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Smarten Your Garage Security With The Smart Home Skylink ATOMs Garage Door Opener

Skylink has been offering quality wireless control systems for home and entertainment since 1990. Offering products in everything from home security systems to universal remote controls and various other products designed to make life in the 21st century easier to navigate, Skylink certainly holds it’s own in the world of the smart home.

Firmly cementing themselves as a smart home leader, Skylink recently announced their latest in its line of products, the ATOMs Garage Door Opener.




The ATOMs Garage Door Opener is a smart garage door opener that is going to allow users to control and monitor their garage door entirely from their smartphone. Featuring a built-in LED light, easy installation, quiet operation and infrared sensors for additional safety, the ATOMs is an easy contender when compared to other smart garage door openers currently on the market.


atoms light


What makes the ATOMs really stand out from the crowd though is its IFTTT capabilities. Claiming to be the first full system garage door opener on the market able to connect with other smart home products via IFTTT, the ATOM will allow users to create “recipes” that allows the ATOM to communicate with other smart home devices.

For example, the ATOMs can be connected to a user’s smart carbon monoxide detector. Then, when high levels of carbon monoxide are detected, the garage door can be programmed to automatically open to provide some extra ventilation.

Or, say the user in question has smart lights with IFTTT capabilites. They could then program their lights to come on the moment the garage door opens as they pull in from a day of work. The options with this features are only limited by the user’s imagination and the devices owned by user.

That said, the ATOMs Smart Garage Door Opener is not the only option that allows you to make your garage door opener IFTTT compatible. The Garageio Smart Garage Controller — an add on that works with most standard garage door openers — enables users similar smartphones control and includes IFTTT capabilities as well.

That means users do in fact have some options to choose from when looking for a smart garage door opener with IFTTT capabilites. There are many other smart garage door opener options without IFTTT capabilities such as the Chamberlain Smartphone Controlled Wi-Fi Garage Door Opener or the GarageSmart WiFi Garage Door Opener.

All in all however, SkyLink’s ATOM garage door opener seems to have a lot to offer. It’s IFTTT capabilites — while not totally unique — do set it apart from many of it’s rivals, and the fact that it is equipped with a back-up battery in case of a power outage is a big bonus. Then, when one also takes into consideration the passcode protected, 3-button remote which is great for extra security purposes, it is easy to see why this particular smart garage door opener might be desirable to many.


ATOM and parts


Available for purchase now, the ATOMs Smart Garage Door Opener will currently run you $299. A whopping $90 more dollars than the Garageio Smart Garage Controller, but a fairly standard, (though admittedly still slightly higher), rate when one looks at smart garage door openers as a whole.

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