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NayoSmart’s Almighty Backpack Is an Excellent Bag for Any Type of Traveler: Near or Far

To be candid, the measure of a travel bag is about its longevity not just over the course of several trips or travel experiences but also in the day-to-day. Does the bag work perfectly while on-the-go, and function just as well when you’re making a quick trip to a nearby coffee shop for some time out of the house?

Most travel bag and luggage reviews tend to overlook the layman, the type of person who buys one bag and carries it around with them everywhere they go. The problem is that layman is essentially most of us, it’s the majority. I don’t know too many people who are buying dozens of different travel bags and swapping them all out at will. Yes, if you’re climbing a mountain in the frigid cold you’re going to have a different type of pack than one you would carry for a quick layover. That’s a reasonable exception and one that makes perfect sense.

The point is really just that a bag is a bag, and the true test of its value is how well it works in a variety of situations. That’s an important distinction to make because NayoSmart’s Almighty backpack was purportedly designed with the “modern traveller in mind.” While the modern traveler might be moving around a lot, they still have as much downtime as the rest of us. Is the Almighty just as useful as a day bag?

That’s exactly what we’re going to answer in this review. Spoiler alert: It’s a great bag, period.


Nayo Almighty: To Travel or Not to Travel


nayo smart backpack review images

The “Large” size bag holds 32L while the “Normal” size holds 25L.


Almighty is available in two sizes, large or normal. The larger size can hold a total volume of 32 liters and accommodates a 17.3″ laptop, while the normal size bag holds 25 liters and fits a 15.6″ laptop. In either case, you’re getting dedicated storage for your computer, which is critical these days, backpacking or not. But even with those sizes, you don’t really get a sense for how much the bag can hold. I can assure you, both sizes are suitable enough to carry a few days worth of supplies, certainly an entire day at the least.

Inside, the Almighty smart backpack has more than 20 different pockets where you can store a variety of items, clothing and more. Furthermore, each space has ample maneuverability if you need to push their storage contents to the limit for whatever reason. That’s good to hear, of course, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that the bag can withstand being filled to the absolute brim. Thanks to a high-density 600d polyester construction it definitely can. It also has a polyurethane coating which provides a water resistant property to the exterior of the bag, ensuring everything within remains dry even under inclement conditions.

An ergonomic harness with 12mm EVA molded padding ensures that your shoulders and back remain comfortable while you carry its burden. The design is such that it is load balancing, has a high-density and durable composition and employs a breathable mesh design to allow for decent airflow.

This bag is durable enough to use on a long trip, quick trip or anything in-between. Most importantly, it’s ideal for travel or day-to-day use which is important if you’re not the type of person to stock up on dozens of travel bags.

Nayo Almighty’s Additional Features


nayo smart almighty bag standing and open

The Nayo Almighty can be split down the middle using the 180-degree zipper for easy access.


Aside from its incredible design and composition, the Nayo Almighty also includes a bevy of additional features to sweeten the deal:

  • 180-degree zippered structure allows it to open like luggage (splits apart down the middle) for easy packing/unpacking
  • Built-in external USB charging port for powering-up mobile devices and more
  • Easy access top pocket for quick entry and access to your most important belongings
  • Internal security pocket for storing valuable goods like your wallet, shades or smartphone
  • Insulated, waterproof side pocket for bottles and drinks
  • Discrete, zippered back pocket for stowing travel documents and valuables
  • Strong metal carry handle for top-carry options
  • Sternum strap with whistle and shades sling on shoulder
  • Rear strap to secure bag to a suitcase, luggage or even furniture

As you can see, there’s a lot to like about Nayo’s Almighty pack. Fitting name? I think so.


Where Do I Get One?


nayo almighty bag on table

The Nayo Almighty works great as a travel bag, day bag, or outdoor backpack.


You can get your hands on one of these bad boys over at Nayo’s storefront. The price difference between the normal and large sizes is negligible, so much that I recommend going with the bigger size if you think you’ll use the extra space. Both feel great to wear, and no matter which size you choose they are pleasant to handle — some bags can be way too bulky and get annoying to lug around. The “normal” or smaller one clocks in at around 18 inches tall, while the larger size is 20 inches tall.

Keep in mind, while this bag was designed to be used for travel it works just as great as a day bag when you need to carry a few things from your home to your office. We highly recommend the Almighty for either purpose.


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