Best Wine Aerators of 2021 so you can make the most of your wine

We rounded up the Best Wine Aerators of 2021 so you can make the most of your wine.

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From dinner parties to evenings at home, wine is a favorite, and what’s not to love? With a wide array of selections and a variety of price-points, there is something for everyone. If you enjoy wine but want to take your experience a step further, wine aerators are the way to go. Easy to use and easy on the budget, an aerator or decanter for wine will improve taste and aroma, making your bottle of wine truly stand out.  


What is Wine Aeration?

Simply put, aeration introduces oxygen into your wine. Aeration can be as simple as swirling the wine in your glass or pouring it into a larger vessel. The more air that touches the wine’s surface, however, the more oxygen interaction. This is where aerators come in. For fuller, better wine aeration, wine aerators and decanters exist to oxygenate at a faster, more comprehensive level. There are many aerators for wine available and most either attach to the mouth of the wine bottle or are poured through a decanter with special filtration. 


The Added Benefits of a Wine Aerator

Have you heard of the phrase, “aging like a fine wine”? Aerating wine, especially red wine that has been bottled within the last few years, creates results similar to the aging process. Oxygen helps to break down tannins (a type of polyphenol that creates bitterness and a dry mouthfeel) to make for a smoother, more enjoyable tasting experience. When you first open a bottle of wine, especially a young wine bottled within two years, it’s common to mainly get notes of ethyl alcohol or a medicinal scent. Aeration aids in evaporating the initial alcohol notes, so your glass of wine will have a more inviting aroma.


How to Install & Use a Wine Aerator

You can install a wine aerator very simply. Most fit onto the bottle, and you just pour to reap the benefits. The wine is swirled through the piece as it pours into the glass. Some units are handheld, and the wine is siphoned into your glass of choice. Decanting wine is equally as simple of a process. You pour the wine into the decanter, and that’s it. This option is great if you want to have a bottle of wine all at once.


How much do Wine Aerators cost? 

Prices from $14.95 to $300+ can be seen for wine aerators and decanters. However, most aerators will cost you around $35. This price range reflects many things. Smart components, such as one-touch dispensing and ease of use are important and will give stronger results with less effort. Depending on your needs, the best wine aerator could be extremely simplistic or using the latest technology.  

Why should you trust Ideaing?

Since 2013, our team at Ideaing holds an extensive background in technology, from electrical engineering to product managers at Fortune 500 companies. We pride ourselves in providing truly objective incite into our reviews and recommendations. Our expert panel of product experts spend thousands of hours researching, analyzing, and testing products. After our extensive research on over 30 wine aerators on the market, here are our 8 best picks for most people.

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The Best Wine Aerators – 2021

1. Sosirolo One Touch Electric Wine Aerator Set in Red

Decanter Electric Dispenser

The Sosirolo Electronic Wine Aerator produces cleaner tasting wine at the push of the button. This smart aerator utilizes magnetic force and red-light technology to transform your wine in a second.

Why you should get it: Ease of use puts this model at the top. Instead of wasting time waiting for traditional oxidation, the Sosirolo offers instant results. As a bonus, this set also comes with a wine stopper and opener!




-smart options make it fast and efficient

-one-touch button

-charges via USB


-needs to be charged before use


2. TRIBELLA Classic Wine Aerator, Multi-Stream Wine Aeration Device: Best Portable Design


Decanter Battery Operated Dispenser


The TRIBELLA classic wine aerator introduces a multi-stream of wine, allowing for three times more aeration than a single spout. The simple design is aesthetically pleasing and stores away neatly in its storage pouch.

Why you should get it: The TRIBELLA requires no charging or electricity, so it is always ready to go. The quality of the materials, including the stainless steel spouts, are elegant enough for tableside, and it’s easy to store once the night is over.


