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8 Ways to Automatically Clean your Home with Smart Gadgets

While some people enjoy cleaning their home, the majority of people see it as a drag, many resorting to paying others to do it for them. It’s not that it takes all that long, or that it’s that much of a hassle, it just seems that by now there should be an easier way to keep your home spick and span without resorting to using the same home cleaning products that have been used for the past half century. Luckily, now with home automation in full swing, there are finally products hitting the market that essentially do the cleaning for you.


Why You Need It

Smart home cleaning devices make cleaning easier by automating the cleaning process. Many can be controlled by your smartphone for even easier usage and best of all many of these devices can not only save you time but also money in the long run.


Installation & Ease of Use

Most smart home cleaning devices are as simple as plug and go, although some do require customization and learning how to use them on the buyer’s part which will take a bit of time. Once these devices are setup properly, they don’t require much maintenance or layer on any additional time constrains – in fact they do just the opposite.



Smart home cleaning devices range dramatically in price, correlating to the traditional non-smart device you are replacing. For example, a smart home cleaning device that does your laundry is going to cost more than a smart home cleaning device that mops your floors.

Are you ready to put down that dirty mop and upgrade your cleaning routine with smart home cleaning devices? If so read on for the best smart home cleaning devices on the market today.


smart home cleaning devices



Clean your floors best with smart vacuums and mops


These smart devices are a hands-free way to keep your floors shiny and clean


Bending over to scrub, mop, vacuum, clean up spills, clean up dirt from shoes, and everything else you do on a perhaps daily basis isn’t any fun for you or your body. As floors are walked on everyday, they easily become dirty, requiring an excessive amount of your time in order to keep them clean. Instead of cleaning up messes on a daily basis, you can pick up a smart home cleaning device, sometimes referred to as robots, designed to automatically keep your floors clean while you go about the rest of your daily life.

The iRobot Roomba 960 Vacuum Cleaning Robot is the most popular robotics vacuum cleaner on the market. The smart home cleaning device is an upgrade from it’s predecessor, equipped with an AeroForce 3-Stage cleaning system that gives your home an improved cleaning performance thanks to it’s highly powerful Gen 2 motor and dual counter-rotating extractors that incorporate a durable rubber tread design to more effectively pick up debris without getting brushes tangled. The device features Adapt 2.0 Navigation with Visual Localization using  iAdapt camera. Together these two features allow the device to continually update its map of rooms within your home, efficiently navigate an entire floors of your home, and even automatically go back and, if needed, recharge after running through it’s 75 minute charge cycle to ensure it can finish the entire cleaning job. The smart home cleaning device is Wi-Fi enabled, allowing you to setup cleaning cycles whenever and wherever from the convenience of your smart phone.


These Are Also Awesome

Interested in additional products to keep your floors as clean as can be? Consider these alternatives below.




Clean up after your pet with these smart devices


Cleaning up after your beloved pet doesn’t have to be a hassle any longer. 


We love our pets, without a doubt, but cleaning up after them isn’t the most pleasant of activities. Beyond the pleasantries of cleaning up after their bathroom use, you have to deal with the constant odors left behind from uncleaned areas, such as litter boxes. And even though kitty litter is excessively advertised to be odor-free, anyone who owns a cat and deals with litter boxes knows that some kitty litter can help the smell, but nothing truly gets rid of it until the litter box is cleaned. Now, with smart cleaning litter boxes, the hassle of cleaning, along with the odor, can be a thing of the past.

The Litter Robot II Bubble Unit is a smart litter box that automatically cleans itself. Using a patented cleaning shifting technology, the device cleans litter automatically after each use. After your cat uses the device, it will shift through the litter box and remove any specimens left from your cat, placing them into a carbon-filtered drawer for easy disposal. This means each time your cat goes to use the litter box, it’s a clean and sanitary experience. As for the owner, it means no more picking through litter. The durable device not only works for multiple cats and reduces odor, it also features a convenient night light reduces and your spend on kitty litter by up to 50%. 


