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12 Ingenious Ways to Hide Your Nest Security Camera in your Home

The use of Nest’s In-Home Security Cam has increased drastically in recent years. At the least, some form of security is being used in modern homes, whether that be a smart video doorbell, security camera, or professional monitoring system.

This should come as no surprise considering all the benefits that smart cameras have to offer. Alongside added bonus to personal security — allowing for the surveillance of potential break-ins — they also act like a “nanny cam” allowing users to keep an eye on their babysitters, kids, and even house cleaners or contractors.

Unfortunately, because they’re so popular, people often expect to find them in modern homes. This can make them stand out like a sore thumb to those who are looking.

How can you use a security camera to catch untrustworthy behavior or criminals, if the people you are trying to surveil know it’s there?

It’s simple. Conceal or hide the camera using one of the clever tips and/or products listed below.


Nest Home security camera installation and ease of use

All of these concealment solutions are incredibly easy to attain. Some only require you to pop a disguise onto the camera itself, while others require minimal construction, and still, others just require a bit of creativity on your part. Outdoor home security cameras are a little more challenging to conceal, and in some cases, it may be illegal to do so.


Nest Home security camera costs

Ranging from totally free to around $40 at the most, each of these solutions proves to be so affordable anybody can use them.

Keep reading to find out all the best, most secretive, and most effective ways to hide your video cameras today.

If you buy through affiliate links, we may earn commissions, which helps support our site at no cost to you.



1. Camouflage your Nest with a decorative skin case cover.


nest home security camera in minions skin


These are easily some of the most fun and cute ways to hide your security cameras. Featuring numerous designs, styles, and colors, these little skins just slip right over your Nest Cam and transform it into a pretty little desk flower or a beloved cartoon character like a minion or Mike from Monster’s Inc.

Ideal for anyone who is trying to keep a discreet eye on their kids while in another room, or even while out of the house, these Nest Cam skins will change the way you watch your little loved ones. Plus, depending on how you situate the camera and its skin, it can even appear to be just another of your children’s toys, thus allowing you to keep an eye on the nanny as well.


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2. Mount your Nest camera within the foliage of a plant.


Nest home security camera hidden in foliage



This one is very simple, yet still extremely effective. After all, who is going to think of rummaging through the leaves of a house plant to try to find wireless home security cameras? All you need for this one is the octopus tripod. Simply mount your Nest Cam to the tripod, then wrap the legs of the tripod around a sturdy stem of your house plant. Be sure to arrange the leaves so the camera can still see, without it being too obvious, and that’s it! It works superbly for wireless outdoor security cameras, too!

Ideal for anyone who is looking to keep an eye on whatever is going on in their homes. From teenagers coming home late to contractors who shouldn’t be trusted to possible intruders, hiding your Nest Cam in this way will allow you to see everything while remaining discreet. Also, it is a great option for anyone who already has a collection of houseplants anyway, as multiple plants will draw even less attention to the Nest Cam’s new hiding place.


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3. Go higher and place your Nest out of sight.


Nest home security camera hanging on light fixture



When you position a camera in someone’s line of sight, they are far more likely to see it. This means you need to find a place to position your cam that won’t ever cross anyone’s line of sight, a place that is out of sight, regardless of if the person(s) you are watching are standing or sitting. This means you need to go high. Place your camera on the top shelf of a bookshelf or on a particularly high mantle to ensure it is in a place that isn’t regularly gazed at.

Additionally, attempt to disguise it by placing similar pieces of decor around it. Like items will help to blend the camera even further into the background making it look like it is just another trinket on the top shelf.

Ideal for anyone who has a lot of books and/or trinkets, as well as for anyone without kids and no particular proclivity for keeping greenery alive. This method of concealment is a simple, easy, and free way to ensure your camera captures all it was meant to.



4. Hide it in your outlet.


Fuvision Outlet Hidden home security camera


This is a particularly clever way to hide your security camera. Why? You will be hiding it in plain sight. With this outlet spy camera, all you need to do is take off the backing, place your home camera in the designated spot, replace the backing and situate it the way you would any other outlet. Then, should activity occur, you will be made aware and be able to watch discreetly, thus ensuring your continued security. Plus, this pinhole camera has a 15-day battery life and memory loop recording.

