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Grayns is a Rice Cooker That Will Remove Excess Sugar From Rice, Pasta, and Potatoes

If you are Asian like me or you just loooove pasta so much, then you and I are going to love this rice cooker.

Because lets admit it–too much starchy food can make us gain weight and make us feel tired all the time.

So this Grayns Rice Cooker is heaven-sent. This little kitchen miracle will remove excess sugar from all our favorite starches while cooking. Yep, so feel free to eat all the rice, pasta, and potatoes that you want.


What is Grayns Rice Cooker?


Meet our next favorite kitchen buddy


Did the video satisfied your curiosity?

It sure did for me!

I just can’t believe how Grayns transforms our rice into a healthier version so we don’t get hypertension and diabetes easily.

And get this, when cooked using a conventional rice cooker, rice tastes so much sweeter after 5 minutes of chewing. That’s the sugar!

But with Grayns, rice remains neutral in flavor, so you can authentically taste the true flavors of the food you eat with it. And it doesn’t spoil in 24 hours, but will last for 5 days–even in room temperature.



What Else Do We Love About Grayns?


It helps keep us healthy


So aside the less sugar and the longer shelf life of rice, we also like the feeling that is promised right after we eat Grayns-cooked food. We should feel full and have higher energy levels than usual.


We also love these features:

  • 35% Reduction in Glycemic Load (GL)
  • Healthier Cooked Foods, Automatically
  • Remove Rapidly Digestible Starches
  • Reduce Arsenic Levels Found in Rice
  • Delicious, Precision Controlled Cooking
  • 50% More Rice Volume When Cooked
  • Can cook Rice, Noodles, Pasta, Potatoes, etc


Where can I get one?



Get this purveyor of healthy lifestyle, but supporter of good food from Indiegogo as an early adopter and get $230 off. If you do, you’ll get your rice cooker by August 2019.


Get this Grayns Rice Cooker on Indiegogo and get 57% off! 


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