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$99 Hubble Cloud Subscription for a Year and a Free HD Security Camera Will Get You Peace of Mind

One thing that stops consumers from buying a home monitoring camera is the hidden, expensive costs of cloud subscription. Your home security camera is basically useless when you can’t save the previous recording so you have to be wary about which security camera to buy.

Today’s your chance to score a great cloud subscription deal that’s only $99 for a full year! Yep, and with that, you also get a Motorola HD Home Monitoring Camera completely for free!


What is the Hubble Connected Special Offer?



No expensive cloud subscription fees, only peace of mind


It’s a $99 year-long cloud subscription that will store your home security camera footage plus a free Motorola HD Camera.

As to what the plan includes, here you go:

Standard Plan ($99 for 12 months)

  • 7-Day Cloud Video History
  • Up to 5 Connected Cameras
  • NEW Daily Video Summary / Baby Sleep Diary
  • 25% off cameras, headphones, speakers, accessories at hubbleconnected.com
  • FREE HD camera when you subscribe today ($79.99 value)


What’s great about the Motorola HD Camera?


The best part is that it comes with new SmartZone feature which lets you select zones you prefer to set motion-trigger alerts. Think of your doors and windows or your baby’s crib or play area. With this feature on, you will only get notified you once something happened from these preferred areas. This minimizes the false alerts and the mini panic attacks that shouldn’t have happened.

This product also provides a summary of things that happened throughout the day. With just a quick stroll, you’ll get to check everything in an instant! In case you are worried about the range, this device allows you to travel as much as you want without giving you a worry. Also, it will serve as your eye at home. It gives a full view of everything (110-degree field of view and digital zoom)–even in low light levels.



See what’s happening in your home wherever you are


To sum it up, below are its features:

  • High-definition (720 p HD)
  • Smart notifications
  • Wide 110° field of view and digital zoom
  • Infrared night vision
  • Two-way communication

See, it’s unlike any other camera in the market, its features are amazing! It’s easy to install and you can use it in just minutes.


Where can I get one?

You can’t find this sweet deal anywhere else.

Hubble Connected is the mind behind Motorola cameras and monitors. If you’re interested in buying one, you will only avail it on their website. You can’t find a similar deal elsewhere. Head over their site and get a free HD camera when you subscribe today.


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