Great for anyone who is looking for a way to conceal their cameras in the bedroom, perhaps to catch a cheating lover, spy on your baby’s nanny, ensure the security of their jewelry, or possibly to expose a thief coming in through a bedroom window instead of through the door.


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5. Hide your Nest in plain sight.


nest home security camera on nightstand


It’s a simple concept that has been used by everything from military to animal biology for thousands of years; to hide in plain sight via camouflage. If surrounded by enough of something that looks similar enough to whatever it is you are trying to hide, the hidden object will blend into the background, rendering it invisible. But how does this carry over into hiding your Nest Cam?

If for example, you put your camera on your desk, then fill your desk will lots of other tech gadgets (like a smart picture frame, router, speaker, etc), even if your Nest Cam is out in the open, it will blend in. People will simply assume it is just another one of the gadgets littering your desk or a webcam only for use via your computer.

Perfect for any tech lover (seeing as they will likely have the gadgets required for this anyway), as well as for anyone who doesn’t feel like going through the hassle of hiding, decorating, or buying additional objects to conceal their video cameras.



6. Hide your cam completely from view with a photo frame.




This is easily the most complete way to hid your cam on this list. By using this specially designed photo frame, you will be able to completely conceal your security camera, while simultaneously receiving all the advantages this hidden view will provide. This frame has a highly concealed built-in lens that matches the picture frame. You’ll never guess or notice that there’s a camera lens unless you look closely. Plus, this camera will only start recording once an object is detected in motion. This makes it able to reach up to 2 years in standby mode.

This is for those who are looking for a way to hide their cameras 100% from view. Additionally, it is great for the decor conscious as it totally eliminates the need to display your security camera (cute and petite as it may be) at all.


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7. Mask your cam inside an enclosure.


Nest home security camera in alarm clock enclosure



Like the tissue box and the other alarm clock case on our list, this one completely masks your nest cam hiding it from view. In fact, no one would ever know there’s a camera inside the alarm clock, unless, of course, you tell them it’s there. And honestly, why would you do such a thing?

The best part about enclosures like this is you can place your security camera pretty much anywhere in your home and intruders will be none the wiser.


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8. Camouflage in a sunflower.



Upon first glance, you wouldn’t know this is hiding a camera, right? That’s exactly what the Nest Cam Security Camera Camouflage Sun Flower Cover does. Place this near-real flowers in your home or perhaps around your children’s toys, and no one will suspect a thing. Even better, if you’re using the Nest Cam to watch your kids while you head to the store for a quick carton of milk, this Sunflower is the ideal camouflage to monitor their behavior.


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9. Mount your camera high up on the wall.


mounted nest home security camera



Only the curious cat will notice cameras that are hung up high on the wall.

But to make this trick work, you need a camera that has a huge angle coverage and high quality. You would still want the videos to be clear and useful.

The Nest Cam IQ is the next iteration from the beloved Nest series and one we’re excited to share. It promises better connectivity than the Nest Cam, has a 6-core processor, person alerts, stays alert 24/7, and more. To hide the Nest Cam IQ, we’ve selected the Wasserstein Wall Mount as a top pick. It comes at the cool price of $14.99 and enables you to place the device in an optimum position, ideally the higher on your wall the better. Set-up only takes a few minutes.


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10. Camouflage using a plushie.


home security camera hidden inside stuffed animal



Want to know what’s really happening back at home when your babysitter is looking out for your baby?

You can really find out the real deal without giving away a hint that you’re spying. This Mini Gadgets Stuffed Dog DVR Camera will show you what’s up. Is the babysitter taking care of your baby as she really should? Does she have tendencies to hurt your baby during tantrum episodes? Well, this will let you know. No one will suspect that it’s a spy camera that can record 1080p videos for up to 30 hours. It is even a fully functional working toy so it can be with your baby all the time.


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11. Use a dual-purpose device


home security camera disguised as wall charger


Double the deviousness with a dual purpose spy camera. This extra-sneaky security device portrays a dual role by acting as a portable USB charger that actually does charge your devices, plus a tool that records a 1080P Full HD video. A portable surveillance camera, this DivineEagle Spy Camera requires no WiFi and offers an SD card slot that is protected from corruption by an advanced Surge-Multi Protection.

