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9 Smart Gadgets to Get Better Sleep

My schedule can be nuts, and I’m sure you can relate. From early mornings to late nights working, training and spending time with my dog, it’s so important that I get 8 hours of sleep (nearly) each and every night.

With adults between the ages of 26-64 requiring 7-9 hours of sleep each night, we spend a ton of time in our bedrooms. That’s just shy of 3000 hours per year we spend sleeping. With that much time asleep, it’s no wonder why smart home manufacturers are becoming increasingly focused on smart gadgets to get better sleep.


9 Smart Gadgets to Get Better Sleep – 2019



What are smart gadgets that help with sleep?

These devices can come in all forms. From smart lights to trackers we can wear on our wrists, smart gadgets that help with sleep will monitor your patterns and aid in overall rest. While some track REM sleep, others will help put you to sleep naturally. Most smart gadgets that help with sleep come with built-in Wi-Fi and will utilize your phone (and an associated app) that will give you better insights on your sleep patterns.


Why You Need It

Sleep is so important to overall health and well-being. Do you know the feeling you have when you wake-up after only getting 5-6 hours of sleep because of a late night? You’re likely groggy – and you’re certainly drained emotionally and physically. Getting the optimal amount of sleep each and every night will help prepare you for a great day ahead. Smart gadgets that help with sleep are necessary for individuals who want to get more out of their 8 hours in bed – those who want to wake-up feeling refreshed and ready to make the most out of their day. And the best part? You can gather data and insights right from your smartphone.


Sense Sleep App
Sense Sleep App provides sleep patterns and tips on your phone.


To help get the optimal hours of zzz’s each and every night – making your mornings so much better – I’ve pulled my favorite smart gadgets to get better sleep.

Read on.


Withings Aura Smart Sleep System



This high-tech sleep-tracking system is designed to monitor and improve your sleep quality, helping make sure that you can wake up smoothly and at the most ideal time for you body. It wakes you up with a dedicated light and music program, which works with Spotify and over 10,000 web radio stations.


What Users Are Saying

One user on Amazon says that the device is “life changing”. “My husband loves it as much as I do which is saying something. Best present I’ve ever received!” An other user says, ” The Aura monitors my sleep, as well as my heartbeat”.


Why You Should Get It

The Aura works with your body – your unique sleep patterns. It uses certain red wavelengths that favor the secretion of Melatonin in your body, consequently easing the onset of sleep, and will adjust wake-up time slightly to ensure you emerge revived from a light sleep cycle. Instead of the cookie cutter programs and products, this works with your very own body. This is ideal for individuals who are searching for the perfect wake-up call – no more alarms and being rushed out of REM sleep.


S+ By ResMed Personal Sleep Solution



S+ by ResMed is a personalised sleep monitor that promises to help you sleep better, no wait needed. From the very first night the S+ uses its patented bio-motion contactless sensor to monitor the user’s breathing and body movements.

By monitoring these movements, the S+ has helped 69% of users with below-average sleep scores improved their sleep significantly.


What Users Are Saying

“An impressive “no contact” sleep monitor solution,” says one user on Amazon. An other Amazon user says that this product is very educational, especially when it comes to understanding REM sleep.


Why You Should Get It

While most products provide you with the data to make your own decisions based on the statistics, this product tells you exactly what to do. It’s ease to use and is priced at $80.00 on Amazon (at the time of writing) – a small price to pay for good sleep. This is ideal for individuals who are ready to make a small investment in a sleep tracking system, without costing an arm and a leg.


Jawbone Heart Activity Sleep Tracker



Although this is an all-in-one solution product, we’re focusing on the sleep elements for this device. The Jawbone Heart Activity tracks sleep – particularly, sleep wellness and patterns. The sleep tracking for this device is like a personal trainer. It encourages you to make informed healthy choices, while tracking and measuring Deep, Light and REM sleep. The more you wear this device, the more personalized it becomes.


What Users Are Saying

One user on Amazon loved this device so much, he bought one for his wife and himself.  Meanwhile, an other user purchased this device for his teen in an effort to become and maintain more active, while understanding how important sleep is for your body.


Why You Should Get It

This is a great product for smart home owners who already have Nest. This device features integration with Nest – the smart thermostat – to set bedroom temperatures while you track sleeping habits. Although anyone (and everyone) can reap the benefits of Jawbone, Nest users will especially love this product.

Check out our blog on the best smart thermostats here.


Eight Sleep Mattress Cover



If you want to monitor your sleep without wearing a device, the Eight Sleep System is for you. With unique sensor technology and software that is designed to work on any mattress, you can place this item underneath a cover and it detects and monitors your sleep patterns.

This device tracks so much – but most importantly, it monitors hours slept, the time you got out of bed, the temperature at bedtime and your heart rate.


What Users Are Saying

“Sleep like a baby, wake up like a king,” said one review – and we absolutely agree. This item is the top dog when it comes to smart products that detect and monitor sleep.


Why You Should Get It

This is the first smart product on the market that accurately tracks your sleep patterns without needing to wear a device. For users who are cautious about wearing a smart product to pull data, this is for you.


