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5 Epic Ideas to Add Smart Entertainment to your Bath & Shower

The smart bathroom revolution is here, and it’s here to stay.

Remember the first time, say, 6 or 7 years ago, that you walked into a hotel and saw an in-mirror television? It was amazing, right? And it probably made you want to install one in your very own home.

This trend has expanded beyond the in-mirror into a great number of smart products for your bathroom. For example, smart toilets, which can sync with a smartphone via Bluetooth and even play music while you’re becoming one with the bowl, are now in three-quarters of Japanese homes. While this trend hasn’t picked up to that extent in the US quite yet, it’s coming.

What has happened, though, is a clear and definitive interest in entertainment within your bathroom; particularly smart entertainment. US smart home enthusiasts are all about bathroom entertainment, something we love here at Ideaing, too.


Why You Need It

Smart bathroom entertainment can not only impress guests in your home, it’s like icing on the cake for your smart home transformation. Plus, it’s a great way to help pass time while you’re getting ready for work or an evening out.


Installation & Ease of Use

These products are all easy to install, according to reviews online.



The items in this article range from under $100 to over $4000.

Check out my favorite ideas to add smart entertainment to your bathroom below,

Turn your shower head into a speaker


Listening to music through your showerhead will not only protect your phone from damage, it’s also just pretty darn cool.


Imagine having the luxury of listening to music through your showerhead! Whether it’s your favorite song or a new Top 40 track you’re dying to hear again, listening to music in the shower is simply awesome.

(Especially for us shower singers, where our voices are so angelic it’s ridiculous).

The KOHLER K-9245 does the trick. This device comes with a 32ft Bluetooth range so your phone can be placed in another room as to avoid water damage. It also comes in various colors, so it’s ideal for any smart home bathroom.

PS: This device offers users 60 angled spray nozzles and a 2.5 gpm spray, so it’s a great showerhead, too.
These Are Also Awesome

Love the Kohler? (Me too). Check out other options for music in your showerhead:

Watch TV while you bath 


Don’t want to miss any game action? A TV shower is the perfect option for you. 


How many times have you been told by your partner, “get ready for dinner!” while the big game was on? How could you possibly leave your entertainment room with 0:50 seconds left on the clock, and still take a shower so your partner is happy?

Thankfully, an in-bathroom television is the answer.

AVIS Electronics is a great option. This TV is fully waterproof and delivers a full HD bright 26″ screen and USB host function. It comes with a mirror frame, full mirror, white frame or black frame, which means it’s perfect for any bathroom decor.

Never miss those 0:50 seconds again.



Best waterproof bathroom speakers


Bring your singing voice into the shower (we know you do it already, anyway).  


Full admission: I’m a shower singer. I love my waterproof Bluetooth speaker because I can place any song or playlist on before I hop in the shower, sing a few songs, and hop out.

Also a full admission: Since I live in an apartment, I bet my neighbors love the 6:00AM shower concerts I deliver if they can hear me through my walls.

So, if you can relate, bathroom speakers are for you.

I love the JBL Clip 2 Waterproof Portable Bluetooth Speaker because it’s the ideal size (5.55 inches x 3.7 inches x 1.65 inches), you can wirelessly connect AND you can even use this speaker to make clear, echo-free phone calls. It’s one of my personal favorites.


These Are Also Awesome

The JBL is a great option for bathroom shower speakers, but I’d also encourage you to check out the options below.


Toilet-turned-speaker (yeah, it exists)


Smart toilets are truly next level, with benefits that sound like it’s something out of a 2025 movie.


Although a smart toilet like this might seem like something from a futuristic movie, it’s not. And it’s actually coming to the US quicker than you might think.

Smart toilets offer a ton of great benefits, including built-in bidets, great water power, Bluetooth connection for music integration (awesome), and more. They are truly the ultimate smart product for your bathroom.

I love this particular KOHLER product because you can stream your favorite music or podcasts while using the facility, which is not only practical for integrating smart entertainment in your bathroom, it’s also an impressive show-stopper for guests in your home.

Currently in the United States, KOHLER is truly in a world of their own when it comes to smart toilets.
These Are Also Awesome

If you’re not looking to replace your entire toilet and are just looking for a tech-boost to your current seat, check out the coolest bidets on the market here.



Relax to Internet radio


Sometimes, you just want to stream your favorite internet radio station or podcast


I love podcasts, and I love internet radio (especially OVO Sound Radio on Apple Music, am I right?) So when I have an opportunity to have a smart speaker in my bathroom that can stream my favorite internet radio channels, I’m in.

This is why I love this solution for bathrooms. They are relatively inexpensive, and add a great atmosphere to your bathroom.

The AOMAIS Sport Outdoor/ Shower Portable Bluetooth Speaker is one of my favorites. It pairs with Bluetooth and is waterproof, shock proof and dust proof.  It’s ideal to place on your bathroom sink as you pair with your smartphone, or closer to your shower, if you prefer.


These Are Also Awesome

Looking for options beyond the AOMAIS? These are my next top picks.




Did you know that your bathroom can give you one of the largest return on investments in your home? Year after year, refurbished kitchens and bathrooms head the payback list for renovation return. In fact, when renovating your home, it’s often recommended to look at the kitchen and bathroom first. Why? Because 75 per cent to 100 per cent of the outlay for these projects can be recovered upon resale. Now that’s remarkable!

When it comes to smart products, the use of music in your bathroom is such a great addition. After all, it rounds out the room for us want-to-be superstars!


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