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New Heads-Up Display that Enhances Driving, Looks Awesome

Heads-up displays (HUDs) for cars are something that has been tried since Oldsmobile put one in the 1988 Cutless Supreme. But, as you can see from the distinct lack of HUDs in cars today, they’ve pretty much fallen out of favor.

However, recent developments, particularly hands-free driving laws, cell-phone based car navigation, and IOT tech, have all come together to make this technology that many are taking a second look at. One of these companies, HUDWAY, has an Indiegogo campaign revving up for their Drive product that I think has the right blend of features, user-friendliness, and looks.





What’s the HUDWAY Drive?


The HUDWAY Drive is a heads-up display that mounts to the dash of your car right in front of the driver. It has a clear glass that displays information like speed, directions, navigation, and incoming phone calls. It does this by connecting via Bluetooth to your phone, allowing you to keep your head up, looking forward, while you continue driving.



Using this type of system has many benefits. In keeping your head up, you do not have to check your in-dash navigation or screen when following directions or picking up a call. This keeps your eyes on the road during those vital seconds to keep you a safer, more attentive driver. The HUDWAY Drive also makes your car look like a jet fighter cockpit, but that’s just added bonus.

The HUDWAY is different than most HUDs released to date in that it is of seemingly higher quality and boasts a lot more integrations. The product integrates with Google Maps, Waze, has it’s own native map app, and can connect through either Android or iOS.




One really cool feature this HUD has is the ability to display aftermarket dashcam feeds. This means if you have an older car without a backup camera, you can add one and have it display on their screen right in front of you. No in-dash screen installation necessary. You can also install blind spot cameras that display when you use your turn signal, and even install night vision forward cameras that can display pedestrians or deer before you’re able to see them on the road.

Integrated cameras need to have a CVBS output (Red/White/Yellow circles), and do not work with USB.



How do I get the HUDWAY Drive?


The Indiegogo campaign has yet to start, but they are accepting pre-orders on their website. The Drive, which comes with the display unit/ glass, mount, power and data cables, and four clips, is being sold for $169, which is significantly lower than list price of $229. Deliveries start in Q2 2019.

Once the campaign is up and we have more info on delivery times, we will update our article to keep you posted. To be perfectly honest, I think at this price they’ll break their campaign goals no matter what they sell it at. This thing adds safety, has useful widgets, and looks awesome.

What do you think of in-car HUDs? Is this tech ready for the masses or are you looking for more?



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