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Gain Freedom With Erato’s Apollo 7 Wireless Earphones

For those that love high quality music, or just like to be lost in a podcast, it’s nice to be able to tune out the outside world without sacrificing mobility. I travel a lot and have gone through a lot of various headsets.

At one point, I even carried around a set of full-size headphones because I loved the sounds they gave, but the bulk eventually gave way to various wired earbuds of varying quality. The issue with these though is that wires just get in the way too often.

Living with the Erato Apollo 7 wireless earbuds for the last week, I can honestly say that these are the best sounding and most convenient headsets I’ve used so far.

Disclosure: Erato wanted us to evaluate their headphones so bad that they sent me a pair of Apollo 7 wireless earphones and let me test them in various conditions. 





So why are having wireless headsets so great? In a word; mobility. I like my music all the time, at home, at work, and on the go. When you’re wired in, moving around things at work can get you tangled. I often just got frustrated with the dangling cord as I switched notepads, went for my coffee, or rummaged through my bag for a pen.

There are a lot of situations that I found freedom to listen to music in my day to day life with the Erato wireless headphones. For example, cleaning or doing projects around the house were impossible with a wired headsets. I found that my workout was way less distracting as well as I didn’t have my wire flapping around while jogging or while reaching for free weights.

The best part about them is, compared to the Apple AirPods, you don’t have to wait for these at some unspecified date and don’t have to put up with the dorky hanging bits.



Sound Quality

For those have had the pleasure of experiencing a high end set of full-sized Bose or Sennheiser headphones, I would say that these are on par with those high-end brands. For their size and convenience, I haven’t heard any better in a similar price range. I listened to a lot of different types of music to get a feel of the quality in different ranges, and I was impressed.

What impressed me the most was the fullness of the sound at all level. The higher end was clean and the bass was full. I didn’t hear any degradation even at high volume.

One interesting feature of the Apollo 7 earbuds is that if you use only one earbud, it will play sound in mono (so you’re not just getting half of surround sound). This is great for when I was at work and wanted to keep one ear open in case the phone rang or someone shouted over to me as you can’t really hear anything once you have them in both ears.



Included with the Apollo 7’s are two types of earphone tips: standard round tips, and high quality foam tips. I found that the standard round tips worked well to block out outside noise which was nice in a cafe, and could be used as earplugs on a flight. The foam tips however provided superior sound quality and comfort. I left these in my ears for house and had no pain or irritation that I normally experience with earbuds.

One thing that I couldn’t figure out is that that there are a set of stabilizers in the box that I could not figure out how to use. I worked out with these and did a few vigorous head-shakes just for fun, and I couldn’t get them to come out.





The Apollo 7’s have little buttons on each earbud, and pushing them in different combinations offers some simple control of things like answering your phone and adjusting the volume. But learning the commands is a bit like learning Morse Code as it relies on combinations of long and short presses.

If you sweat a lot, or are worried about losing these in the sink, Erato boasts nano waterproof technology. I did not try this feature, but it’s good to know a mishap won’t ruin your investment.

One feature I would have liked is a way to tell battery percentage. As it is, there is just a little voice that indicates low battery about 5 minutes before they turn off.

Also included is a nifty charge case that is compact as has extra charge for your headsets so you can charge them on the go. I found this very convenient. The battery life is about 4 hours, but with the case, you can charge up to two full charges easily during a meeting or a nap – with just the case. Just make sure to snap the earbuds into place in the holder or they won’t charge correctly.





Hold the power button for 5 seconds. Tap one on your phone’s Bluetooth menu. Enjoy.

The process for connecting these to my phone the simplest Bluetooth connection I’ve ever seen. And even after a week with these, there was never a time I had to reconnect them.

Over the course of using them, I did have a few hiccups, but overall they were very stable. I ran a test around my house and the connection was stable across my kitchen and living room when I had line of site. Going around a corner gave the headphones a bad case of the hiccups. Considering that my phone is usually on my desk, in my pocket, or in my gym bag nearby, this was never a practical issue.


Erato Colors



The $300 price does put the Apollo 7 earphones on the top shelf, however, if you are in the market for something of this caliber, the excellent quality of sound and convenience of Bluetooth makes the Apollo 7 earbuds worth it. We at Ideaing highly recommend the Apollo 7 earbuds.



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