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It’s time you’re backpack had a lot more to offer you. The DXYIZU (what the…) Nylon Backpack has a USB charging interface so you can juice up your mobile devices no matter where you are. Run down the battery on your phone playing Pokemon Go? No problem! Just plug it into your backpack and you’re good to go!

Are you sick of your kids always having a dead battery at the time when you need to reach them the most? Well, what better way to eliminate that excuse than with the DXYIZU Nylon Backpack with an USB Interface?

Your child can charge your phone anywhere and anytime with the USB interface helping them keep playing Pokemon Go a little longer or now they can finally answer the phone when you are trying to get a hold of them.

This makes the perfect gift for anyone at such an affordable price. It is awesome for hikers or people traveling and always on the go, since you carry your items and always have a backup battery in case you get stranded with a dead phone.

Best Features:

  • Great looking and will match any style
  • Always have the ability to charge your phone
  • Increase safety with a backup battery in case of an emergency
  • Charge any USB compatible device

With multiple colors there is a DXYIZU Nylon Backpack with USB Interface that will match everyone's style so don't spend another day with a dead battery and increase the safety of yourself and children today!


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