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5 Illuminating Facts About Wi-Fi Light Bulbs That You Never Knew

It’s funny how we take the products that we use daily for granted. Take the light bulb, for example. Hundreds of years ago people were illuminating their homes by candlelight… now we have smart light bulbs. (You can learn more about the technicalities of the light bulb’s evolution in this article from Electronics 360.)

Smart light bulbs, like the Philips Hue, look much like any ordinary bulb, but they pack a powerful technological punch. These little lights will up your home’s convenience and style, and wow your guests. Here’s just a few benefits you’ll get out of switching to smart bulbs.



1. Turn lights on or off without leaving bed.


smart lighting bed


Let’s be honest, you don’t need much more of a reason to grab a smart light bulb than this: you’ll never have to leave the comfort of your bed or couch to switch your lights on or off again. With a quick tap on your cell phone (or a even through a pre-set timer you’ve chosen that makes your lights dim just as you should be going to sleep) you can change the current lighting of your entire home.



2. Get perfect brightness.


smart lighting control smartphone


“Did I stumble into some bad lighting?” Clueless’ Cher Horowitz famously wondered if her home’s light scheme was responsible for a date-gone-wrong back in the 90’s. All jokes aside, that picture perfect soft lighting that makes movie stars shine is nearly impossible to get with standard light bulbs. Smart lights allow you to adjust the brightness of your lights with ease.



3. Use as a less alarming alarm clock.


smart bulb alarm clock


Waking up gradually is said to be much better for you than with the jarring sounds of an alarm clock. One way to make your daily wake up call more peaceful is to use light. Set your nightstand’s lamp to turn on (at your preferred brightness, I like a dim light in the morning myself) about a half hour before your alarm goes off. This will allow you to wake up slowly, and make the cries of your actual alarm much less painful.



4. Redecorate with the push of a button.


smart bulb party


Playing with color is one of the most fun benefits of installing smart light bulbs. Colored bulbs can be set to nearly any conceivable hue. At night this can drastically change the look of a room. There are even applications that allow you to make your lights change colors to the beat of music you’re playing, which makes for a great party trick!



5. Look like you’re home no matter where you are.


smart bulb security


Last but certainly not least, smart light bulbs provide a valuable safety component. Because the bulbs allow you to control your home’s lights from anywhere, you can turn your house lights on at night even when you’re out for the evening. This gives passerby’s the impression that someone is home, which is an excellent way to deter potential burglars from trying to enter your home.




Smart lights provide value in many areas; from décor, to time saving, to home protection. They’re also a ton of fun to use and play with, and are available at an inexpensive price point! If you’re interested in learning more about which smart light bulbs on the market get the highest marks, check out this article.

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