Lully Sleep Guardian



This one is for the kids – yes, the kids! If your child is waking up in the middle of the night and is upset, it could be night terrors. The Lully Sleep Guardian is the first proven, non-medication device for your child’s night terrors and is proven to stop night terrors and help your child sleep all night.


What Users Are Saying

“My 5 year old daughter has suffered from night terrors since she was 18 months old,” said one user on Amazon, but since using Lully, “we have been NIGHT TERROR FREE for over a month. Everyone is getting sleep and I have noticed a huge difference in my child since using Lully”. Now that’s a review.


Why You Should Get It

We love that this product is doctor recommended. Sleep physicians and paediatricians use and recommend the Sleep Guardian for children with night terrors. That’s a win in our books. For prospective buyers who want to feel secure knowing that this is doctor recommended and approved, this product is for you.





Sleep impacts your health and overall mood, so when you need to have a much better sleep than you’re used to, rely on the SleepCompanion. Embedding sensors, SleepCompanion helps you understand the factors that may disrupt the quality of your nights such as the temperature or the noise level in your bedroom.


What Users Are Saying

One user on Amazon says that this is the best lamp for the phone he’s found. An other says that this has greatly impacted their sleeping experience.


Why You Should Get It

What really sold us was the SleepCompanion App. It measures the factors that are known to disrupt your sleep – like temperature, noise and brightness, and helps analyse sleep patterns so you can understand how successful your night of sleep is. It gives you actionable insights to improve both the quantity and the quality of your sleep. For users who love stats and Data, the SleepCompanion is your cup of tea.


Neuroon – Smart Sleep Mask




This product is designed for individuals who are experiencing sleep problems, whether it’s waking up too early, not getting enough sleep or simply having a bad case of jet lag. Touted as a first on the consumer market, the Neuroon analyzes human sleep by monitoring brain waves with medical grade sensors and software. In addition, the Neuroon also measures pulse, body temperature, and body movement while sleeping.


What Users Are Saying

One former night owl on Amazon said that, after using this product, he now knows “exactly know how my sleep was, how many awakes I had, what was my pulse and much more”. According to this review, this product has helped him move from a night owl to an individual with regular sleep patterns and habits.


Why You Should Get It

The Neuroon has one goal – for you to wake-up bright, refreshed and with a smile on your face. When it comes to smart gadgets that monitor sleep, that’s the ultimate goal. I love that this product goes beyond the data and analytics, and truly aims to help the end user. You should get this product particularly if you’re comfortable wearing a sleep mask to bed.


Beddit 2.0 Smart Sleep Tracker




Possibly one of the easiest products to use, the Beddit Smart has the ability to make any bed a smart bed. With compatible iOS and Android devices, your smartphone can help track your sleep from the moment you go to bed. When you wake-up, you’ll gather data and insights about how well you slept, while offering suggestions on how to improve your sleep.

This gadget also tracks your time while in bed, your time spent asleep and awake, sleep cycles and more.


What Users Are Saying

“Beddit has given me a great amount of insight into my sleep patterns and quality of sleep,” said one Amazon user. According to online reviews, it’s clear that this device has helped many users learn and improve on their overall sleep patterns and habits.


Why You Should Get It

This device is easy – so easy – to use and install. I love that the gadget and app works automatically when you sleep, if using an iPhone. When you’re using Android, you will need to tap the app and indicate that you are ready to sleep – so iPhone users, this is totally the product for you.


Sense Cotton with Sleep Pill 2nd gen



Sense is a simple system that helps you understand your sleep – and promises to ensure you wake up feeling great. Sense monitors the conditions of your bedroom and keeps track of your movements during the night. It gives you detailed insights into your sleep patters and habits, and allows you to sleep better. There is nothing to wear and also works as sound machine and smart alarm.


What Users Are Saying

“Great product – works very well”, said one Amazon user. He also agreed that he loves his sense and that it’s super easy to use. Another Amazon user are impressed with the alarm feature, as the Sense will determine the best time to wake you up based on your sleep pattern – making the user feeling refreshed.


Why You Should Get It

I love the ease of Sense, along with the added Sleep pill (which Amazon users agree that they wish they purchased). It’s the best all-in-one solution to track and monitor sleep, so purchase this product if you’re searching for a complete sleep solution.



As with anything, it is important to pay attention to your sleep patterns and overall health. In particular, be aware of your mood, energy and health after a poor night’s sleep versus a good one (that’s where some of these wearable and sleep technologies come into play). Ask yourself, “How often do I get a good night’s sleep?” and use core products, along with your own heightened memory, to keep track. Like good diet and exercise, sleep is a critical component to overall health.

From sleep trackers to wake-up devices, from mood lighting to temperature tracking, finding the correct smart technology in the bedroom can not only spruce up your room, but also keep you aware of your sleep habits and patterns. At the end of the day, make sleep a priority. Schedule sleep like any other daily activity, so you can ultimately feel rested, filled with energy and ready for a brand new day.

See our story on the Smart Bedroom to help you sleep better.

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