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How to Use an Item Tracker as a Car Locator

Looking around with intense concentration, preying on the first spot to present itself.

Uhm, nothing dramatic. I was just describing us when we’re looking for a parking space.

For reasons dancing around “I was too tired waiting for the parking space and just need to get inside the building”, we often tend to forget where exactly we have parked. You’re not alone, though. One in seven drivers can’t remember where they parked.


How to Use an Item Finder as a Car Locator


To avoid this, you can just buy the Zus Smart Car Charger, which also doubles as a car finder. However, if you already have an item tracker like Tile, you can also use it as a car locator. It’s an easy 3-step process. Here’s a video that summarizes it.



Here’s a recap of the steps to turn an item locator into a car locator.



1. Place a dedicated item locator in your car.


You can take your pick of item locators. The video above used the Tile tracker, but there are other suitable ones. Below are some examples.



Once you have your hands on one of these locators, you can place one in your car. It doesn’t matter where you put it — on top of your dashboard, attached to the rear-view mirror, or in the glove compartment.



2. Run the accompanying app on your smartphone.


Tile Item Finder App

The next thing that you should do is to run the app on your smartphone. Normally, item locator apps remember the last place that you had something automatically. If your Bluetooth is on, then the apps will remember when your phone last had contact with the tracker.



3. Check your car’s location.


Tile Item Finder App

When it’s time to get back to your car, just take your smartphone out and check your app to see your car location. See. It’s easy as that!


Having a Tile car locator is useful in so many ways. On days when you get so unlucky, like when you get your car towed, you can trace where they have brought your car to.

What’s also great about most item locators is the help from the community when you really can’t find something. For example, if ever your car gets car-napped (let’s hope not), you can tap the community to help find your tile anywhere. It depends on which type of locator you use, though. If you use Tile, you can definitely use this feature.



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