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The Travelmate Robotics Suitcase Follows You Like a Puppy

The day after my travels, I always feel the sore on my arms and wrists from all the carrying and dragging of my carry on. I am not exactly an efficient and light backpacker.

Do you also experience the struggle of having to maneuver your suitcase or drag your luggage when you’re in the airport? If you have kids, your struggle is even doubled. Too bad you only have two hands to work with.

Don’t you just wish that your suitcase just follows you around? One that will take care of itself and will silently alleviate your travel burdens? Or maybe sit on a luggage that can carry you around? (There’s a luggage like this by the way.)

Well, you no longer have to because there is now a travel suitcase like this in the works! Check out how the Travelmate Robotics Suitcase can make your travel experience a lot better.


How Smart Is It?


Dubbed as the first fully autonomous suitcase, Travelmate integrates with your smartphone, enabling it to take cues from you on how it is supposed to move.


Travelmate Robotics Suitcase - Follow
You can program it to move vertically or horizontally with ease.

Travelmate Robotics Suitcase - Twirling

Or make it twirl and stop.


Travelmate Robotics Suitcase - Carry Bags

You can put your handbag or a smaller suitcase on top of it so you can move freely.

Travelmate Robotics Suitcase in front of fountain

You can, uh… do cart wheels with it? 

Travelmate Robotics Suitcase - Video Perspective

You can even use it to film yourself if you want to.



It works perfectly fine in crowded spaces — it can navigate smartly and is able to recognize objects or people, so don’t worry about bringing it to the airport. It can also match your speed and can go as fast as 6.75mph.

The Travelmate team is currently raising funds on Indiegogo. There will be 3 sizes available

  • S Model (Small) – $399
  • M Model (Medium) – $495
  • L Model (Large) – $595


You can save anywhere between $100 to $200 if you choose to purchase a combination of the luggage. Estimated delivery of the luggage to backers is on June 2017.




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