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5 Ideas On How To Save Time by Using Smart Home Gadgets

We’re all about efficiency. Whether it’s in your day-to-day job, managing the schedules of your kids and their many activities, or spending time with friends and family, we aim for maximization of efficiency. So it’s only natural that we aim to use smart home devices to save time in your day, right?

When I was on the search to maximize my day and the time I spent going through my regular activities, I found some great smart products that helped me become more efficient. Here are 5 of the best ways that helped to save time in my day.


5 Ideas On How To Save Time by Using Smart Home Gadgets – 2019



Answer the door from anywhere. 


Answering the door from the comfort of your home home can save you time and provide security to your home.


If I told you that you could continue working throughout your day and answer your front door from the comfort of your office, would you give it a try? Absolutely.

When I work away from my home, it can be a pain to rush back home in time to meet the delivery driver at my door. If you’re waiting for an important package, it can be even more dreadful.

I love the flexibility and security of answering the door when I’m away from home. That’s why it’s important to use products that will give you these efficient options. When using such products, it’s important to search for something that also comes with a camera, so you can connect and see who’s visiting from your smartphone. You should also be able to chat with the visitor, so ensure you’re using something that allows for two-way communication.

Below are some options for this


Zmodo Greet Zmodo Greet ($120.00)
August Lock August Smart Lock ($200-$250)



Let robots do the cleaning for you. 


Using technology to clean your home is not only efficient – it makes your day so much more relaxing.


Smart technology that cleans the dust off your floors is great, but what about a robot that scrubs your floors? That’s why I love using smart tech to clean my home.

If you’re like me, you don’t really love the idea of spending a Sunday morning scrubbing the floors of your apartment (yuck). Using smart tech to clean my apartment means that I’ll get a great clean, but also save time in my day. It’s important to look for a product that can read your room and learn the corners of your home. I found some great smart products, and I have three options for you here.



Control your appliances from anywhere. 


Controlling your smart home products from your smart phone will not only make you more efficient, it’ll save you time in your day.

Having the ability to control your home appliances and lights from anywhere will save time in your day. With Smart Plugs, you can schedule your devices to automatically shut off or on – so you’ll never forget to turn off that curling iron while you’re at work.

That’s when the idea of using a smart outlet comes in handy; something that turns your regular lights, lamps and small appliances smarter. It simply then connects to your Wi-Fi home network so you can literally access them from anywhere with your smart phone.

So if you’re heading home from walking your dog and want to turn on your computer quickly, or perhaps make a cup of coffee while you’re still lying in bed? Use an associated app to make it happen.

Below are some great options for this



Topele USB Wall Outlet TOPELE ($20)




Green thumb? Automate your garden.


Let technology help scale your green thumb. 


I love taking care of my garden. I grow vegetables in my back yard and love planting new peonies every season. Sometimes, though, I want to be more efficient with my gardening expeditions.

My recommended tip is to find a product that will control your watering schedule, sprinklers, and outdoor lighting through an associated smart phone app. Additionally, ensure your selected product automatically responds to weather conditions in your local area as it monitors local weather stations. Trust me – that’s a huge bonus.

Below are a few smart sprinklers I recommend




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Avoid accidents with your pet by monitoring them remotely.



PetCube ($150)

Monitoring your pets can be made much easier with smart tech.


If you’re a pet owner – especially a new pet owner – you are worried about their well-being 24/7. When I first brought my dog home,  I couldn’t take my eyes off what he was doing. Ultimately, I was worried that the little guy was destroying my couch or bedroom pillows. It took so much time out of my day, and although he was totally worth it, I wish I had known about smart home products for pets from day 1 of having him home.

Using smart technology, you can monitor your pets remotely. Just ensure you find something that is easy to use and functional, plus one that allows you to monitor your pet while you’re away. This means that you can (almost) genuinely interact with your pet, even if you’re at work.

Here are some products I found that make it easier to monitor pets


Petzi Treat Cam Petzi ($160)
Feed and Go Pet Feeder Feed and Go ($249)



Time-saving devices are truly invaluable. As we move throughout our day, we are constantly looking for new ways to save time, become more efficient, and bring innovative products into our lives.

When I was searching for products to save time in my day, I came across so many devices that could be used for my lifestyle. Pulling a plethora of options from scouring the internet, I eventually came across the above products that were ideal for my day-to-day – and they’ve certainly increased my overall efficiency.

If you enjoyed these products, make sure to check out more smart home products here

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