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How to always keep your phone charged while traveling

The art of traveling…

It’s when you disconnect from your busy normal to reconnect with yourself. You forget about work for a while. You enjoy the time with people who matter the most to you. You even get to bond with nature again—with your smartphone on, of course!

While you may not need to publish a story every now and then on Instagram or Facebook. Hey, you need to take those travel photos! What will you browse when you’re having a toxic day back in your normal life? And you need to Google map your way to your destination. A paper map sounds like a lovely idea, but if you can’t find your way through the printed streets without a blue dot telling you where you are, it might sound like a perfect recipe for you to get lost.

So, if you’re not in the wild mood to get lost in a beautiful, foreign city, you better turn on your smartphone and get Google’s help. Too bad this app is one of the most draining apps of all time!

So you know the drill. You got to have that extra power bank with you when you travel.

But if you’re a travel junkie, you know that having 2 power bank sometimes won’t cut it. Here’s a rundown on how to be a travel ninja with a thriving smartphone.



The items mentioned here range from $11 to as much as $120. They’re mostly affordable. It doesn’t take much to be well-juiced while traveling.



How to keep your phone charged while traveling


We found the best products for you to keep charged in every travel scenario.



Step 1: Always pack a universal adapter with you


 BONAZZA Universal International Travel Adapter Kit

Charge everywhere—from America to Ireland to Japan.


You know that you may not be able to use your plug on your travel destination, right?

In most countries, the main supply is 220-240 volts, while some it’s only 100-127 volts. And the plugs do differ from country to country, so you have to have a universal travel plug that will let you charge in any country that you may find yourself in. These travel plugs usually have 2 to 3 prong plug outlets that you can use.

This Bonazza Universal International Travel Kit is a handy one because aside from the versatile plugs, it also has 4 USB power ports that you can utilize. It is compatible in over 150 countries and boasts security certification including FCC, CE, and UL.


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Step 2: Bring power strips with USB ports


If an adapter is not enough, then get power strips!


If you’re traveling with a friend or a bunch of your family, then an adapter won’t be enough. There’ll be chaos when you’re all trying to justify who’s gonna charge first.

In this case, you need a power strip with more than one AC outlet like this Upwade Outlet Travel Power Strip. Aside from the outlets, it also has 4 USB ports that you can use to juice up your smartphones.

It’s an Amazon Choice for travel extension cord because it has a wrappable 5-foot cord that lets you charge conveniently. You can lie on the bed and use your phone while charging. You don’t have to sit on the floor beside the outlet. Plus, this power strip is smaller than most 2-outlet strips in the market, making it a perfect travel companion.


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Step 3: Get a travel backpack that makes on-the-go charging easy


Lifepack Solar Powered and Anti-Theft Backpack

Lifepack includes a solar power system and an integrated cable to charge your phone.


Worrying that your power bank will never be enough? Lifepack will kick that doubt out of the way.

The Lifepack Travel Backpack has a solar bank so you can still collect charges from anywhere. Like while you’re exploring around the city or hiking the mountains. There’s no need for you to stop in a cafe or go back to your hotel to charge. The bank supports up to 6 smartphone charges. And gets you an extra one if it’s charged 4 hours under the sun.

It also includes an integrated cable that lets you charge conveniently even while walking. Another bonus is its Bluetooth speaker that lasts up to 96 hours.


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Step 4: Go for multi-port car chargers


Charge 4 times the normal speed, 38% more efficient, and 6 times as many!


Tell me, whose smartphone gets charged when there’s only USB port available and there’s an entire family waiting?

It’s a recipe for a road trip disaster and annoyance. If you’re traveling with a huge group (or a bunch of electronics), this Jelly Comb Multiple USB Phone Charger is a life saver. It has 6 USB ports that charge 4 times the normal speed! It is compatible with all phones and tablets and will only supply the current that the device allows.

Plus, it comes with a chair back clip so you can fix the extended 4-port charging pad at the back of the chair. Mommy and Daddy can have the 2 ports in the front. The rest of the kids can have the 4.

If you prefer to have a charger mount that will keep your phone upright for you, go for Qi-enabled chargers like the one below.


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Step 5: Bring battery backup a.k.a. power banks


RAVPower 26800mAh Power Bank Portable Charger

Don’t forget the good old power banks.


Do we even need to mention this?

Even if you’re just traveling from your home to your office, you probably have extra power banks in your purse or in your backpack. It’s a modern man staple. You’ll never know when you need to charge your smartphone again.

No wonder the market is filled with power banks. With power banks, you can either go big or go small. If you don’t mind carrying a bulky one in exchange for a pow-wow charge capabilities, then get this RAVPower 26800 Portable Charger. It can charge an iPhone 6S 10 times! Or even a Nintendo Switch or your MacBook.

You may also opt to go with smaller ones if you just need a few charges and would want to keep it in your purse.

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Step 6: Get a phone case with built in battery


Trianium Atomic Pro iPhone 7 Battery Case

Keep an extra charge in your case, just in case


Battery cases. Savvy travel must-haves that will easily extend the life of your smartphone.

You don’t have to take out a power bank and hold it at the back of your smartphone for like 2 hours. Or go to the charging section of the mall or the airport just to get a second round of life from your smartphone.

Having a battery case like the Trianium Atomic Pro gives you 14 hours of extra talking time. Or 10 if you’re browsing some apps. Aside from the extra battery, battery cases give your phone another layer of protection. Trianium, for instance, has a comprehensive bumper design and a hard backplate so you can easily avoid scratches and wear.

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If you’re heading away and you can’t bear to be drained at any point of your travel, plan ahead.

Pick out which tips here will work best for your situation and travel destination. If, for instance, you’re heading out to camp then it’s best to put your trust in the sun. Get some solar travel chargers.

Let this guide help you assemble your travel charger army that will keep you juiced up on the road!



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