model 3
  • Custom fit for the center console
  • No tool needed for installation
  • Anti-slip mechanism
  • Compatible with Android and iOS



  • Can hold two phones, but only one side is meant for charging




3. DOCA Qi Wireless Car Charger Mount HolderCleanest Design 


DOCA Qi Wireless Car Charger Mount Holder

I can’t believe I’m about to admit this but…

I nearly drooled when I saw this car charger and holder in action.

As mentioned above, I’m all about a clean design and simple aesthetics. This DOCA Qi Wireless Car Charger does just that. Take a look at the photo above and envision this with me. You have a magnet of sorts that acts as a phone cradle. It’s placed on the air vent or dashboard. Place your phone on top and voila! All you see is your phone, not the holder. It’s practically magic.

The mount has a swivel ball that allows for a 360-degree rotation which means you can easily adjust the viewing angle of your phone. So easy, isn’t it?


Why You Should Get It

Feeling like a minimalist? Easily distracted? Then the DOCA charger is for you.

It just uses a magnet, so you don’t have to deal with frames hugging your phone.



  • Did I mention the clean design?
  • Mount comes with soft silicon gel, protecting your air vents.
  • 1 year worry-free warranty (but we’re sure you’ll love it)



  • For some, their phones fell off quite easily



4. iOttie Easy One Touch Qi Fast Charge CD Slot Mount: Double Duty 


iOttie Easy One Touch Qi Fast Charge Mount Charger

Comes with a dual USB charger to charge your extra phone


If you’re working with two phones, you’ll find this iOttie Easy One Touch Qi Fast Charge Mount ultra convenient. That’s because it has two USB ports: one built-in micro USB cable for the wireless charge and another USB port for a secondary device. Plus, if you don’t use CDs anymore, this phone mount will give your CD slot some use again, since it can attach to that area.

iOttie also charges compatible phones for up to 40% faster than your standard Qi wireless chargers. This will work if you have a Samsung Galaxy S8, S8 Plus, Note 8, S7 edge and other Qi Fast Charge-enabled smartphones.


Why You Should Get It

If you always go everywhere with two smartphones, then this charge mount will be perfect. Busy bees, who always need their phones working, will love these too. Just a few minutes of charging will give you more battery life than most chargers.



  • Universal mounting (works with all phones even if you have the case on)
  • Fast charging for Qi Fast Charge-enabled devices
  • Dual USB chargers
  • 1-year worry-free warranty



  • When placed in the CD player, it could potentially block radio buttons (depends on your car)



5. iOttie Easy One Touch Air Vent Mount: Best for Mounting in your AC Vent

 iOttie Easy One Touch Qi Wireless Fast Charge Air Vent Mount

Clamps on your air vent, minimizes vibrations to your device


Do you hate it when your phone is all jiggly when you glance at it while you drive? Your phone mount may be the one to blame. If you want to eliminate this slight nuisance, then you had better switch to the iOttie Easy One Touch Air Vent Mount. The spring-loaded, one-click lock and release feature of this mount provides a strong clamped hold, lessening the vibrations of your device. Less distraction is better and safer.

The mount also features a swivel ball that allows a 360-degree rotation. When looking at your GPS, you can easily adjust the viewing angle of your phone. Not only that, the iOttie will be able to hold any smartphone you have, even with the case on. It charges your smartphone fast at a rate of 40% faster than normal Qi wireless chargers. Of course, your phone needs to be compatible so that it will work.


Why You Should Get It

If your comfortable viewing angle is somewhere near your air vent and you want a stable hold, go for this iOttie Air Vent Mount.



  • Universal mounting for phones that are 2.3″ – 3.72″
  • Qi wireless fast charging
  • Air vent stable mounting
  • Dual USB charger



  • It’s a little bit small for the Note 8, and it may sag a little


6. Anker PowerWave Fast Wireless Charger: Air Vent Holder with Fast Wireless Charging for iPhone

Anker PowerWave Fast Wireless Car Charger with Air Vent Phone Holder

Wirelessly charge your iPhone–and fast


Are fast turns your thing? And fast charging too? Okay, then, you’ll love this the Anker PowerWave Fast Wireless Car Charger because it’s sturdy. It provides stability and it doesn’t let your phone wobble around, even if you drive fast. It also charges fast. This Qi-certified phone works at high speed without the wires and with the case still on. Yep, no fumbling through your phone case either. Unlike other car chargers, this one will just transmit through your case.


Why You Should Get It

If fast is your middle name, you’ll enjoy this. It keeps your phone stable even with sharp turns. It also works at high speed.



