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Save Time and Look Gorgeous with these 5 Smart Beauty Gadgets

Let’s face it: looking good is a priority for most people, whether they like to admit it or not! The way you look has an impact on how you feel, certainly, but unfortunately looking your best can be time consuming. A recent Yahoo Health study found that the average woman spends 22.5 minutes getting ready each morning. That’s approximately 137 hours every year!

Luckily, we’ve found a selection of smart beauty products that will help you cut down the time spent on your morning routine and make you look better than ever. (If you love using these products so much that they don’t end up saving you time, though, don’t worry… it’ll be our little secret!)



1. Up your beauty game with a smarter mirror


A television in your vanity will allow you to multi-task while primping.


Your beauty routine begins with a good mirror, and luckily there are some great smart mirrors on the market to make you feel like the fairest of them all! Sensor mirrors, like the Simplehuman Sensor Mirror Pro, allow you to view your makeup in different lighting scenarios, so you’ll look your best whether you’re heading to the fluorescent lights of the office or a night out on the town!


Light Modes

See your skin in various light settings and capture them on your phone!


To really push your mirror game to the next level, you can also incorporate a television into your bathroom vanity. While including a TV in your bathroom vanity might seem like it would eat up time rather than save it, we’ve found that being able to catch up on the morning news while you’re blow drying your hair actually saves time because it allows you to accomplish multiple tasks at once. Anyone can hang a flat screen in their bathroom, but a more elegant screen like the Séura Vanishing Vanity TV Mirror is an excellent, show-stopping piece that will give your primping station a major facelift.

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2. Picture perfect hair with the touch of a button


 dyson smart hair dryer

New technology can cut your hair drying time in half!


Drying your hair is paramount to creating a polished look before heading off to work, but it is also one of the most time consuming aspects of a daily routine. Additionally, anyone who has ever tried to rush this process with a high heat dryer knows the damage it inflicts upon your hair.

A smart hair dryer allows you to choose a specific heat setting that works best with your hair type. Some devices, like the Chi Air Vibe, incorporate more advanced technology with touch screens and ionic heat that protects your hair from heat damage.

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3. Optimize your toothbrush for a beautiful smile


 Oral-B Black 7000 Smart Series Power Rechargeable Electric Toothbrush

Get a glowing report card from your dentist with this high tech toothbrush.


A great smile is important for looking good and for your overall health. Even the most consistent tooth brushers don’t always hit every nook and cranny, but a smart toothbrush can help you learn more about your brushing habits and build a better routine.

Smart brushes boast a variety of speeds and settings, and many allow you to track your daily brushes. The Oral-B Black 7000 Smart Series Power Rechargeable Electric Toothbrush connects with your cell phone to help you track your brushing history. Using a brush like this will help you perfect your pearly whites with ease!


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4. Stand with confidence with the aid of a smart product


Upright Posture Trainer

This device can give you a posture that helps you look your best.


Good posture is something that’s easy to forget when it comes to looking good, which is why it is nice to have a device to remind you to sit up straight! This is a huge issue for me because I sit at the computer so often, so having a smart device to help keep me in check would be a huge help.

The Upright Posture Trainer is a small device that attaches to your spine and vibrates when you need a nudge to straighten up. The device also syncs with an app that will help you track your progress on the journey to a taller, more confident posture!


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5. Strengthen your sleep to look your best


Sense Sleeping Bedroom

Sleep has a huge impact on your appearance, make sure you’re getting enough of it.


One of the biggest impacts on how we look and feel is how much sleep we get. Not getting enough sleep, or getting poor quality sleep, can cause people to age more quickly. In fact, it is probably fair to say that poor sleep quality will negate any of the other parts of your beauty routine., so make sure you’re not forgetting this important factor!

A good smart sleeping mask will help you get a great night of rest (even if you’re taking a red eye across the country!) It will also give you insight into how you might improve your nighttime routine.


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Though looking good and feeling good takes time and effort, smart products are making it easier than ever to be the best version of yourself. The products above cover a wide range of life-enhancing tools to help you make your beauty routine more efficient. Try them out and let us know how they impact your life!

What smart products do you use to help you look your best? Let us know in the comments below!


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