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The Kobi Fully Autonomous All-Season Garden Robot Will Make Your Life Easy

If you live in cooler climates like myself up here in the Pacific Northwest, you know the pain of fallen tree leaves and big snow storms. Although we love snow on the mountains (hello, snowboard season!) this weather can really impact the outdoors during the Fall and Winter months. Whether we’re maintaining our gardens or clearing our drive-ways for dinner guests, clearing leaves and scraping snow can be the worst.

That’s probably why I was so interested in Kobi when it was announced this past week.

Kobi is the world’s first fully autonomous all-season garden robot. Not only does it mow your lawn, it also removes your leaves and blows away the snow. It’s basically the perfect gardener.


So, how does Kobi work?



Kobe connects via your mobile app. It has Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity, so you can control the device by creating schedules or by driving it yourself in real time. Kobi can also tell you about upcoming weather forecasts, which will help you in planning your weekend chores (or scheduling Kobi’s start time).


But what does Kobi do, exactly?



As the first fully autonomous all-season garden robot, Kobi focuses on the following chores in your yard.

The Leaves

If you want leaves gone during Fall (especially before the snow comes through), Kobi can remove it all. The Kobi picks up your leaves and mulches them in an effort to decrease volume, while promising a clean lawn every single time.

The Lawn

Don’t want to mow the lawn on your weekend? No one does, really. All you need to do is show Kobi the outside perimeter of your property, include any fixed obstacles and the rest is Kobi’s job.

Bonus: Kobi will autonomously keep your lawn looking healthy by mulching the grass.

The Snow

Winter of 2016/17 is supposed to be great in terms of snow for us folks up here in the Pacific Northwest, which is truly when the Kobi shines. Kobi is connected to the weather forecast; it knows when it will snow, and it will warn you in advance. The device will remove the snow in small quantities while it is falling, leaving you with a clean and clear driveway before work in the morning.

It’s also the perfect outdoor accompaniment to the indoor robotic vacuums.

And it’s secure, too.




Kobi features anti-theft detection and is protected by a pin-code. If someone attempts to steal the product, an alarm will sound and you will get a warning on your smartphone. Kobi will immediately go into disable mode, which means that it is useless to thieves.

Plus, you are always in complete and full control of the Kobi through the associated mobile app. You can tell it when to start, stop and plan its next job. The Kobi will never begin without your initiation.


We still have these questions…




The Kobi sounds great, and I can’t wait to see it in action – but as a just-announced product on the market, I have a few questions.

  • How much can the Kobi handle? The creators claim that the product can hold more than nature can throw at it, in terms of leaves and grass, but I’ve yet to read just how much that is.
  • How close (or far?) do you need to be in Bluetooth range with the Kobi?
  • When is pre-order available, and how can I get in on it?

Kobi is priced at $3,999.00, though the pre-order date has not yet been set. I’m excited to see the Kobi hit the market, and I’m ready to give this a try in my own back yard. After all, any excuse to let smart products do the work (while I hit the ski slopes) sounds great to me!

Would you let a smart product clean your leaves, cut your lawn or blow the snow from your driveway? Tweet us!

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