  • High-speed charging
  • Charges through your phone casing
  • Works as a PowerWave car mount
  • Charges an additional device
  • Includes a 2-port charger



  • Doesn’t charge when running navigation



7. Ellesye Wireless Charger: Best Value

ELLESYE 10W Fast Wireless Car Charger Mount

Affordable and has all the specs you need


No more time wasted when you can comfortably charge your cellphone in the car while traveling. ELLESYE Car Phone Holder and Fast Wireless Car Charger Mount is the new car accessory that should be on your list. It can accommodate any Qi-enabled devices like iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, Nokia Lumia920 and Google Nexus 4,


ELLESYE Car Phone Holder and Fast Wireless Car Charger Mount can firmly hug most units since it has extensive arms that automatically grips. There is no danger slipping because the suction cup is more strengthened by the sticky gel layer inside. Eyes are not strained because of the very adjustable holder up to 225°.


Why you should get it 

Save your precious hours into traveling and charging at once when you have the ELLESYE Car Phone Holder and Fast Wireless Car Charger Mount. Your phone is securely hugged by claws of the holder mounted firmly on almost any surface. 



  • Both a Car Phone Holder and Wireless Car Charger to any Qi-enabled devices
  • Easy installation
  • Neck holder can be adjusted for viewing angle
  • Suction cup uses a sticky gel layer for maximum hold on surfaces



  • Cold temperature adaptability of the suction cup is sometimes a problem



8. ZeeHoo Wireless Charger: Most Convenient


ZeeHoo Auto-Clamping 10W Qi Fast Wireless Car Charger Mount

Easy release, operate with one hand


Always on the go? Then the busy you can’t be deadlocked to the wall outlet. The phone battery is now the least of your concern since this holder/charger is especially dedicated to help you use your phone hands-free inside the car. Introducing ZeeHoo Wireless Fast Charging Mount/Holder with Smart Automatic Sensor Design and Qi Wireless Charger capability. Just place your phone over the mount, the arms will automatically grip and charge your phone even with your cases on. No overcharging hazard since the car charger will automatically power off after full recharge.


Do not hesitate about leaving your phone in the holder, ZeeHoo Wireless Fast Charging Mount/Holder has two-way installation: by strong suction cup or through air vent clip. Both are sturdy providing 360-degree rotation for preferred viewing pleasure. Access the phone anytime without moving your eyes off the road. 


Why you should get it

Never hold yourself down on cable chargers at home, the adult and working you will love ZeeHoo Wireless Fast Charging Mount/Holder because it is a car charger and mount in one. Even when driving on the road, use your phone and forget getting a dead battery.



  • Wireless Fast Charging Mount to Qi-enabled devices and Holder in one device
  • Two-way installation: by strong suction cup or through air vent clip
  • Adjustable mount allowing 360-degree maneuver



  • Some have gripping issues from the holder




Wires and cords can be so annoying, can’t they? Fumbling around, creating knots, getting in the way. When I made the switch from my USB cord to a wireless charger within my car, it was a true game changer. I could set-up my GPS while embarking on a cross-town or cross-state adventure without needing to fumble around.

I’ve compiled the best of the best wireless car chargers (and holders) for you to review here. From the cheapest to the most popular, the best design to the true best of the best, there’s something for everyone.

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Best Wireless Car Charger


Here are the Best Wireless Phone Charging Car Mounts

1iOttie Auto Sense Wireless Charging Dashboard Car Phone Mount

  • Adjustable arm
  • universal mounting
  • superior stick strength
  • Sensor needs work

2BASENOR Model 3 Qi Wireless Phone Charging Dock for Tesla Model 3

  • Custom fit for center console of Tesla 3
  • Anti-slip mechanism
  • Can support only 1 side for charging

3QI Wireless Car Charger with QC3.0 USB Charger, DOCA Magnetic Wireless Car Charger Mount Air Vent Car Cradle Compatible for iPhone XR,XS,X,8,8P, Galaxy Note 8 S8/S8+ S7 Edge & All Qi Enabled Phones

  • Fast charge for Samsung and iPhones
  • 360 degree rotation
  • Great customer support
  • Some users reporting wobbliness

4iOttie Easy One Touch Qi Fast Charge CD Mount Charger

  • Dual USB ports
  • Attaches to your CD slot
  • Fast charge for Samsung and iPhones
  • Universal charging
  • Can block radio buttons

5iOttie Easy One Touch Qi Fast Charge Air Vent Mount

  • Stable mounting on air vent
  • Fast charge for Samsung and iPhones
  • 360 degree rotation
  • Can be quite too small for Note 8

