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The Ultimate Smart Entertainment Gift Guide 2017: Holy $hit Edition

Family hangouts are a lot of fun with virtual reality, motion-based games, and crisp audio or fascinating video. According to one report, home entertainment is one of the top smart home categories, driving as much as 80% of total smart home revenues.

Whether it’s your home entertainment system, entertaining guests, or just having fun with some gadgets and toys, ‘smart’ enabled entertainment is the future. To help you focus on what gifts to buy for your friends, family, or quite frankly, yourself (because you’re worth it), we’ve curated a list of the top products and bundles.

Stick to this guide, and your home will be filled with the right devices to entertain you and the whole family.



Recommended Bundles


Whether you’re just starting, or are looking to build upgrade your smart home entertainment, we recommend you consider the following bundles. We’ve purposefully designed these with what we’ve seen readers recommend.



Home Entertainment System Bundle


Smart TV in Living Room


We’re starting with the basic entertainment device that almost all households have – the television! The first bundle revolves around this device that we have all come to love. For the modern family, the entertainment staples include a smart TV, a chic sound bar, and styling lights that will make watching TV more fun.




For the Chef In Your Family


Smart Tech Deals in Kitchen


Entertainment is not limited to your sense of sight and hearing. When throwing a party and entertaining guests, helping both professional and home chefs prepare hearty meals faster means more time with your friends and family. Cooking is easier with crockpots that give cell phone notifications when done and other cool kitchen assistants below.




Party Patio Package 


Coolest Cooler in Picnic


For parties in your backyard, there’s always room for smart home items that will make the experience even more memorable and convenient (of course). Think of party lights that you can control using your phone, a cooler that can also charge your portable speaker, and outdoor plugs which you can schedule and control.




PS4 VR Package


PS4 VR Package Bundle


Now here’s the ultimate meaning of fun — the gaming package that will be loved not only by your kids, but by the whole family as well. It’s not enough to buy a PlayStation 4 and enjoy the games. It comes with a couple of must-haves that will complete your whole gaming experience.




Smart Home Products by Category


There are a lot of products and gadgets our there that can entertain you. We’ve collected our recommended list of the coolest, smartest products out there by category. Click on the items that interest you to get the best deals!





Smart Speakers


Indoor Entertainment Speakers (Soundbars)


Indoor Entertainment Speakers (Floor Speakers)


Indoor Entertainment Speakers (Bookshelf Speakers)

Shower Speakers


Outdoor Entertainment Speakers



PlayStation 4

Xbox One








Kitchen Scales 








Coffee Maker









Plugs and Switches




Entertainment Speakers


Robot lawn mowers


Sprinklers and Irrigation


We hope you found the right gadgets to entertain everyone you know!

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