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UGREEN 100W 4 Port GaN Fast Charger Review

UGREEN 100W 4 Port GaN Fast Charger Review and unboxing. If you are like most people, you probably have a smartphone, laptop, and maybe a smartwatch or fitness tracker. Depending on what you buy, your smartphone might not even come with a charger. So that might leave you on the search for a charger. Since your going to buy a charger, you might as well get one that can charge all your devices at one time. Don’t bother with getting a cheap gas station charger for $10 because it’s never going to give you a fast charge that most smartphones can do. Ok, so let’s get into it.

Get it

Right now you can get the UGREEN 100W 4 Port GaN Fast Charger list for $58.83 with coupon code “129GQDUM” until Jan 16th on Amazon. Shipping is Free.

Charger Box

UGREEN 100W 4 Port GaN Fast Charger Box

The first thing you’re going to notice when you pick up the box is that this charger has some weight to it. That’s a good thing. It tells you right from the get-go that it’s not made from super cheap materials.

Charger Unboxing

UGREEN 100W 4 Port GaN Fast Charger UnboxingWhen you start unboxing the UGREEN 100W 4 Port GaN Fast Charger you will notice it’s all laid out nice and neat with the instruction behind the product.

Side View

UGREEN 100W 4 Port GaN Fast Charger Side As mentioned above the UGREEN 100W 4 Port GaN Fast Charger has a good feel in my hand. Its small size for a 4 port USB Charger is great for taking on trips. You can fit it into your bags or even your pocket if needed.

Foldable plug design

UGREEN 100W 4 Port GaN Fast Charger PlugAs you can see from this image the plug is folded into the charger itself. This along with its small size makes it very convenient to carry around.

Plug flipped out

UGREEN 100W 4 Port GaN Fast Charger plug flipped out
It’s easy to flip the prongs out to plug the UGREEN 100W 4 Port GaN Fast Charger into any near electrical outlet.

Charger Ports View

UGREEN 100W 4 Port GaN Fast Charger portsOn the image above you can see the three USB-C ports and the one USB-A port. Thanks to the four included ports, this charger can easily charge all your devices and it only takes up one outlet spot.

Top Features for the UGREEN 100W GaN Fast Charger

  • 100W maximum output from a single port
  • 3x faster than an ordinary charger, charges an iPhone 13 to 50% in 30 min or Fully charge MacBook Pro 16″ in 1h 54m
  • Four ports total: Three USB-C ports and one USB-A port
  • Over-current and over-voltage protection


UGREEN 100W GaN Fast Charger Power Chart



What’s GaN Charger and why do you need it?

The best and the main reason you would want a GaN Charger is that it produces much less heat while preserving all the power capabilities.

Heat is a significant factor in if your devices keep working long term, and chargers are no exception. The efficiency of GaN charger can power your device with just the bare minimum heat and because of this, a GaN charger will keep operating for a lot longer than non-GaN chargers made even recently.


~Conclusion ~

Whether you are using a device from Apple iPhone 13 series, Samsung S21 series, or another major producer, this charger will provide an optimal charge as long as you have a high-quality charge cord. Thanks to the four-port design you can easily charge two laptops and two smartphones at one time at pull charging speeds. In testing with my own Samsung S21 series, it charged it at max speed. From our testing of the UGREEN 100W 4 Port GaN Fast Charger, there seems to be no real downside. Sure, it’s going to cost you a little more than that $10 charger at the gas station. But if you are like us, you might have spent north of $800 on your smartphone. Because of that, you might as well spend a little extra on a good charger.


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