6Anker PowerWave 7.5W Wireless Car Charger with Air Vent Phone Holder

  • Charges fast
  • Charges through your case
  • Don't charge when using navigation

7ELLESYE 10W Fast Wireless Car Charger Mount

  • Compatible with all Qi devices
  • one-hand operation
  • Car charger included
  • Suction doesn't hold well in cold temp

8ZeeHoo Auto-Clamping 10W Qi Fast Wireless Car Charger Mount

  • Wireless charging fast mount
  • 2-way installation
  • 360-degree maneuver
  • Gripping issues



—  Wireless Phone Car Charger Mount Buyers Guide & FAQ  —


What to Look for When Buying a Wireless Phone Charging Car Mount


Maybe you’re looking for a convenient way to view and access your navigation as you drive. Or maybe being able to charge two phones simultaneously at once is your top need for having a wireless phone charging car mount. We’ve identified the key things that you should be able to check, so you can get the car mount charger that’s perfect for you.


Type of smartphone case – Some car mount chargers would only charge your phone wirelessly if the mount is strong enough or your case is a bit thin enough. However, if you’re an Otterbox user, then you have to carefully choose those ones that can charge through your case. Maybe you want a mount that can physically hold your phone and your case at the same time.

Quick charging capacity – If you’re the type of person who is always on the go, jumping from one errand to the next and needing to be on the road all the time, then you’d appreciate a car mount with quick charging capacity.

Mount type – There are chargers that are meant to be clipped on your air vent. And there are those which can carefully be placed on top of your center dashboard. And then there are special ones which are custom fit (like the one for Tesla), and all you have to do is just place your phone on top of the car charging mat. Know the place where the car mount is intended to be used so you can visualize how comfortable you are using your phone on it.

Flexibility capacity – Do you like to have your phone configured in a landscape position so you can see your navigation better? Get a car mount that can swivel completely. Also, check whether you can adjust it up and down, so you can avoid those sun glares. Just a warning though, some car mounts are loose so they might become wobbly during turns which can be a bit of a bother.

Connection type – Check the connection type of the phone. Is it a USB Type B or Type C? Will the under arm give you a way to plug in your headphone jack?



How to Install a Wireless Phone Charging Car Mount

These are all SO easy to install. Seriously, it’ll take you less than 60 seconds. Simply attach the mount to your car (usually with a suction cup or clip), plug in the power, and clip in your phone.


How much do Wireless Car Charger Mounts cost? 

These devices have a range in prices, though the most you’ll spend with products on this list is $40.


Wireless Phone Charging Car Mount FAQs

Charging car mounts seem to be trivial car accessories, but you need to choose one that fits your liking and your car. If not, you’ll be annoyed by little nuances that would affect your driving experience. Below are the common questions buyers have.


Q: Do they support quick charger capability?

A: Some of the chargers do. Just make sure that it supports the model of your phone.


Q: Will it work with a thick phone case?

A: There are certain ones that can charge through a thick case, like the Anker PowerWave, but for some, they wouldn’t be able to do that. So consider this when choosing your mount.


Q: Does it rotate?

A: Yes, some do a 360-degree rotation, while others only pivot left and right and won’t pivot up or down. So if your vents, for example, aren’t firm enough to hold your heavy phone, then you would notice some slumping. Also, consider how much flexibility you want. Some have swivel arms so you can easily adjust your phone while you’re navigating.


Q: Do “wireless chargers” need to be plugged into your phone?

A: Nope. They don’t have to be since they will charge your phone wirelessly. You’ll just need to place your phone on it or clamp your phone to it, but you still need to plug them into a power source.


Q: Will this work with my car?

A: Most certainly so. To be sure, before you buy, you have to visualize first your car and then check the specs. Maybe your air vent is too thick which might make you lose connection. But since some of the car mounts are usually plastered flat on a surface, it’s safe to assume that most would work with any car.


Q: Does this wireless car charger work with my phone?

A: There are two things you need to ask yourself. Can it hold your big phone? Can it charge your phone? For the Qi chargers, you have to double check if it’ll work with your phone model. There are some mounts that specify that they don’t work with iPhone X, for example.


When it comes to best of the best, our selection is definitely the BESTHING 10w Car Phone Charging Mount; however, I’ve outlined the best of each category so you can determine what is truly best for you. Overall, a car phone-charging mount will be a game changer as you drive.

Also, check out our comprehensive article on using a wireless Bluetooth Tracker and digital item tracker as a car locator here.

What’s your favorite on our list?  Comment below and share with us. 


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