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9 Ideas on How-To Boost Your Home’s Value Using Smart Devices

When you’re getting your home prepared for a sale, or you are simply looking to boost your home’s value, there are many places you can begin. It’s often said that renovations in kitchens and bathrooms provide the greatest amount of return on your investment, yet others believe that upgrading your flooring can show high returns.

But what if there were things – like products – you could add to your home that could add more value for much less than a room renovation? With smart home solutions, you can add value to your home without breaking the bank. That’s why we’ve compiled these ideas that can add more value to your abode.

Below are 9 ideas to boost your home’s value. We’re sure you’ll not only find that these ideas will boost your home’s value, but also the enjoyment you get from your home.


Install a Wi-Fi enabled garage door opener


Wi-fi enabled garage door openers provide convenience and security in your home.


Adding a Wi-Fi enabled garage door opener to your residence can not only give you peace of mind when you’re away, but it’ll also boost the value of your home as you’re preparing for a sale. Installing a smart garage door opener is a great way to show prospective buyers that you’re serious about making your home smart. It shows that you care about the security of your residence, and that you take great care in keeping your property safe.

When searching for a Wi-Fi enabled garage door opener, look for a product that allows you to control your garage door opener from anywhere using your smartphone app. Also, it’s great to find a product that will detect motion for added monitoring. Ultimately, ensure your selected solution delivers safety and security for your home, 24/7.

Below are great options available on the market:



Invest in smart home window blinds


Smart home window blinds are the best. Seriously. If you live in a home that gets a ton of natural sunlight, it’s great to have the ability to control your window blinds from your smartphone. Even better, it’s an impressive selling feature when your home is on the market. We’re certain prospective buyers will love your smart home addition, and will want to keep it for themselves.

When searching or smart home blinds, make sure that your selected product can connect to Wi-Fi so you can monitor your blinds even when you’re out of your home. Some products, like the Somfy MyLink, also tracks your energy savings.

Below are great smart home intercom options available on the market:



Control the temperature of your home with a smart vent


Smart vents control the temperature of your home, a great bonus for prospective home buyers.


Smart vents allow you to personalize the temperature of individual rooms around your house, which is great for those of us living in multi-person homes. If your husband loves to have the home office warmer than the kitchen, for example, the vents can direct more heat there.

We love using smart vents to control the temperature of your home. If you’re interested in smart vents, or you have a compatible smart thermostat, the products are definitely worth checking out, especially as their features continue to develop.

When looking for smart vents, ensure you’re selecting a product that has solid reviews online. As this is a relatively new product on the market, we find that many companies are still working through bugs.


Impress prospective buyers with a smart light bulb


Using a smart bulb allows you to control light in your home and save energy.


Your standard light bulb is now being replaced by a number of home connected lighting solutions – solutions that you can control with just a few taps on your smartphone. Using a smart bulb in your home allows you to be more connected with your lighting, and save energy along the way. Prospective home owners will not only love the tech factor, but they’ll also be impressed with energy saving solutions for their (potential) new home.

When looking for a smart bulb, be sure you’re selecting one that connects to Wi-Fi so you can control your smart light bulb from anywhere in the world.

Check out these awesome products:



Save water and energy – while boosting your home’s value


Smart shower heads are a great bonus for your home’s shower, adding an additional tech element to your home while saving energy.


Prospective buyers are all about saving energy in their home. When it comes to water usage, this is one of the areas you can focus on. There are so many options, whether it’s in your bathroom sink or home shower, where you can save water and energy.

One of our favorite options to save water and energy is through smart shower heads. This space has been a focus over the last five years. In fact, it’s one of the first smart home products that came to the market.

When searching for a smart shower head, find one that tracks water usage through a smartphone app, and ensure that it gives you detailed stats and analytics on the overall energy usage of your shower.



Protect your home with a smart lock on your front door



By giving realtors an electronic key for tours, the first thing prospective buyers will notice when entering your home will be your smart lock. These little gadgets add convenience, security, and a bit of wow-factor to your home making it unique and memorable when on the market.

As you introduce prospective buyers to your home, show them the capabilities that a smart lock has, from opening your front door over Wi-Fi and Bluetooth to allowing friends and family in your home while you’re far away.

When searching for a smart lock, ensure that multiple users can have access through a smartphone.

Our suggestions for the smart locks are below:



Show off your temperature controls from anywhere


Why not show off to prospective buyers a little?

Picture this: you’re taking a prospective buyer through a showing and you’re walking them through your fabulous backyard, when all of a sudden you take out your smartphone and pull open your thermostat app. You tell them that you’re controlling the temperature of your home from your smartphone, and explain to them that they can do the exact same if they move into your home.

Amazing, right?

I suggest installing a smart home thermostat to boost the value of your home; one that allows you to adjust your thermostat from anywhere. Even better, look for an associated smartphone app that allows you to make adjustments based on the time of day, or even the external environment. 

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Below are smart thermostats we’re swooning over:




Make your outdoors 10x smarter


Smart sprinklers and irrigation systems will make your outdoors smarter (and save water, too).


These days home owners are looking to become more efficient with their time. Busy schedules and long days at work aside, we’re becoming less interested in spending hours and hours in our gardens and more interested in having technology scale our efforts.

That’s why smart sprinklers and irrigation systems will boost your home’s value.

With weather reports, and sometimes data from your garden, smart sprinkler controllers and irrigation systems can save you water by giving your garden a beverage when it needs it – and only when it needs it. Look for products that pull data and automatically adjust schedules to stay off when it rains. Not only are smart sprinklers and irrigation systems focused on conservation, they also add a strong incentive for potential home buyers.

Here are some of the coolest smart sprinklers:




Impress the rest – with this bathroom addition


Smart toilets are the ultimate way to impress prospective home buyers.


After reading this, I guarantee you’re going to look at the toilet in your home and think, “What?!? What are you doing for me?

It’s true. Adding a smart item in your bathroom will increase the overall value of your home, and a smart toilet the item that can add the most value to your home. The impression that a smart toilet gives is remarkable – especially with the price point of some of these products.

When searching for a smart toilet, ensure that you can adjust water flow and temperature. Also, it’s great to have a built-in memory system that regulates water and seat settings. You’ll appreciate having temperature control when waking up on a cold morning!

Here are some of the coolest smart toilets:




Whether you’re preparing your home for a sale, or you’re simply looking to add additional products to make an impression on visitors to your home, integrating smart home products and devices can make a huge difference.

From knowing who’s at your front door with video monitoring to programming your home thermostat using your smartphone, it’s easy to integrate smart home products and increase the perceived value of your home. Instead of undergoing a significant renovation in your kitchen or completely re-doing your bathroom, consider shopping for smart home devices that can make a big difference with a smaller price tag.

Have you considered integrating smart home products in your abode to increase value? Share your thoughts with us on Twitter, or share your photos with us on Instagram.

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