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5 Reasons You’ll Want a Switchmate Smart Light Switch in Every Room

Many people wait to take the plunge on smart home products because they think they’ll be too difficult to install or use. I’ve seen how effective smart outlets are already, but hadn’t even considered how useful it would be to control the primary lights in my home rather than just the small lamps and appliances that plug into a smart outlet.

The Switchmate allows you to bring your existing home electrical system up-to-date with smart home technology without any difficulties.

Last week, I installed a Switchmate Light Switch in my home. “Installed” is actually a pretty liberal term here as the installation and functionality of this device is beyond simple, making it an excellent choice for users who are new to smart home products.

Switchmate Light Switch



The Switchmate allows you to control your existing light switches remotely through an application on your cell phone. You can easily set timers for your lights through the Switchmate App, which is especially useful if you want to automatically turn your lights on at night for safety reasons. You can also enable the device to monitor your location, so that your lights turn on when you arrive at your house or off when you depart.




The Switchmate requires basically nothing in terms of installation, as illustrated in the video below.


At $39.99, the Switchmate is incredibly affordable, which is great because you’ll likely want one for multiple switches in your home! If you’re curious about Switchmate Light Switches, read on to learn about several ways that this product can make your home smarter and more functional!


Control outdoor lighting automatically.


Outdoor Lights with Switchmate

Set timers on your outdoor lights to keep your home safe!


When I installed my own Switchmate, using it on the interior switch that controls my porch
light was at the top of my priority list. Being able to control the porch light at night adds a level of security that gives me relief if I’m running late in the evening and all the lights are off in my house. In fact, I went ahead and set a daily timer that switches the light on automatically at sunset and then off again at sunrise.


Automatically turn on & off Garage lights.


Garage Lights with Switchmate

Never lose your way in a dark garage again!


Another frustrating light situation that I encounter in my own home is in our garage. When the door to our particular garage opens at night, the only light that shines is a very small one on the ceiling. That light is not enough when I need to, say, carry bags of groceries inside in the dark. We do have very nice, bright lights available in our garage, but they can only be turned on from a switch inside the house. That isn’t very helpful when I’m rummaging around in the dark! With Switchmate, I could set the garage light switch to automatically turn on whenever I return home. A location sensor in the application will trigger the switch as soon as I’m close to home, and I won’t be stuck making my way through a sea of darkness!



Make inconvenient lights to more convenient lights.


Easily Reach Awkward Switches with Switchmate
Giving “clap on”/”clap off” a new meaning.


Another issue I encounter with my own light switches is that some of them are located in inconvenient places. For example, the light that hangs over the mid-stair landing in our house is controlled by a switch downstairs. Almost every night, I forget to turn it off before heading upstairs (which is logical in a way, because it is easier to see my way up the stairs with the light on…) and then have to walk back downstairs to turn it off. Not that one extra trip downstairs does me any harm, but being able to control the light through my phone would certainly add an extra layer of convenience.


Turn on the light for late-night visitors.



Illuminate delivery people or unfamiliar visitors in the dark for added security. 


Whether you’ve ordered a late-night pizza or a friend has decided to swing by for a late night Netflix binge, being able to see who is at your front door is important to your security. It also ensures that your visitor will be able to see themselves to your front door safely, without having to find their way in the dark.



Energy savings, money savings.


Turn off all your lights at once with Switchmate

Make sure all of your lights are off when you don’t need to use them!


Finally, if you install multiple Switchmates in your home (and we think you’ll want to once you try one) you’ll be able to switch off all of the lights in your application with the touch of a single button. No leaving a stray light on and wasting money and energy!


A Switchmate Light Switch will help you add efficiency to your home’s lighting, and will help you keep your home more secure. With its low price and incredibly simple installation, this is an exceptionally user-friendly smart home product that is a great choice for smart home novices and experts alike. If you’re interested in more smart lighting products for your home, check out our article on the best smart light switches and plugs and best smart light bulbs.

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