-sleek design

-simple to use


-easy to store


-multiple  spouts more are more difficult to clean


3. Aervana Original 1 Touch Luxury Wine Aerator: Best Battery-Operated Design


One Touch Aerator Dispenser

The Aervana Original: 1 Touch Luxury Wine Aerator offers wine at the touch of a button. The barrel design adds novelty and looks at home on a bartop. This device is battery operated, so it does not rely on electricity. 

Why you should get it: The Aervana introducing up to six times more oxygen than a gravity-based pourer. Ease of use and innovative design make this model one of the best on the market.



-attractive appearance

-comes with batteries

-higher levels of oxygenation


-higher price point than other models


4. INVINETY Wine Aerator: Best Hand-held Design 


Decanter Handheld Dispenser

The INVINETY Wine Aerator is handheld, meaning that you pour the wine into the device instead of attaching it to the bottle. This can be an advantage, as you can pour by the glass and then cap the bottle more easily. This device is particularly good if you want to pour glasses from different bottles of wine since cleaning is a breeze.


Why you should get it: This aerator is ergonomically designed, making it easy for you to hold while pouring. Easy to clean and store, this model allows for greater flexibility. 




-ergonomically designed


-easy to clean


-handheld method may be difficult for some people


5. OxyTwister Wine Aerator: Best Simple Design


Decanter Electric Dispenser

The OxyTwister Aerator contains the description of the product within its name. This device features a swirled spout that allows for more aeration than a single, standard spout would. In effect, the double spiral promotes fast aeration and is simple to use.


Why you should get it: The OxyTwister is a simple device that takes mere seconds to install. The elegant spiral design gives instant results.



-great value

-small size

-no need for USB or batteries




6. Vinturi Deluxe Essential Red Pourer and Decanter Tower Stand: Best Tabletop Aerator


Decanter Electric Dispenser

The Vinturi Deluxe Essential Red Pourer and Decanter Tower Stand is striking thanks to its tabletop design. Rather than something handheld or a device that goes into the wine bottle, the tower holds the aerator, and you pour the wine through. This is especially convenient if you want to aerate more than one type of wine in an evening, though you should run a bottle of water through to protect flavor.


Why you should get it: The Vinturi tower holder gives you a professional appearance when being used and also has a signature sound as the wine is poured through. Since it doesn’t attach itself to the wine bottle, you can use it for multiple bottles with minimal cleanup.



-unique design

-dishwasher safe

-can be used separately from tower

-can be used with multiple bottles


-tower takes up counter space


7. Wine Savant Wine Aerator: Most Stylish Design


Decanter Electric Dispenser

As beautiful as it is functional, this wine aerator showcases hand-blown glass for an elegant display. The stopper is created to look like a cork. The device offers top of the line aeration.  


Why you should get it: This aerator is a working art piece you’ll be proud to bring out at a party, but stores away safely until it is needed again. 



-easy storage

-hand-blown glass for a nice presentation

-easy to use

-simple to clean


-blown glass may not be as durable as other glass models


8. YouYah Decanter Carafe with Built-in-Aerator: Best Decanter


Decanter Electric Dispenser

The YouYah Red Wine Carafe with Built-in-Aerator has a built-in aerator, making it perfect to decant an entire bottle of wine at once. As the wine is pouring in, the design of this piece allows you to see the aeration taking place. Since the presentation always counts, there is a waterfall effect that is very pleasant to watch.


Why you should get it: In addition to its good looks, the YouYah decanter allows you to store and serve the wine as you choose, with no waiting to aerate per glass. Because this model comes with its own special cleaning wand, this aerator is also low maintenance. 



-decant an entire bottle at once

-outer grooves help to prevent dropping

-visual presentation of aeration is pleasing to watch

-filter can catch sediment


-best suited  for an entire bottle of wine rather than by the glass serving


FQA (frequently questioned answers)


The differences between a wine aerator versus a decanter


While both aerators and decanters serve the same purpose of introducing oxygen, the primary difference is in how the device is used. Wine aerators can be hand-held or attached to the bottle. If you’re only drinking a glass or two, this is ideal because you can preserve the rest of the bottle. After all, too much aeration will ruin the wine and eventually cause it to evolve into vinegar. But if the bottle of wine will be consumed within a short amount of time, decanters make for a simplified and stylish option.


