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EyeQue’s PDCheck Smart Frames Want to Change the Way You See the World

In the age of online shopping and on-demand experiences, it’s tough to believe there are still a few things you have to do in person. These “archaic” processes require you to change out of your PJs and visit a local store or business. What a pain in the ass.

One of those tasks, or buying decisions if you will, involves ordering new eyewear. Yes, they absolutely have stores where you can buy glasses online. But in order to get the appropriate measurements, you generally have to visit an optometrist. Even then, there’s an important specification that is often forgotten.


Measuring Pupillary Distance


Pupillary distance or PD is the space between your pupils, and it’s necessary for choosing the right size glasses.


In addition to everything else, eyewear specialists should be measuring something called pupillary distance or PD, which is the space between each of your pupils in millimeters. It’s not a medical specification, but it helps determine how the lenses are cut and placed in the frames so you can see out of the clearest focal point. Armed with an inaccurate measurement, the glasses will not be made correctly. As a result, you may end up experiencing serious discomfort, blurred vision and dizziness.

EyeQue’s PDCheck frame is designed to change how this information is gathered. You can snap a quick selfie and get your accurate measurements.

You still need a prescription, mind you, but a lot of physicians leave off the PD when writing an eyewear recommendation.


What Are the PDCheck Frames?


You can take a selfie wearing PDCheck frames and instantly see pupillary distance measurements.


The EyeQue team explains it best on their Kickstarter page:

“The patent-pending EyeQue PDCheck Frames have three “T” marks; two near each edge and one in the center. The PDCheck mobile app uses image processing to detect the locations of the T-marks, as well as the pupils of the user. As an added layer of accuracy assurance, once the picture is taken, the user has the opportunity to adjust the location cursors (green “+” signs), making sure that they fall on the T-marks and pupils. The result is an incredibly accurate PD measurement, rivaled only by in-person measurements at office visits.”

Essentially, you can use them to get an accurate PD measurement so that your eyewear fits much better and allows you to see clearly. You can do it from home, or anywhere really, and it works every time you need a measurement — especially for children who grow like weeds and people who go through significant changes. We love new tech such as the EyeQue PDCheck, and they are a perfect match for smart glasses. Technology helping technology, making out lives better.


Where Do I Get the PDCheck Frames?



They sound cool and all, but where do you get them?

You can order the PDCheck frames through EyeQue’s storefront as a standalone package, or you can get them in a bundle with the VisionCheck device. Having both of them together means you can check the quality of your vision and collect accurate pupillary distance measurements, from anywhere and at any time. Rock those PJs!


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