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New 1TB SSD Available for Macbook Pro and Macbook Air

Being a Macbook user is the best. However, there is a little less flexibility we accept when choosing Apple over a PC laptop. One of those limitations is the ability to upgrade our internal storage capacity.

This can usually be fixed with an external SSD, but they have to be connected with a cable, take up a port, and are generally very slow.

Enter Valkyrie, a new SSD that docks into your Macbook giving you 1TB of lightning fast storage. It’s compact, fast, has some cool features, and is on Kickstarter right now.





What is the Valkyrie SSD?


The Valkyrie SSD is a portable 1TB M.2 NVMe PCIe SSD available exclusively for 2016-current Macbook Pro and 2019 Macbook Air. This little bank docks into your two USB-C ports and is flush with your laptop. There’s no USB cables to worry about and that also makes it have a super clean look.

The data transfer rate is ridiculously fast too with 1GB/ second read/ write speeds. That means almost all your files will be accessible near instantaneously.

There’s also a Thunderbolt 3 pass through port so that you can connect an SD card reader allowing 40GB/ second transfer speeds. That’s amazingly fast.

Valkyrie SSD is also super light at just 2oz and is small enough to fit into any bag or backpack.





How can I buy and how much does it cost?


The Valkyrie was just placed on Kickstarter, so you can be one of the first backers. One unit costs $298, and deliveries are expected in August of this year. There’s good discounts if you pledge enough to buy two or more.

If you’re one to have a lot of video, pictures, or graphic design files that take a lot of space, this is an SSD you’ll definitely want to consider.




What do you think of the Valkyrie? Tempted to get one? 


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