These Are Also Awesome

Looking for other ways to clean up after your pet with smart devices? Explore these additional options below.




Use smart devices to dust automatically


Leave the dusting to smart devices and enjoy an allergen-free home with automatic dusters. 


Built up dust isn’t just unpleasant to look it, it can actually make you sick. Depending on how much you breathe in, dust particles and dust-containing macrophages can collect in the lung tissues, causing injury to the lungs, which can be in the form of various impairments ranging from scarring to silicosis. Yet dust pretty much naturally collects in areas around your home, meaning dusting often is your only option to keep the air your breathe clean and your family members safe. Now with new smartly-designed automatic dusters, the daily routine of dusting just to keep your home a healthy environment doesn’t have to take any time out of your day.

The O’CEDAR BRANDS 140746 O-Duster Auto Duster is an automatic duster than runs throughout your home and gets in those hard to reach areas, such as under low tables and the corners of couches. The smart home cleaning device rotates across your floors using automatic navigation and uses disposable electrostatic cloths to pick up dust, pet hair, and other allergens from your hard surface floors. The device operates on a rechargeable battery and requires no cords and no clean up beyond throwing away the cloth.



Let smart devices clean your air


Enjoy breathing in healthy, clean air 24/7 with a smart home air cleaning device.


No matter how often you clean your house, the air in your home could still be somewhat toxic. With traditional cleaning techniques, harmful chemicals are released into the air as we spray cleaners into the air and onto surfaces. You know that smell of a recently cleaned house? It’s actually the smell of chemicals used in the cleaning that have been scented to smell more clean than the toxins used in them. In order to stay healthy, the air you breathe, especially when you shower and sleep, needs to be as clean as possible. With new smart home air monitoring devices you can ensure you’re breathing in the best air for your heart, lungs, and mind.

Airwair reads five data points of temperature, humidity, CO2, VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) and dust from your indoor air and gives you 0 to 100 coded score, with 100 being the top tier. The smart device learns from your lifestyle and the presences you set to help you improve your behavior for better air quality. Using your smart phone, set the device to be on the lookout for conditions such as allergies, or for improved sleep or productivity, and the device will track air quality levels in a given room daily and give you recommendations. A motivational device, the Airwair app also provides helpful information, in the form of cards, to help you continually improve your air quality via alerts, tips, and solutions, in partnership with The Mayo Clinic.


These Are Also Awesome

Want other ways to ensure the air you breathe is as healthy as can be? Browse these alternative smart devices below.




Use smart devices to clean your windows


Stop overextending yourself just to keep your windows clear with the help of a smart home window cleaning device.


Cleaning windows is inherently a tormenting task. It often requires you stand on a ladder, stretch and reach awkwardly, and contort your body into strange positions all to get to the very top of your windows and inch deeply into corners. Beyond the fuss of cleaning windows, the traditional way to do it releases harmful toxins into the air and, worst perhaps, the cleanliness, if you can finally get them streak-free that is, only lasts so long. It’s no wonder office buildings use professional window wipers to get the task done in an efficient manner. Considering that likely isn’t your profession, and even if it is you don’t have the on the job tools you need to clean windows professionally, it’s likely a constant struggle to keep your windows translucent and clean. But now, with smart window cleaning devices designed for home use, you can forget about ever standing on a ladder again just to get your windows nice and clean.

The WINBOT W730 takes the hassle out of window washing by doing the dirty work for you. This smart gadget cleans windows automatically with just the touch of a button using 2 cleaning pads and a squeegee. It can clean both framed and frameless windows, meaning just one of these devices will cover all aspects of your home. Even high windows aren’t a problem as the WINBOT W730 is safe even on windows above ground level, helping you perfectly clean those clean hard to reach and excessively tall windows. The smart home cleaning device captures and traps debris, road salt, pollen, rust, and even calcium deposits that linger on uncleaned windows and conveniently requires no moving of furniture to get the perfect clean.


This Is Also Awesome

Looking for an alternative way to clean your windows better? Consider this option below.