The intruder with a keen eye might still be suspicious given the visible SD card slot, you say? Well, DivineEagle literally got you covered by providing a sticker that will conceal that part. A hidden cam will also come in handy while playing detective at the office or even during a leisure trip.

Your intruder might be “professional” in this sly activity and may knock off hidden camera whereabouts such as mirrors or frames but will never have time plugging out chargers and peeling off stickers. Your hidden spot is safe!

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12. Deceive the intruders by making them feel safe


home security camera disguised as smoke detector



Everyone feels safer with a smoke detector around—everyone, including possible perpetrators, ironically. This Fuvision Nanny Camera is a dummy smoke detector that actually provides a different kind of security by detecting activities under your roof in just a click away. By using the YIEYE app, your device will send an alert to your smartphone attached with a 10 – 60-second recording whenever it detects motion. Double that security blanket as your device is capable of keeping you safe at nighttime using its Starlight Night Vision, seeing up to 30 feet in total darkness, not to mention its ability to last up to 180 days of battery power ( standby time of motion detection).

Your detector may not perceive smoke but is clearly life-saving and reliable in other areas due to its ability to register 1920x1080p HD crisp clips in clear resolution, making you view every significant detail of the recording.

This dummy device might play a role different from its main goal but it definitely has the same objective dummy or not: protecting you and your loved ones away from harm.

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You’ve now seen for yourself there are numerous ways to properly hide your Nest Cam or similar home security camera. There are plenty of other ways to hide your cameras if you didn’t see any ideas you liked. For the best hidden home security cameras ideas, you just need to get a little creative.

Alternatively, you may want to consider leaving your Nest Cam in plain sight. While it takes away the “sneaky” element, studies have shown that leaving a security camera visible can act as a deterrent for criminal activity because the would-be criminals do not wish to get caught.

Check out our article 7 Smart Ideas for Using Wi-Fi Cameras for more tips and tricks on how best to use an in-home Wi-Fi security camera in your own home.



Home Security Cameras Q&A


Canary Flex most versatile Wi-Fi home security camera


Here are some of the most commonly asked questions about home security cameras:


What are the best security cameras for the home?

There are many brands and models out there, and navigating the market can be difficult. The best way to find a security camera for your home is to consider how you will be using it. For example, if you’re going to be installing the camera outdoors, you’ll want one with a water-resistant or weatherproof design. So, the best camera for you may not be the best for someone else.

To narrow it down a bit, our favorites include the Nest Cam series, Arlo’s Pro series, Amazon’s Cloud Cam, Ring’s Stick Up Cam, and more. You can read more about some of the best home security cameras here.

In 2021, Google Nest released new cameras, you can learn about the release dates and all the details here, Google Nest Cam Battery, Outdoor, & Floodlight | Everything you need to know.

What is the best home security camera system without a monthly fee?

Generally, most security cameras can be used without paying a monthly fee. Subscription services are usually offered for cloud support, particularly for storing footage. Having a cloud service active can be handy, especially when the footage must be called upon later for an investigation or review, but it’s not necessary.

Some of the best cameras that can be used without cloud service active are:

  • Eufy Cam 2
  • Wyze Cam Pan
  • Arlo Pro 3


When searching for a security camera, you can also look for systems that have a MicroSD slot or a base that supports USB storage.


Are home security cameras worth it?

Unequivocally, yes. Cameras can be used to monitor a home, and serve as an excellent reference for various events, such as a break-in, or in the event of property damage. Moreover, if the cost is an issue, there are many cheap home security camera do it yourself systems that you can mount, setup, and use without hiring professional technicians.


Do you need WiFi for home security cameras?

There are some systems designed to work locally without WiFi, but as a general rule, yes you’re better off with WiFi-enabled cameras. Bear in mind, just because they connect to WiFi doesn’t necessarily mean they need to retain a connection to continue recording footage. Most cameras will continue capturing footage unless there’s a power failure. Even then, if they run on battery-power they’ll continue to record.

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