Are non-electric wine aerators or electric wine aerators better? 


If you’re trying to choose between an electric wine aerator vs a non-electric wine aerator, there are several things to consider. Non-electric wine aerators are as simple as you can get. You don’t have to worry about charging them or plugging them in. This is great if you love traveling or camping. Ease of use is a critical factor, and smart wine aerators make the process as simple as can be. Furthermore, electric wine aerators are faster and more efficient. With the touch of a button, you have an improved glass of wine.


Do wine aerators really work?


The theory of letting the wine “breathe”  is a proven method to encourage oxidation and evaporation, which improves aroma and taste. Aeration can be as simple as exposing your wine to air, but wine aerators take this a step further and allow for more oxygen to interact with the wine. You save time and it allows for maximum oxygenation.


Does an aerator make wine better?


Many wines benefit from aeration. Younger wines and reds show the most improvement. The flavor after using a wine aerator is more robust and true to its notes. Wine aeration also gives a superior olfactory experience. The notes of the wine come through more than the smell of alcohol. Not all wines benefit equally from aeration, however. Heavier bodied wines with a richer mouthfeel, for instance, Cabernet Sauvignon or Bordeaux, benefit the most because they have a high tannin content. As a result, white wines that have similar properties to reds also come into full bloom with aeration. Lighter reds, such as Pino Noir, do not necessarily require aeration. 


What is a wine aerator used for?


Aeration introduces oxygen into the wine, creating a smoother taste and amplifying aromas. Wine aeration mimics the natural aging process. This reduces acid and polyphenols.


Does aerating wine reduce sulfites?


Sulphites are added to wines to prevent oxidation and improve storage life, but some people are sensitive to them. Unfortunately, the average wine aeration system does not have the ability to remove sulphites, since it takes a chemical reaction in order to neutralize. 


Does aerating wine reduce hangover?


Wouldn’t it be great to prevent the telltale effects of overindulgence? Sadly, no aerator on the market will reduce a hangover because hangovers are caused by alcohol content and over-consumption. Aerated wine may taste better, but the key to hangover prevention includes staying hydrated, eating before drinking, and adequate sleep. Moreover, moderation is also important.

Here is a helpful comparison of the best wine aerators and wine decanters

1Sosirolo Electronic Wine Aerator

  • Smart options make it fast and efficient
  • One-touch button

  • Charges via USB

2TRIBELLA Multistream Wine Aerator

  • Multiple spouts expedite aeration process
  • Portable
  • Drip-free

3Aervana Original: 1 Touch Luxury Wine Aerator

  • Offers six times greater aeration than traditional methods
  • Battery are included so no need to charge
  • One-touch button

4Invinety Wine Aerator

  • Inexpensive
  • Handheld design is ideal for glass by glass aeration
  • Easy to store on countertop

5OxyTwister Wine Aerator

  • Spiral design allows you to see aeration process
  • Simple to use and clean
  • No need for USB charging or batteries

6Vinturi Deluxe Pourer and Decanter Tower Stand

  • Sleek design
  • Does not need to attach to bottle
  • Easy to clean

7The Wine Savant Handblown Wine Aerator and Decanter

  • Fits on any bottle
  • Artisan design
  • Simple to clean

8YouYah Wine Decanter Carafe with Built-in-Aerator,Wine Aerator

  • Decanter comes with built-in aerator
  • Waterfall effect creates stunning visual
  • Requires no charging

Would you consider giving a wine aerator a try? If you have a wine aerator or decanter of your own, does it make entertaining and relaxation more enjoyable?

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