Have smart devices do your laundry for you


Never waste time folding clothes again with a smart clothes folding device.


If laundry wasn’t tedious enough, folding clothes is a necessary evil that comes along with it. Laundry alone can take hours out of your day, but then once the drying cycle is done you’re pretty much forced to drop whatever you were doing and go fold your clothes to ensure you don’t end up with clothes so wrinkled they look worse than before they were washed. It’s not uncommon to rush through the folding process, only later to find your favorite shirt has a massive crease in it when you go to put it on. But now, some of the newest smart cleaning devices on the market solve this problem by doing the folding for you.

The Foldimate does the folding for you, leaving you with professionally folded clothes every single time. It’s extremely easy to use, and saves you time, as you’ll finish a laundry load twice as fast as you would with manually folding. The device uses patented technology that allows you to easily clip clothing and have it folded all within a compact and affordable machine. As an added benefit, the device also takes the place of your traditional iron, allowing you to de-wrinkle clothes simply by using the machine. Of course we all have our own unique way of folding and some just prefer the dry clean smell and feel of freshly cleaned clothes, but the Foldimate accommodates all such needs as it allows you to perfume, soften, and treat each item while it’s being folded.



Clean your grill better with a smart grill cleaner


Save time and clean your grill with ease with this smart grill cleaning device.


Grilling is a blast – good food and a good time – but cleaning up after grilling can be a drag. In order to keep any food you grill tasting fresh, it’s important to clean your grill after every use. But after consuming a hearty meal and while spending time with family and friends, the last thing you want to do is interrupt the good times to go out back and clean the grill. Cleaning grills is a messy job and something that many people simply avoid or leave for later and then simply forget about it. Luckily, with a smart cleaning device, the hassles of cleaning a grill can vanish, allowing you to enjoy grilling as much as you want without worrying about the cleanup.

Grillbot Automatic Grill Cleaner, the world’s first automatic grill cleaning robot, makes grilling fun again. Enjoy a hands-free cleaning experience that perfectly preps your grill for your next grill outing. The device is fully automated and makes cleaning your grill as easy as a push of a button. Clean as minimally or deeply as you need to, depending on how much grilling you have done in one sitting, using the 10, 20, or 30-minute cleaning cycle options. Built-in sensors control the robot’s speed and direction, detect grill temperature, and signal when cleaning is complete. Grillbot features brushes that are easy to remove and are dishwasher safe, while the device itself runs on a Lithium-Ion rechargeable battery that lasts around 8 years. Best of all it works on nearly every grill on the market.



Get smart home ventilation with a smart device


Intelligently heat and cool your home with a smart home ventilation system.


Heating and cooling your home can be a major drain on your wallet. Getting the perfect temperature isn’t enough, as outside temperatures change all the time and certain family members may prefer areas to be more cool or warm when they are in the house. Constantly adjusting your home temperature requires time and money, and the more you play around with it the more energy you consume. Now there’s a way to ventilate your home the smart way using smart heating vents.

The Keen Home Smart Vents replace your standard home vents are designed to reduce energy costs by regulating your home’s temperature in each room individually. For enhanced comfort, you can wirelessly control the temperature of any room by simply using your smartphone. The Smart Vent creates a smart room-zoned system to proactively balances the temperature of your home. If a room is not in use, you can shut off any heating or cooling to rapidly save you money on your energy bills. Easily replace your floor, wall, and ceiling air vents with Smart Vents, and then connect them to your home network. These vents are so smart they actually communicate with each other to best regulate airflow in rooms that are too hot, too cold or not in use for most of the day.




No matter how much you enjoy or dislike cleaning, there are always options about how to get the job done. Your home is where you’ll spend a good majority of your time over the years, so ensuring it is clean also ensures you’ll have more comfort and satisfaction with the home you’ve invested in. Best of all a clean home is a healthy home, so even if the look of your home isn’t that important to you,  these smart home cleaning devices can aid in the health of you and your family.

Do you use any smart home cleaning devices now? How are they working for you? Let us know below!

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